Garibaldi Flanderson's shop
Item Type Rarity Price
G-SAG1 Ranged Shotgun Epic 1,720 Bonds
Ragtag Handgun Ranged Handgun Common 1,254.60 cr
Sharpened Shiv Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 11,261.88 cr
Composite Dō Piercing Armor Common 11,040.48 cr
Storm Armor Impact Armor Common 1,254.60 cr
Storm Armor Corset Energy Armor Rare 5,239.80 cr
Civ T02-V022-5.25x3-0.05 Medical Common 728.41 cr
Civ T02-V024-7.88x2-0.05 Medical Common 728.41 cr
Civ T03-V021-6.11x3-0.1 Medical Rare 323.98 cr
Int T02-V016-11.25-0.05 Medical Common 501.84 cr

Located on Spirit of New York City

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