Fry Cook


Our friendly fry cook Clark could use some temporary help in the kitchen at the Venus Diner to serve up tasty eats to our community! He'd love to meet you!

Start: Side Jobs, L 726-8 Jump Gate


You sign up for the job and you're told to go meet Clark in the kitchen of the Diner for your first shift.

New goals: "Go to the Lounge and speak with Clark Gable to work your first shift.".

You have accepted the "Fry Cook" job.

Next NPC: Clark Gable, Lounge, L 726-8 Jump Gate

  • Speak with Clark

You walk into the side door which leads you to the steamy kitchen of the Venus Diner. A friendly looking, pudgy man greets you with a smile.

Me: Hi, I'm here about the Fry Cook job?

Clark says, Ah yes, wonderful! We've been getting rushes of customers lately and ol' Clark isn't as quick 'n dexterous on the fryer as he used to be! So, I'll handle the smoothies and you fry up the mushroom patties for me here, got it? Easy peasy!

New goals: Help Clark get out orders on time during the lunch rush.

  • One burger, everything on it!

(Agility check)

You quickly fry up the first burger and add all the toppings available. It's delivered to a happy customer.

  • Two burgers, one with onions and ketchup, one with nothing on it!

(Agility check)

You fry up both burgers and add the correct toppings to the correct burger.

  • Five burgers, everything on 'em, but two without pickles and one without mayo!

(Agility check)

Your hands move faster than you thought possible as you fry up all five burgers and dress each correctly. The waitress takes them off the hot plates and delivers them to five happy customers.

You check the clock and breath a sigh of relief. Your shift is nearly over.

  • Five burgers, pickles, onions and tomatoes on three, just ketchup on one, just mustard and pickles on the third, and an order of fries!

(Agility check)

You fry up the burgers like a pro and top them all correctly, and in a flash you're draining the oil off the fries and adding them as a side. You serve up the order as fast as you humanly can. The waitress beams at you as she takes the servers off to the tables, and you're relieved when none are sent back.

Your shift is finally over! Speak with Clark for your payment.

  • Collect payment from Clark.

Clark gives you a friendly smile as the last of the lunch rush clears out.

He says, You did a great job today <name>. Thanks a lot, really.

You have received 45.00 credits.

You have completed the "Fry Cook" job.

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