Greenberg Supplies on the Side
Items Type Rarity Tier Currency Price in Bonds1
7 Megahurt Definit-Kil Photrazon Weapon Epic 5 Bonds 2435
Angry Mouse Weapon Uncommon 3
Bronze Bodyguard: Longeye Collection Weapon Uncommon 3
Ceramic Pug V3 Weapon Common 4
Civ T03-V011-7.01x3-0.05 Medical Common 3
Civ T03-V020-10.50x2-0.05 Medical Common 3
Civ T03-V020-9.19x2-0.1 Medical Rare 3
Coat of Ten Thousand Nails Armor Rare 3
Dissident Disclaimer Weapon Common 5
Dual Core Tongs Weapon Common 4
Elite Diffusion Suit Armor Uncommon 3
Elite P3 Piercing Suit Armor Rare 3
Kikko Katabira Armor Uncommon 3
Light P3 Piercing Suit Armor Common 3
Lightning Rogue Armor Armor Uncommon 3
Medium Kinetic Vest Armor Common 3
Sandman's Knuckles Weapon Uncommon 3
Shrike Armor Armor Common 3

Located on L 726-8 Jump Gate

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