Government Center


The Government Center is your one stop shop for all local information and administration on a given station. Here, you will be able to claim rations, apply to or create your own syndicates, and view station news and statistics such as Law and Orwellian levels. In addition, you’ll have access to certain diplomatic services such as Visas and emergency transport.



A free ration appropriate for your Tier is available once per day. Until you pick up that ration, you will not receive another (unless you are a VIP).

You can "Offer a bribe for an extra ration":

"Pssst, Citizen! I could probably dig up an extra ration for you… in exchange for some bonds."

The first extra ration costs 20 bonds, the next is 40 bonds, and so forth.

"Bonds can get you anything you might desire. Today they got you an extra ration."

Freebooter stations do not provide free daily rations… but they still accept bribes:

  • "Awww, looking for a free daily ration? Not in freebooter territory, matey! I'm a magnanimous sort though. I'll trade you one of my hard stolen rations for some bonds."
  • "Booters don't get nuthin' for free, friend. But grease my palm with bonds and I'll trade you one of these rations I came across completely by chance…"
  • "You feelin' a mite hungry, partner? I could see my way to procuring something nutritious and un-delicious. If you have the bonds, o'course…thems the 'booter rules!"

Emergency Shuttle to Tau Station

"In case you get stranded, book this shuttle back to Tau Station for [a price that depends on your level]."

Level Cost
5 2160 cr
6 2530 cr
7 2920 cr
8 3290 cr
9 3660 cr
10 4030 cr
11 4390 cr
12 4740 cr
13 5090 cr
14 5430 cr
15 5770 cr
16 6100 cr
17 6430 cr
18 6750 cr
19 7060 cr
20 7380 cr
21 7680 cr
22 7990 10530 cr
23 8290 10800 cr
24 8580 cr 10920 cr
25 8870 cr 11040 cr
26 11160 cr
27 11250 cr


  • Original description:

The Government Center shows the station's Law and Orwellian levels. These represent the severity of crime punishments and the level of surveillance. A high Law level leads to longer sentences in the Brig, and a high Orwellian level increases the chance of being caught while performing illegal tasks. Rations refresh your stats; vital for survival. Their distribution is organized here, so don't forget to pick up your daily allowance, or become a VIP for special treatment. The refresh rate of rations does deteriorate if their tier is lower than yours. Your tier increases every five levels. While tier 1 rations offer a 'well fed' status up to level 5, at level 6 they will offer only half the benefit. A ration two tiers below your present tier will add only slight nourishing regeneration. - In syndicates you can team up with other citizens. If you meet all the requirements, you can either found your own syndicate, or support the founding of one Via your CORETECHS you can check all existing unions, apply for a membership, or enter your syndicate, once you're a member.

Additional information from the storyline

The Capital Government Center at Tau Station, is made from regocrete, a cement mixture of rocky material from the asteroid itself as well as leftover rubble from The Catastrophe, the building is tall and narrow. When you first enter the building, you notice that there's no front desk. There's a lift, with a tall screen next to it. The screen probably was used at one point to display which rooms belonged to whom, but right now it's fritzing out, alternating between a blue screen and static. There's a cleaning woman with her cleaning bots orbiting her like tiny satellites (A Rude Awakening).
It was here that I saw Errik Mclure during a mysterious phone call, starting the mission Ready Player Everyone.
Also here, in a building next to the governmental offices, is housed the Super's Office of Cornelius (A Rude Awakening).

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