Hello Stranger

A forlorn stranger tries to drink her way through an existential crisis. Will you help her?

Level: 10
Start: Yolanda Harris, Bar, Barnard's Star Jump Gate


Amid the chatter of the busy bar, a forlorn Harsene sits alone, clearly upset. The detritus of a binge is strewn across her table. She sways heavily, before ordering another drink.

Muttering under her breath, she shakes her head in dismay before draining another glass of synthehol.

You have accepted the "Hello Stranger" mission.

Find a way to help Yolanda Harris

  • Leave her alone to drink away her worries.
  • Find out why she's upset.

Leave her alone:

You decide it's best to let her figure things out alone. After all, you've enough on your plate without worrying about the problems of strangers as well. You move gently away, slipping back into the noisy crowd of the bar.

You have failed the "Hello Stranger" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.

Find out:

You approach gently, softening your movements in a way you hope suggests compassion.

Me: Y'know, Synthehol's never the answer… Only helps you forget the question, at least for a segment or two.

She tilts her head, giving you a stare. Despite the booze, her iris-less Harsene eyes give little away. Her mouth bends to a stoic smirk and she nods, amused by your words.

She says: I've been here segments, and it's barely even done that. Can't seem to think about anything else…

She pauses, before leaning closer, her words hushed now.

She whispers: I gotta question for you, kinda personal… You an, er- … original edition?

She cackles a little as she says it, enjoying your bemusement, until you realize she's probably referring to cloning.

  • Tell her you've never been cloned.
  • Avoid the question.
  • Confess to being a clone.


Me: Sure am. <name>, original edition, never been cloned.

She says: Ha! Well aren't you lucky… Nice to meet you, <name>. I'm Yolanda Harris, and I'm afraid I can't say the same about myself.

She momentarily leans back, opening her hands like a Cirque Centauri illusionist inviting you to admire a completed trick.

Yolanda says: Ta-da! What you're looking at right now is Yolanda, version two… First-time clone after nearly seventy cycles in this universe. Everything looks the same, pretty much… but I just can't seem to get used to the idea.

  • Tell her she'll need time. It's a big change.
  • Console her that being a clone is nothing to worry about.


It's really not a big deal y'know. First time is a little weird, sure, but you'll get used to it. Unless… you're…

Yolanda says: What? Promethean, you mean? Ha, no, nothing like that.

She laughs to herself again, then hesitates, as if making a decision of some sort.

She says: It's not just me, y'see… I'm more worried about Jerrick, my husband. Not sure how he's gonna react… People always say "it's the same, nothing changes, yadda-yadda"… but I know a bunch of people whose relationships were never the same after.

Yolanda sits back and, for the first time, you notice the watery glaze in her eyes. She gestures at the empty glasses in front of her.

Yolanda says: I haven't seen him in almost a half-cycle. Now I'm back, I'm holed up here, too scared to go home… He's up in the Perch, thinking I'm still away on my trip… I haven't told him anything.

Her love for Jerrick is evident. You nod sympathetically.

  • "Give Jerrick a chance, he might be totally fine with it. You're still you, after all."

You try to console Yolanda, but she seems to zone out, her attention wandering elsewhere. After a unit's pause she sits up excitedly.

Yolanda says: My subderm! Jerrick made it for me when we wed, I've worn it ever since, right here…

She taps the skin on the bridge of her nose, but there's nothing there now.

She says: I lost it, with the stupid- er… accident. Probably still in my old body, but you could recover it for me! I'd feel normal again, wearing it… Maybe it'll make things less weird for Jerrick too.

  • "What's a subderm?"

Yolanda rolls her eyes, as if having to explain things to a fool.

She says: A sub-dermal implant, y'know. Like a decoration, worn just under the surface of the skin. Jerrick's a body modder, does tattoos, piercings, subderms… All the usual stuff!

Yolanda sways in her seat momentarily before steadying herself again.

She continues: Course, you lose it all switching to a clone… I don't miss the tats, but the subderm was-, is… important to me. If I could get it back, I'd definitely be me again. Whaddya say, <name>, will you go get it for me?

  • Ask for more info

Me: Why don't you get it yourself? Where is it?

Yolanda seems buoyed by the fact you're still here. She slides her empty glasses to the side of the table and leans in to answer.

She whispers: Well, thing is, I died in… awkward… circumstances. Worked for Consortium intel y'see, low level, but still… My job was visiting Gaule stations once or twice a cycle to get data. What most people would call "spying" I guess, if you wanna make it sound dramatic… Y'know how it is. On the face of it, we're all friends, everyone's human, blah-blah. But, there's still suspicion. Intel bosses like knowing what's going on over there. The Gaule are doing the exact same thing.

She glances sideways, as if checking for unwanted eavesdroppers. Satisfied, she continues.

Yolanda says: My last assignment was on The Maid of Orleans, trying to learn about their security systems… But I got caught by some keen-eyed security jobsworth, Aline Lucas. They processed me in the standard way, termination and a permanent visa ban. I mean, it's not as bad as it sounds… They know intel staff get clone back-ups. That's pretty much the long and short of it. My body is most likely still on The Maid somewhere, but I don't know where… You could go find it and recover my subderm. Whaddya say?

