Hemmingway’s Hyperdashery

Hemmingway’s Hyperdashery

Allow us to fit you with excellence.

Your galaxy's purveyor of VIP goods and specialist services.

This intrepid corporation found success by marrying expert scientific know-how with savvy high-end retail strategy. A group of scientists, rumoured to have once worked for Benevolent Dynamics, took their intellect and scientific discoveries to the market. Combining nanotech with powerful biochemical cocktails, they produced a number of products and services that help customers push way past their bodies limiting endurance levels when required. Hemmingway’s considers each sale of their products as entering a solemn partnership with their clients. Once on their list, one is considered to be part of a highly stylish and well looked after community.

The Hyperdashery is committed to ever-evolving excellence and invests a bulk of their profits into acquisition of the very best hardware and personnel in order to ensure that they may continue to provide a consistently high level of service to clients in any given corner of the galaxy, irrespective of faction or creed (provided they can pay).

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