From The Ashes

Level: 4
Start: Sister Fotini, Residences, Daedalus


As you are exploring Daedalus, a message appears for you via your CORETECHS from a Sister Fotini. She asks you to meet with her in the Warrens, and says that she has a proposal for you.

Sister Fotini's message asked you to meet with her at the corners of grids 8+9 in the Warrens. When you arrive, you see a kindly looking woman, dressed in the traditional brown and green robes of a Promethean. She smiles when she sees you and beckons you over.

She says: <name>. We are glad you've come.

  • ”Who are you?"
  • ”How do you know my name?"

Who are you

Me: Who are you?

She says: We are Sister Fotini; Acolyte of the Promethean Sect. We are blessed by the sun to speak with you. Blessings of the One Life unto you.

  • ”How do you know my name?"

How do you know my name

Me: How do you know my name?

She says: A sister Promethean, Anita Dio, gave us your name. She said that you were someone who could be trusted with … delicate matters.

  • ”You said you have a proposal for me?"

You said you have a proposal for me

Me: You said you have a proposal for me?

She says: All will be explained in time. What say you, traveler? Are you interested?

  • ”Actually, forget this."
  • ”Sure, I'm interested."

Sure, I'm interested

Me: Sure, I'm interested.

She says: Excellent! Please, come with us.

Sister Fotini turns to leave beckoning over her shoulder for you to follow.

You have accepted the "From the Ashes" mission.

  • ”Actually, forget this."
  • Follow Sister Fotini.

Follow Sister Fotini

Sister Fotini leads you quietly along the neat rows of cylindrical housing pods. Local residents pause as you pass by, their gaze watchful, weighing your presence. She stops next to one of the pods and turns to you. Behind her, a large banner with the words, “One Life is All” hangs, its vibrancy lending color to the otherwise modest surroundings.

She says: We are about to introduce you to someone very important to us. While we do believe initiate Dio's assessment of you, we must be assured that you can be trusted.

  • Aggressively side with her.
  • ”You're wasting my time!"
  • Convince her you can be trusted.

Convince her you can be trusted

Me: Anita was correct. I can be trusted with matters of a delicate nature. One of your own order wouldn't lie to you about that, would they?

She weighs your words and is silent for a few moments.

She says: It is as you say. We trust in our sister, who is Us. Please, come in.

  • Enter the home.

Enter the home

Sister Fotini leads you into one of the housing cylinders. It's actually larger than expected inside, and the two of you enter into a room that's full of people. They all turn when you enter, then smile at Sister Fotini. Their eyes are heavy on you, hesitant, but curious.

Sister Fotini nods at them as she leads you past them, into a back room. She stops at the door, smiling and motioning for you to precede her.

  • Go in.
  • ”What's in there?"
  • ”Who are all these people?"

What's in there

Me: What's in there?

She says: Do not worry. It is only the person that I have brought you to meet.

  • Go in.
  • ”Who are all these people?"

Who are all these people

Me: Who are all these people?

She says: All will be explained … in time.

  • Go in.

Go in

You walk past her into another room. This one seems to be a dining room, which is not as full as the one you just left. A woman, incredibly old, sits at the head of the table. Before her lie scrolls and slates, a hologram of a starmap is projected above the table, rotating slowly. A young man by her side is having a heated discussion with her when you enter.

He is saying: … that you would entrust this to a stranger, some random space-lover when I —-

Seeing you enter she raises a hand, silencing him. He balls his fists up and turns to you. He looks to be about forty three cycles old, and his face is hot with anger. He stops speaking, turning to face you as the elder woman speaks.

She says: Welcome, <name>. I thank you for joining us. As I'm sure Sister Fotini explained, I have a task that requires a delicate hand and a discrete individual. You have been recommended as someone with both.

  • ”Who are you?"
  • ”That's right. I am."
  • ”Why me?"

/Who are you

Me: Who are you?

She says: I am Kari, matron of the Gaians.

  • ”Who are the Gaians?"

Who are the Gaians

Me: Who are the Gaians?

She says: We are a gathering of family and friends, who are dedicated to Earth, our home world, and the birthplace of all of humankind.

  • ”Why me?"

Why me

The young man sneers.

He says: Exactly! We have no need of this —-

She cuts him off, sharply, but gently.

She says: Peace, Vilhelm.

He snarls: I can go just as easily as this xenos.