  • Agree to help Yolanda.
  • Decide against getting involved.


Yolanda holds her breath for a unit as you mull it. When you nod in agreement, the relief is evident on her face. She clasps your hand gratefully.

Yolanda says: Thank you <name>! I'll wait here for your return, there are guest rooms I can use for a day or two… Jerrick wasn't expecting me just yet anyway, my assignment was scheduled to last a little longer. Good luck!

Travel to The Maid of Orléans station and recover Yolanda's lost subderm. Aline Lucas, in the Security Office there, may know where the body is.

Next NPC: Aline Lucas, Security, The Maid of Orléans

  • Talk to Aline Lucas

As the Security Bay's glass door glides open, you get the strange sensation that you're being observed. It doesn't take long to figure out why. Ahead, behind the service desk, sits a vigilant woman with a bright streak of crimson in her hair, matching her standard issue Gaule-red security attire. Her ID patch reads "A. LUCAS."

She raises a brow expectantly as you approach the desk, waiting for you to speak. You open your mouth but say nothing, pausing to consider your options. Aline cocks her head, already losing patience.

Aline says: Hello?! Which. Function. Do. You. Need?

She speaks slowly, as if addressing a less-than-bright Mall. You suspect she's unlikely to welcome a stranger on a spy corpse hunt. A more creative approach may be needed to find Yolanda's body.

  • Get Aline talking. Praise her good work
  • Get Aline talking. Make a false report.

Good work:
(social check)

Quickly you put a strategy together, hoping to flatter Aline into divulging something useful about the location of Yolanda's body. You meander skillfully around the issue, tossing bait at Aline's ego but staying careful not to arouse suspicion.

Me: I'm here to report, er- …. Recognition, that's what. Day after day, you're putting yourselves on the line, for us… But I bet nobody ever comes in just to say "thanks"? Sure, when there's a problem, they know where to find security, no doubt about it… But, when there isn't one- quiet as the big black in here, am I right?

Aline seems to relax a little, warming to you somewhat.

  • Keep going. Continue your flattery.

Me: Had friends in the force over my cycles… I know how it is. Taking it off thugs who wanna pulp yer brains for no reason, other than that they got none, so why should you… Cults 'n' gangs preying on the station's weak 'uns… Then you got snoops to watch out for on top of all that.

Aline cracks a wry smile, unable to hide the fact she enjoys your understanding.

Aline says: We knew it when we signed up, they don't call it service for no reason… But yeah, sometimes, a little recognition is nice. Took a few rounds from a stim thief's Lil' Sputter a few days ago… Good to be reminded there's a reason we do it, helps when you're holed up in the Sick Bay, I'll tell ya.

Me: People don't realize the half of it!

Aline says: Na-huh. Then, take Consy intels. We snare at least a couple every cycle, but nobody ever knows 'cos it sorta looks bad they're here in the first place… So we do our job, in secret, nobody none the wiser. Only other person who even gets a glimpse is the morgue tech, after we terminate 'em, he's gotta process the body. But even he's in the dark really…

You nod in agreement as Aline talks, grateful to finally catch a lead. After, you ease out of the conversation, shake her hand in gratitude once more, and take your leave.

Find the station morgue technician on Maid of Orleans. Maybe they can lead you to Yolanda's old body.

Next NPC: Xavier Besson, Sick Bay, The Maid of Orléans

  • Observe Xavier.

Checking the on-duty roster display, you confirm that the morgue tech is Xavier Besson. He seems busy, shuttling quickly in and out of a security door at the back of the Sick Bay. You linger, mindful not to catch the attention of the other ward staff as they go about their duties.

You're not sure if there are surveillance cameras here, but you adopt a casual gait just in case, avoiding sudden or unusual movements. You approach a pair of tall equipment trolleys, mostly full of old surgical bot parts, and use them for cover as you continue to observe Xavier.

He pushes a trolley loaded with what looks like a body bag towards the entry marked "Cold Storage - Authorized Personnel Only". He pauses briefly, removing his ID tag, while he dons a extra layer for the cold. Then he swipes the entry pad with his tag, tosses it atop the lifeless black bag on his trolley, and disappears through the door. You're pretty sure that if Yolanda's body is still on the station, it's likely to be behind that door.

A few units later, Xavier re-emerges, the body bag on his trolley gone, now replaced with various tools and containers. His ID tag sits amid the clutter. You sense an opportunity.

  • Try to steal the ID tag to gain access to Yolanda's corpse.
  • Bribe Xavier to gain access to Yolanda's corpse. Offer 100 Credits.

(agility test)

You approach Xavier at the right moment, while he's distracted by a notification to his slate. You mumble a query about the location of the walk-in services, which seems to be sufficient to lure him into paying as little attention to you as possible.

Xavier says: Er- yeah, over that way… Just follow the blue marking on the floor…

He drones out a couple of directions, waving his free arm in the air by way of illustration, while holding his slate with the other. Then he frowns in annoyance and taps his slate with an exaggerated sigh.

