Fox's Shop
Item Type Rarity Price
G-009 Ranged Short-Barrel Rifle Common 806.00 cr
Little Sputter Ranged Short-Barrel Rifle Common 685.10 cr
Platinum Quarterstaff Hand-to-Hand Club Common 6077.24 cr
Platinum Security Baton Hand-to-Hand Club Common 6399.64 cr
Primitive Tonfa Hand-to-Hand Club Common 789.88 cr
Slicer Pistol Ranged Handgun Common 894.66 cr
Stirring Stick Hand-to-Hand Club Epic 720 Bonds
Anti-Energy Work Suit Energy Armor Rare 2812.94 cr
Half Caped Leather Duster Impact Armor Common 870.48 cr
Reinforced Hitatare Impact Armor Common 5577.52 cr

Located on Yards of Gadani

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