Another person at the table chuckles dryly. She seems to be a few cycles Vilhelm's senior.

She says: Vilhelm, was it not you who was scared off earlier this week by the sudden arrival of cleaning bots?

  • He says, "Shut up, Kimberly!"

He says, "Shut up, Kimberly!”

He says: Shut up, Kimberly! They startled me!

The laughter this time is louder, though not cruel. Vilhelm, however, flushes deeply and storms from the room, scrubbing away angrily at the tears that have burst forth.

Kimberly says: Vilhelm does have a certain point, though. How do we know we can trust this outsider, grandmother?

  • Fiercely offer your word as bond.
  • Convince them you can be trusted.

Convince them you can be trusted

Me: Anita gave you my name and vouched for me. I will provide for you the same discreetness I gave her.

The ancient woman locks eyes with you, her gaze strong and intense. Finally, she nods. Everyone around you relaxes and smiles warmly at you.

  • ”What's the task?"

What's the task

Me: What's the task?

Kari says: I need you to recover an item for me. It's nothing of a dangerous nature. More of a personal effect.

  • ”Where is it?"
  • ”What is the item?"
  • ”Why don't one of you go?"

Why don't one of you go

Me: Why don't one of you go?

She says: The local government has gotten it into their head that we are plotting something nefarious. They could not be more wrong. However, we have been ordered not to leave the station until they can assure themselves that we are just harmless students of the past. That's why we need you to go. Myself and my fellow Gaians are all being watched closely.

  • ”What is the item?"
  • ”Where is it?"

What is the item

Me: What is the item?

She says: A small box, made from ancient, petrified wood from Earth. It is quite valuable due to what it's made from, and I don't trust that someone else wouldn't just abscond with it.

  • ”Where is it?"

Where is it

Me: Where is it?

She says: The item was lost on København. During the Catastrophe, the ship that it was on crashed to the ground, along with the countless others that were moored there. The Urania is deep within the Wreckage, and the way to it will not be an easy one.

  • ”How do you know the ship is there?"
  • ”How do I find the ship?"

How do you know the ship is there

Me: How do you know the ship is there?

She takes in a deep breath, and her hand strays to her throat, running her fingers along a necklace of strung, translucent amber beads, misshapen and imperfectly round.

She says: Because that's where my parents died.

She's quiet a moment, reliving ancient pain.

She says: We were planning a trip back to Earth. They were on board, making preparations while I was at a friend's. Then the Catastrophe happened, and all of the ships … they just rained down on everything below them.

She sighs, looking down at her hands that she's placed on the table, one atop the other. Her fingers are long and thin, their joints swollen slightly. Veins stand out prominently on the tops of her hands.

She says: The last time I saw it, it was in my parents' quarters on the ship. They kept it on a shelf there.

  • ”How do I find the ship?"

How do I find the ship

Me: How do I find the ship?

She says: That's part of why I needed you. I know you've been there before, and you've proven competent at finding needles in haystacks, as it were.

She pauses, a faraway look on her face.

She says: Not that most people alive today outside of Ghost of Mali have ever seen even a haystack.

She laughs slightly, but it's slightly bitter.

She says: The ship was painted a bright blue, the color of Earth's oceans. On her side, you will see the words, “SS Urania.”

  • ”I don't have any more questions."

I don't have any more questions

Me: I don't have any more questions.

She says: So, will you do this for me?

  • ”Sure! What could do wrong."
  • ”I would be honored to help you."
  • ”No thanks, not interested. "
  • ”What's in it for me?"

What's in it for me

Me: What's in it for me?

She says: I am not without means, <name>. I am happy to compensate you for your time and the risk.

  • ”Sure! What could do wrong."
  • ”I would be honored to help you."
  • ”No thanks, not interested. "

I would be honored to help you

Me: I would be honored to help you.

She says: You have my gratitude, <name>. Please make haste. As you can see, I'm a very old woman, and every unit counts.

New goals: Search the Wreckage on København for the starship Urania.

Go to the Ruins at København

  • Enter the Wreckage.

Enter the Wreckage

København's Wreckage. A graveyard of starships, amidst the ruins of the station's old city. As you make your way closer to the edge of the devastation, you see less and less people, and those you do come across give you dark looks. Some keep their eyes down, hurrying past you quickly, trying not to draw your attention. Others look you up and down, the hungry, assessing gaze of the predator.