You're grateful for whatever's on that slate display. While Xavier is engrossed, you reach casually for his ID tag, lifting it from his trolley without him even looking up.

You have received 1 'Xavier's ID tag'.

You thank him and slope off in the direction of the door marked "Cold Storage."

  • Enter the morgue and search for Yolanda's body.

You jerk your head left, then right, checking that you're not being observed, before swiping the door pad with Xavier's ID. You step inside quickly, to find a wide corridor flanked on both sides by floor-to-ceiling drawers with label displays and steel handles. At the far end is a flat and windowless wall. With only one way in and out, it wouldn't be wise to spend more time here than necessary.

You quickly set about scanning over the digital displays labeling each drawer. Each scrolls the occupant's key data: name, DOD, storage start and end dates, and final destination data.

Suddenly, you freeze as muffled voices pass in the corridor outside. You briefly taste metal as the panic floods your body.

Thankfully, the voices soon fade and you resume your search. Finally you find what you hope is Yolanda's drawer, towards the rear of the room. Instead of the usual details, name and DOD are marked: "Classified", while storage end date is tomorrow. Final destination reads "Cremation."

  • Open it.

You pull the drawer out to its full length so it stretches fully across the width of the narrow corridor. The bag's thick black rubber shines under the strip lights as you unzip the seal, revealing a face that is unmistakably Yolanda's. Between her fixed-open eyes is a small protrusion, where the skin stretches over something buried underneath.

  • Cut out Yolanda's subderm.

You work quickly, piercing Yolanda's grey, pallid skin and cutting swiftly around the subderm. What blood is visible is dark and stiff. There's no mess. When the loose skin is sufficiently large, you peel it back and remove the small item embedded underneath.

You've found Yolanda's subderm.

You have received 1 'Yolanda's Subderm'.

You gently slide the drawer closed and consider your exit.

  • Get out while avoiding detection.

(Agility check)

You wait in tense anticipation for what seems like a segment, but can't be more than a handful of units.

Finally there's a lull in activity in the corridor outside. You step quickly out of the Cold Storage room, returning to the standard access areas of the Sick Bay. Xavier is nowhere to be seen but you notice his trolley parked down the corridor. You replace his ID tag atop the other clutter it holds.

You no longer have 1 'Xavier's ID tag'.

Return Yolanda's subderm to her in the Bar of Barnard's Star Jump Gate.

Next NPC: Yolanda Harris, Bar, Barnard's Star Jump Gate

  • Talk to Yolanda.

Yolanda looks better than when you last saw her. She sits at the far end of the bar, eyeing the door, standing excitedly as you approach.

Yolanda says: Thank stars, you're back! I was beginning to think maybe you'd changed your mind… I even started to think maybe I was being silly… It's only a sentimental item after all….

She trails off. Trying to get a read from your expression as to the success of your mission.

  • Give Yolanda her subderm back.

You hand Yolanda a small box from your pocket.

You no longer have 1 'Yolanda's Subderm'.

Yolanda's eyes widen as she opens it to find her subderm inside. A tension seems to dissipate from her muscles and she hugs you, shedding a tear in gratitude.

Yolanda says: Thank you <name>! I feel better already, and I'm not even wearing it yet… I'll get it put in right away… I- Can I ask you one more thing? Will you go with me, home, to Jerrick, I mean… It's silly I know, but I've become a little superstitious of late… You're my good luck charm! I'll meet you there, just as soon as I get this put in!

Find Jerrick in The Perch and be there when Yolanda returns.

Next NPC: Jerrick Harris, Bar, Barnard's Star Jump Gate

  • Approach Jerrick.

Every bit of Jerrick's stocky frame seems inked with elaborate designs. He appears to be in a good mood, whistling to himself as he potters about the outside of his quarters, hanging a banner on the door that reads "Welcome home Yolly!"

As you approach you notice that he too wears a similar subderm on his forehead, same as Yolanda's. Before you can address him, he catches sight of something over your shoulder and runs past.

Jerrick shouts: Yolly!

  • Watch as Yolanda and Jerrick are reunited.

Jerrick dashes towards Yolanda, wrapping his arms around her. He's clearly overjoyed to have her home. Her tension is still evident as she tries to explain something to him, but he doesn't seem to care.

Finally, she gives up on her explanations, sinking into the embrace instead. Judging by Jerrick's reaction, it seems like the subderm mattered more to Yolanda than him. Jerrick heads into their quarters, with Yolanda following. Before entering, she catches sight of you and comes over.

Yolanda says: Whaddya think, <name>, it's pretty beautiful, no? I still can't believe you did all that for a stranger… I reckon you got a sweet spot for happy endings, maybe that's it…

Yolanda smiles brightly. The drunken stranger you first met in the Airlock Bar seems a distant memory.

She says: Anyway, I don't know why I was so worried, Jerrick doesn't seem bothered about the clone thing really… I guess it was my issue really, but I'm past it now. I'm still me- I get that, now… Thanks again.

She presses something into your hand, pats you on the shoulder and mouths "thanks" once more before following Jerrick into their quarters.

You have received 2300.00 credits.

You have completed the "Hello Stranger" mission.

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