Hephaestus Weapons Tech
Item Type Rarity Price Range
Aged Stun Baton Hand-to-Hand Club Common 101.85 - 439.67 cr
BasicC99 Ranged Handgun Common 105.00 - 453.26 cr
Belt Knife Hand-to-Hand Knife Common 115.50 - 498.59 cr
BuzzC7 Ranged Rifle Common 148.47 - 3,340.56 cr
Cannon-C56 Ranged Shotgun Common 2,919.02 - 3,051.86 cr
Consortium Stun Baton Hand-to-Hand Club Common 3,209.11 - 3,355.15 cr
D10-XO Ranged Rifle Epic 729 Bonds
Damaged Stun Baton Hand-to-Hand Club Common 2,851.03 - 2,980.78 cr
DiplomatC28 Ranged Shotgun Common 94.50 - 407.94 cr
DisturbanceC11 Ranged Handgun Common 143.84 - 3,236.30 cr
DZ Shock Knuckles Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 8,462.44 - 10,930.91 cr
EntrepreneurC481 Ranged Handgun Rare 366.45 - 1,581.89 cr
ENT-SMG Ranged Short Barrel Rifle Uncommon 5,072.02 - 5,302.85 cr
GuardC2 Ranged Sniper Rifle Common 2,987.01 - 3,122.95 cr
Iron Baton Hand-to-Hand Club Common 115.50 - 498.59 cr
Kiyoshi Stick Hand-to-Hand Club Uncommon 202.65 - 874.80 cr
NightC2 Ranged Shotgun Common 3,109.29 - 5,158.14 cr
OfficerC1 Ranged Short Barrel Rifle Common 108.15 - 466.86 cr
OfficerC2 Ranged Short Barrel Rifle Common 108.15 - 466.86 cr
OfficerC3 Ranged Short Barrel Rifle Common 106.05 - 457.80 cr
Officer's Spark Nightstick Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 367.50 - 1,586.42 cr
Platinum Security Baton Hand-to-Hand Club Common 143.43 - 3,227.24
Reaper's Little Helper Ranged Handgun Epic 1,285 Bonds
RepeaterC2 Ranged Rifle Common 133.16 - 2,996.08 cr
Rudimentary Baton Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 370.65 - 1,600.02 cr
Rusty Iron Baton Hand-to-Hand Club Common 115.50 - 498.59 cr
SorrowC1 Ranged Handgun Epic 1,740 Bonds
StealthSMGC1 Ranged Short Barrel Rifle Common 1,688.80 - 5,081.09 cr
Stun Stick Hand-to-Hand Club Common 103.95 - 448.73 cr
TacticC11 Ranged Shotgun Epic 690 Bonds
TalentC18 Ranged Handgun Uncommon 201.60 - 870.27cr
ThreaderC11 Ranged Sniper Rifle Rare 373.80 - 1,613.62 cr
Time-Worn Stun Baton Hand-to-Hand Club Uncommon 206.85 - 892.93 cr
Training Nightstick Hand-to-Hand Club Uncommon 196.35 - 847.60 cr
TravelerC88 Ranged Shotgun Common 3,249.90 - 4,629.00 cr
TravelerMixC88 Ranged Shotgun Epic 1,750 Bonds
Zeni Espantoon Hand-to-Hand Club Common 150.08 cr - 3,376.82 cr
Zeno IX Ranged Shotgun Epic 730 Bonds
Officer’s Tunic Piercing Armor Epic 734 Bonds
Ribbed Officer’s Tunic Impact Armor Epic 735 Bonds

Located on Tau Station


Hephaestus Weapons Tech

Keeping your kill count up since 20PC!

One of the more notorious corporations currently operating in the galaxy, HWT has risen to infamy as well as success during the events following the Catastrophe. One of the most common legends about the beginnings of this mighty conglomerate of high tech guns and ordnance dates to the years just prior to the Catastrophe. A brother and sister team of professional scavengers who made a fairly lucrative living, so the story goes, lucked across the site of a massive battle – a battle with no winners, but two losing sides and scores of casualties. With a morally questionable but undeniably genius retail strategy in mind, they gathered the weapons and identification details from the corpses and swiftly set off to visit the families of the fallen. Using a personalized style of guerrilla marketing that targeted families of the fallen, the pair apparently developed and fueled multiple feuds that lasted for several cycles, and of course provided them with an endless cycle of weapons and gear. The plan worked like a charm, and by the time anyone caught on they’d become rich enough to start manufacturing and selling their own battle tech.

Today the titan of weapons manufacturing is known for its friendly advertising slogans advocating the death and/or dismemberment of your enemies, and an approach to business ethics that is casual at best.

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