As you walk through the streets, past half built ships both small and large, you get a tingling between your shoulder blades. A shiver of unease across your skin. Someone is following you.

  • Confront them!
  • Ignore them.
  • Try to hide from them.

Try to hide from them

You step off the main road you were on, sliding between the hulls of two enormous freighters. The ships lay on their sides, one propped up against the other. One has the remains of a building crumbled and crushed beneath it. You find a dark alcove to sneak into and then you wait, watching.

After about a third of a segment, you hear a noise. Someone is coming!

  • Confront them!
  • Wait.

Confront them

You stop hiding and step onto the street.

Me: Come on out. I know you're there.

There's silence for a moment, and then a thin figure steps into the low light. It's Vilhelm!

  • “What are you doing here!”
  • Wait for him to pass.
  • “Looking for me?”

Looking for me

Me: Looking for me?

Vilhelm jumps at least a half meter into the air. His right hand had been clutching the hilt of the dagger he wears at his hip while he was walking, and at your words, he tries to draw it quickly, but fumbles the movement. The knife tumbles hilt over tip a few times, then clatters to the ground in front of him.

He says: Who … Oh. It's you. No, uh. I wasn't looking for you!

He glares at you and scoops up the knife, returning it to the scabbard.

  • “What are you doing here?”

What are you doing here

Me: What are you doing here!

He says: None of your business. It's a free station! I can go wherever I want!

  • Convince him to tell you why he's here.
  • ”You need to go home, kid."
  • Threaten to turn him over to security.

You need to go home, kid

Me: You need to go home, kid. This isn't a place for children.

He says: I'm not a kid! You're just like everyone else! I'll show you. I'll show them all!

He turns to leave, his face hot with anger.

  • Convince him to tell you why he's here.
  • Let him go.

Convince him to tell you why he's here

Me: Maybe if you tell me why you're here, I can help you.

He says: Okay, fine. I'm here to find the box. I … I was going to try to find it before you did. Show my grandmother that I'm not a little kid! They all treat me like a little kid, and I'm sick of it!

  • “I could use the backup. Why don't you come with me?”
  • ”I guess you can tag along."

I could use the backup. Why don't you come with me

Me: I could use the backup. Why don't you come with me?

He bites his lip, looking around at the devastation around you, then screws his face up in a stubborn scowl.

He says: I don't need your help!

  • Make him think you need his help.
  • Convince him to come along with you.
  • Act protective.

Act protective

Alright, Vilhelm. You're with me, now. Don't worry, I got you.

He scowls, his lower lip protruding slightly. A sudden noise in the distance of some old, rotted piece of metal clattering off a decrepit ship makes him jump again. He looks around with wide eyes and moves slightly closer to you.

He says: Okay, I guess I'll stick with you.

  • Head out.

Head out

Before leaving, you try to reach Sister Fotini via your CORETECHS but she doesn't answer. You leave her a message letting her know Vilhelm is with you.

Me: Come on, let's go.

You beckon, and Vilhelm falls into step beside you. He stares around at the wreckage, wide eyed. You wander the ruined streets of the old city, past the carcasses of ancient ships, both small and large. Some of the ships are just skeletons, either having been in the process of being built when the Catastrophe struck or having been stripped in the decades since.

  • Search the Wreckage for the Urania.

Search the Wreckage for the Urania

Together, you and Vilhelm search the Wreckage. Finally, you spot the Urania!

Vilhelm says: Whoa. It's … that's really high up.

Me: Judging by the windows … about thirty floors up. We're going to have to climb.
The starship is high above you, the tail end of it protruding from the building it crashed into.

Vilhelm says: Climb all the way up to there? How?

Me: By taking the stairs, probably.

You beckon him to follow and head for the front door of the pockmarked skyscraper. The front door is blocked by debris.

  • Try to move the debris.
  • Try to find another way in.

Try to find another way in

You find a window on the side of the building that's been blown partially out. Using a nearby rusted pipe, you clear the rest of the glass aside and climb in.

  • The lobby.

The lobby

You find yourself in a lobby. This apparently used to be an old hotel. No one has been here since the Catastrophe, and the silence is almost as thick as the dust that lays on the rotted carpets. The lobby is large, with a long desk made from false wood in the center against the back wall. The carpet was at one time a brilliant blue with green geometric patterns, both of which have faded to a muddied grayish tone.

