Invest Focus to increase your physical stats: Strength, Agility, and Stamina. Hiring a personal trainer will grant an additional bonus of 50% to your workouts for a limited time. Keep in mind that training always comes with a risk of injury.


You can train stats in increments of 5%. Each 5% spent training a stat also consumes 5% Focus. You cannot train a stat below 20%, and you cannot train lowering Focus below 20%.

Your focus is too low to concentrate on training right now.

Try again after you've rested.

You cannot train when you are carrying too much mass:

Gaining fitness is only allowed using officially sanctioned equipment. Lifting a very heavy bag doesn't work! Decrease your inventory encumbrance before trying to train.


  • As you reracked your weights, another gym member eyed your muscles with wide-eyes.
  • Check you out: making fitness your business!
  • Get those squats low and spirits high!
  • Hustle for those muscles!
  • It hurt, but it’s good for you! Honest!
  • Keep going! You can do this!
  • That last rep was hard, but pain is weakness leaving the body! RAWR!
  • That set you used as your warm up was something you struggled with last tenspan. This is working!
  • You did not skip leg day. Tomorrow should be fun.
  • You’re doing so well! The results are obvious!
  • You're really getting buff!
  • You're starting to really see gains!

You are too weak to train your Strength right now. Try again after you've rested.


  • Dodge, jab, dodge, jab, block, jab – you float like a butterfly of old Earth.
  • Every movement is precision, power, and grace.
  • Everything you do has grown smoother and more careful.
  • Float like a cruiser, sting like a photon!
  • Subtle moves, you flow like water.
  • The speed bag is a blur as you rain rapid strikes upon it.
  • You get so much speed while on the stationary bike that it nearly come loose from its fitting.
  • You just lapped the same person twice. You're getting really fast!
  • You zigzag through the gym's obstacle course, nearly leaving smoke in your wake.
  • Your delicate motions are deadly!
  • Your work punching the speed ball is really paying off.

You are too slow to train your Agility right now. Try again after you've rested.


  • Long-distance running isn't fun for most, but it might help you escape later!
  • Slow and steady is starting to feel like strong and relentless.
  • That high intensity interval training felt rather low intensity today. This is working!
  • The goal is to outlast all others. Keep your focus on the goal.
  • Where others give up, you press on. Look at how far you’ve come!
  • You could win a staring contest with a supernova.
  • You were still doing laps around the track when others dropped out!
  • Your determination of duration shows. This hard work is paying off!
  • You're putting in the time and staying the course. Things felt easier today.
  • You’re starting to feel like you could do this for loads of segments longer than before!

You are too tired to train your Stamina right now. Try again after you've rested.


  • Greetings Citizen! You will find the maximum exertion levels of this gym almost completely in sync with your ability levels. You may proceed with no risk of injury.
  • Salutations Citizen! The physical intensity of this gym poses you no risk of injury. Enjoy your training!
  • This gym compliments you perfectly, Ser! Rest assured that you won’t suffer injury from training here.
  • Welcome, Ser! This gym is ideal for someone of your physique. You can train without risk of injury here.


Hire a personal trainer to boost training by +50% for D/50:000 GCT

Cost: 99 Bonds

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