Part of the ceiling on the left side of the room has collapsed, and Vilhelm's eyes grow wide at the site of stark white bones protruding from the rubble. An arm, reaching towards the both of you, trapped forever under the debris. The right side of the room has a staircase and lift side by side.

Vilhelm says: I suppose it's too much to hope that the lifts still work.

  • ”Worth a try."
  • ”Let's take the stairs."

Let's take the stairs

Me: Let's take the stairs.

He says: Shiny.

You push against the door for the staircase, but it's stuck on something.

  • Force the door open.
  • Find another way through.

Find another way through

You push against the door for the staircase, but it's stuck on something.

After examining the door, you realize that it isn't even the sort of door that swings open and closed. After a moment, you pull it to the side, where it slides with a jerking screech into the door's frame. The way to the staircase is clear!

  • Enter the stairwell.

Enter the stairwell

The stairwell is dusty and full of rock, metal, and bones. The entire first set of stairs is missing, a huge mess of debris in its place. During the Catastrophe, some enormous starship struck another building, exploding into shrapnel that rained down onto the city. Instead of stairs are piles of melted and ruined pieces of the ship's landing gear; large jagged chunks of metal that were once meant to hold the ship up off the ground. They pierced through the wall and destroyed what was here, including the stairs and those who'd been on them. Under the crumbled wall and melted metal protrude white bones and scraps of old fabric.

You could probably jump from piece to piece and make it up to the next level, or you could drag some of the debris into a pile to climb up.

  • Climb up what's already here.
  • Drag more debris into a pile.

Climb up what's already here

You nimbly leap onto a piece of melted metal, balancing with your arms out. Like a trapeze artist from Cirque Centauri, you walk across a thin beam, then leap across to land on the stairs!

  • ”Okay, Vilhelm, your turn."

Okay, Vilhelm, your turn

Me: Okay, Vilhelm, your turn.

He looks at the route you took to the stairs, including the gap from the broken rubble to the stairs. His eyes come to rest on the stark white bones.

He says: Ah, I don't know. It doesn't look too stable.

  • Encourage him to be brave.
  • Threaten to leave him behind.
  • Act protective.

Act protective

Okay, Vilhelm, your turn.

He looks at the route you took to the stairs, including the gap from the broken rubble to the stairs. His eyes come to rest on the stark white bones.

He says: Ah, I don't know. It doesn't look too stable.

Me: You don't have anything to worry about with me here, Vilhelm. Come on, you can do it!

He looks from the bones to you, then takes a deep breath.

He says: Okay, I'll give it a try!

Vilhelm climbs up a piece of warped metal, then jumps over to a broken piece of wall. He just has one more jump to go, but suddenly, the rubble beneath him starts to wobble. He flails his arms, trying to keep his balance.

He says: Help, <name>!

  • ”Jump! You can make it!"
  • Say nothing. He'll be fine.
  • ”Jump! I'll catch you!"

Jump! I'll catch you

Me: Jump! I'll catch you!

His eyes wide, he leaps across the gap, and you catch him, wrapping your arms around him. He stumbles against you as he lands. Behind him, the pile makes a groaning noise of metal on metal, then it collapses, crumbling to smaller pieces below. A huge cloud of dust envelops you as the debris crashes down. Vilhelm clings to you for a moment, then flushes red and extracts himself from you.

  • “By the Black, that was close!”
  • ”Let's get going."
  • Laugh.

Let's get going

Me: Let's get going.

The two of you make your way to your feet, brushing dust from yourselves. It poofs off of you in clouds, making you both cough.

  • The 15th Floor.

The 15th Floor

The 15th floor is a door lined hallway, down the length of which runs a carpet matching the one you saw in the lobby. Next to the lift is a door to the stairs. You push it open, marveling at the stairs, which are missing in many places. At some point, a ship hit the outside of the hotel, raining down pieces of wall and ship into the stairwell.

  • Climb the stairs.

Climb the stairs

You make your way up the stairs, stepping carefully over missing steps, shredded metal and plastic ship pieces, and broken wall. In some places, the outer wall is missing, and you and Vilhelm are able to see out onto the Wreckage.

Finally, you come to the 29th floor, but the landing is missing. You're going to have to jump across to the next flight, and the fall to the landing below is a perilous one. The railing to the stairs curls away from the staircase here.

Me: We have to jump across.

Vilhelm turns pale. Looks at the gap, then shakes his head slightly.

He says: That's crazy. It's so far down. There's no way.

  • ”There are actually two ways!"
  • “You can do it. Just don't look down.”

You can do it. Just don't look down

Me: You can do it. Just don't look down.

He shakes his head.

He says: There's no way. I'm not going to make it!

  • ”There are actually two ways!"

There are actually two ways

Me: There are actually two ways! We can jump straight over, or we can do a wall run. It's not that far. Look, I'll go first!

His eyes grow wide as he looks at you.

  • Try to jump straight over the gap.
  • Try to run along the wall.

Try to jump straight over the gap

You leap into the air, clearing the gap and landing neatly on the next set of stairs. They shift slightly under you, but stay put.

Me: Okay, Vilhelm, come on!

Eyes wide with fear, he shakes his head.

  • “Okay, kid. Find your own way.”
  • Convince him to jump.

Okay, kid. Find your own way

Okay, kid. Find your own way.

He cries: Wait! Don't leave me!

  • Convince him to jump.
  • Leave him.

Convince him to jump

You've got this, Vilhelm! It's not that far! Just don't look down. Look at me. Look at the step you need to land on. You can do it!

Vilhelm bites his lip, then nods. He roughly rubs a forearm across his head, scrubbing away sweat and dirt. He backs up a little ways, then takes a running leap. His legs bicycle as he arcs over the gap. It looks like his jump is too short! He might not make it!

  • Reach out and try to catch him!
  • He's … probably going to be okay?

Reach out and try to catch him

You grab the railing with one hand, and reach out with the other, grabbing a fistful of the young man's shirt. It's lucky he's so wiry. You're able to pull him onto the stairs next to you without too much trouble. He's panting wildly and looks shocked.

  • “You jump worse than a Colonist in grav boots.”
  • “You're safe now!”
  • “You did it!”

You're safe now

Me: You're safe now!

He looks from you to the hole, eyes still wide.

He says: Safe, yeah. Wow. That … I did it! But, um, let's find another way down, okay?

  • Continue to Floor 30.

Continue to Floor 30

Me: Come on, let's go.

Together, you and Vilhelm climb the remaining steps. The staircase shifts under you as you climb, but stays put. Finally, you reach the landing for the 30th floor. Just as you open the door, the stairs shift once more below you. A huge crack starts to form! You both quickly rush through the door to the 30th floor, and as you do, the stairs behind you crumble! They land far below, taking out the landing for the 28th floor, shattering and crumbling and spilling to the floors below.

Vilhelm says: That was close! Guess we'll be looking for another way down.

Me: Yup. Okay, let's see. This is the right side of the building, and that's the side the ship hit. Let's start checking rooms.

  • Search the 30th floor.

Search the 30th floor

You go door by door, forcing open doors that have been sealed since the Catastrophe. In some places, the hallway, walls, or ceiling have caved in, making your passage difficult. With the lack of electricity, the auto locks on the doors no longer work, and the rooms are easy to access.

In some of the rooms, you find debris and bodies. Others look untouched, some with beds turned down as though their occupants would be coming back any time soon. Everything is coated in a thick blanket of dust which puffs up as you walk, making Vilhelm cough.

  • You reach for another doorknob …

You reach for another doorknob

Finally, you open a door and find what you're looking for. Inside a master suite, the Urania rests. The nose of the ship is buried in the floor, and the tail end is still outside of the hotel, but the small starship is exactly as Kari described. An azure blue color, coated in dust and with deep gouges from its crash into the building, but you can still make it out.

He says: Wow, that's amazing. My … great grandparents’ ship! They were going to fly to Earth! They … um. They're still in there, aren't they?

  • “Let's find out!”
  • “It's possible it's them. Do you want to wait here?”
  • “Who knows. That could have been them in the stairs.”

It's possible it's them. Do you want to wait here?

Me: It's possible. Do you want to wait here?

He hesitates, staring at the hulking ship. Then he shakes his head.

He says: No. I've come this far. Let's do this.

He looks up at you, and there's something new in his eyes. A steeliness that wasn't there before.

  • ”Okay, let's go."

Okay, let's go

Me: Okay, let's go.

The two of you walk over to the ship. It's lodged firmly in the building, and the room bears the marks of the fire it once caused. Black streaks on the walls and ceiling, the carpet burned away around the ship and the plastic flooring beneath melted to a slag. The fire didn't spread too far, and when you look up, you can still see the sprinkler system, which deployed itself to stop the flames.

Vilhelm walks over to the side of the starship and rubs his forearm against it, making a clean streak in the dust. The words “SS Urania” have been revealed, their white lettering smudged black from smoke and flame.

The crew cabin and nose of the starship are below the level of this room, but a side access door is visible. It seems jammed, but there's a panel next to it that lights up when you touch it, displaying the words, “Enter Access Code.”

  • Force open the door.
  • Hack the door panel.

Hack the door panel

Me: … and this wire goes … here. There!

You put the panel back on the wall and tap the front of it a few times, navigating the menus. A soothing voice says, “Access granted. Welcome, Captain.”

  • Enter the ship.

Enter the ship

Vilhelm stares at you with new respect as the door opens. The ship automatically lights the interior for you. Dim, at first, then the glow increases as you tentatively step on board. You pause, waiting, but the ship doesn't budge. It's firmly lodged in the building.

Vilhelm enters behind you, peering around with wide eyes. You've entered into a large, cylindrical room, the ship's living quarters. Thankfully, the pitch of the ship is not too steep for you and Vilhelm to move about, though it does make things slightly more complicated.

  • Explore the ship.

Explore the ship

To your left is a door to the flight deck. To you right is an unmarked door.

  • Go to the unmarked door.
  • Go to the flight deck.

Go to the unmarked door

You open the door to the next room, and the lights flicker on to light the hallway. Whereas the room you'd just left had a sink and benches along one wall for sitting, this section of the ship has two bedrooms.

  • Try the bedroom on the right.
  • Explore the ship.
  • Try the bedroom on the left.

Try the bedroom on the right

You open the right side door, causing the lights in the room within to flicker to life. This is clearly the room of Kari's parents. There's a large bed, mostly burned, but with what was at one time an ornate headboard made from wood. It's black now, with parts of it long turned to ash.

You find the shelf that Kari mentioned, but the box isn't on it.

  • Search for the box.

Search for the box

You search for a while, picking through the charred remains of the room. Finally, you find the box, which had fallen from the shelf and lodged itself under the bed. The box is surprisingly heavy, and scarred with fire damage, though its state makes it nearly rock-like and unburnable itself. It has hinges, but you can't get it open.

  • Leave the ship.
  • Explore the ship.

Explore the ship

To your left is a door to the flight deck. To you right is an unmarked door.

  • Leave the ship.
  • Go to the flight deck.

Go to the flight deck

You open the flight deck door and behind you, Vilhelm coughs as the dust flows out to the two of you. The entire cabin is blackened with smoke, and it's here that you find Kari's parents. Their bones blackened by the fire that consumed them.

Vilhelm peeks around you at them and then turns and walks out. There doesn't seem to be anything else in this room.

  • Explore the ship.

Explore the ship

To your left is a door to the flight deck. To you right is an unmarked door.

  • Leave the ship.

Leave the ship

Me: Okay. We got what we came for! Time to go.

Vilhelm nods. He takes one last look around, then turns for the door. As he does, he stops and bends down. On the floor is a dusty piece of glass. He picks it up and brushes it off.

He says: Look. It's, them. And grannie.

He shows you a plane of glass, cracked at the edges, but still bearing the family portrait that was imprinted on it decades ago. It's dusty and faded with time, but you can see the smiling faces.

He says: Do you think I should bring this back for her?

  • ”Yes. I think she would treasure that."
  • ”No. It's junk. Just leave it."

Yes. I think she would treasure that

Me: Yes. I thinks she would treasure that.

He says: Yeah. I think so too.

He rips a corner of the molded and fire-ruined bedspread and wraps the glass, tucking it away in the pack he's wearing.

He says: Now it's time to go.

  • Take the lift down.
  • Search for a way down.

Search for a way down

You go deeper into the hotel and finally find another set of stairs. Together, you and Vilhelm descend them, marveling at how clean they are of debris.

Vilhelm says: Not a single missing stair. I can't believe this.

He shakes his head.

Finally, the two of you are on the ground level.

Vilhelm says: Thanks for letting me come with you, <name>. That was the scariest thing I've ever done in my life.

  • “You did great!”
  • “It's not like I could have just left you here.”
  • “No problem.”

You did great

Me: You did great!

He shrugs, suddenly shy, but you can see him trying not to smile.

He says: I couldn't have done it without you there for me. We make a great team!

Me: Time to get this back to your grandmother.

He says: Yeah. Let's go. I can't wait to get home.

Together, you make your way of out of the Wreckage, box tucked safely under your arm.

New goals: Return the box to Kari in the Residential area on Daedalus.

Go to the Residences at Daedalus

Next NPC: Sister Fotini, Residences, Daedalus

  • Talk to Sister Fotini.

Talk to Sister Fotini

Sister Fotini is waiting outside of her home when you arrive.

She says: Thank you for letting us know that Vilhelm was with you, <name>.

Sister Fotini looks at the young man gravely. She opens her mouth to reprimand him, then stops. He's standing up straight next to you, no longer the scared boy he was when you first saw him here. She raises an eyebrow then purses her lips, a small smile playing around them.

She says: We're very glad you're safe, Vilhelm. We shall leave the discussion about what you did to your mothers. Come on, you two.

  • Follow her into the house.

Follow her into the house

Sister Fotini leads you into her house, which is still full of people. Two middle-aged women push their way from the back of the room and wrap their arms around Vilhelm.

He says: Moms, stop, I'm fine. I was with <name>.

One of them stands and offers her hand to you to shake.

She says: I'm Veronica, and this is my wife, Mardi. Thank you so much for keeping an eye on our boy. We owe you a debt, <name>. Come on, Vilhelm. You're filthy and the lecture you're about to get isn't fit for everyone to have to hear.

Her words are stern, but you can see the relief clearly on both women's faces. They lead Vilhelm away, who looks over his shoulder at you before he goes. He nods once, in thanks.

  • Talk to Kari.

Talk to Kari

Kari is in the back room again, sitting at the table with an older man. They are both gazing at the hologram of stars, watching its serene flow of orbits.

She turns as you come in, and smiles.

She says: <name>. I heard you had quite the adventure. I'm very sorry about Vilhelm. Thank you for watching over him.

  • “We made a good team.”
  • “I had no choice.”
  • ”No problem."

We made a good team

Me: We made a good team.

She smiles indulgently.

She says: He may not have found the box himself, but I think he found something else he's been seeking.

  • The door behind you opens …

The door behind you opens

The door behind you opens, and you turn to see Vilhelm entering. He's carrying the wrapped picture he found in the shipwreck.

He says: Sorry to interrupt. Hi, <name>. Grannie, I have something for you.

He hands her the bundle of charred fabric. Her brow furrows slightly with curiosity as she takes it. She gently unwraps it, then is utterly still with shock.

She says: Oh Vilhelm. Oh you sweet boy. I … I never thought I would see their faces again.

She looks up, tears of joy welling. She blinks, making them fall and reaches out and hugs the young man. He allows it for a moment, smiling, then flushes deeply.

He says: I'll just let you get back to it then. See you around, <name>.

He ducks out of the room quickly. Kari takes a deep breath, her fingers gently touching the image of her parents.

  • ”Here's the box."

Here's the box

You hold out the the smoke scarred box, and she gently rewraps the portrait and puts it on the table. She takes the box from you reverently.

Her wrinkled hands run over its surface, taking in the smudges from the fire. She presses on one side of it, then her hands fly over the box, tapping, twisting. Pieces are popping loose as she does, and she slides them out from one spot, only to replace them in another.

  • The box makes a loud *CLICK*.

The box makes a loud *CLICK*

Her hands move over the box, touching, moving parts, sliding pieces. Finally, with an audible *click* the lid of the box pops open. Kari takes in a deep breath.

She puts the box gently on the table and opens the lid. From within, she lifts a glass globe, blue and green, with white clouds. It's a replica of Earth, with the clouds moving slowly over its surface. She gazes at it for a long time.

The man next to her rests his hand on her shoulder and squeezes it.

He says: It's just as beautiful as you described.

Kari looks up at you, her eyes shining with tears.

She says: And my parents?

  • “They went down with the ship.”
  • “Their remains are in the cabin.”

Their remains are in the cabin

Me: Their remains are in the cabin.

She nods, her eyes filling even more with tears.

She says: I truly hope they didn't suffer much. Now that we know where the ship is, I can hire someone to retrieve their remains in the future. I can finally give them a proper funeral ceremony.

She says: You've done so much for me, for my people, <name>. I am eternally grateful. Thank you again. I may call on you again, in the future. Your talents are much appreciated.

You have received 90.00 credits.

You have received 1 'One Life Kaiken'.

You have completed the "From the Ashes" mission.

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