Hero’s Journey

A famous Consortium pre-Cat Captain has decided to return to Estación de Amazon after many cycles for diplomatic talks. The local Amazonians are less than thrilled by the news and take it out on the Consortium ambassadors at the Embassy. Perhaps you can help to keep the situation calm.

Level: 12
Start: Gerold Jana, Consortium Embassy, Estación de Amazon


While walking past the Consortium Embassy, you can’t help but notice it’s in quite an awful state of disarray. Their herb and fruit garden has been uprooted, their flower pots smashed and the small decorative garden statues destroyed. Violent graffiti adorns the outside of the Embassy building. Much of it depicts disturbing imagery of decapitated snakes with dead eyes and broken fangs.

You see the two elderly Consortium ambassadors standing among the ruins of their defaced garden speaking with Security Chief Bertrand. Bertrand takes notes quietly on a datapad in front of her as the ambassadors speak. They look completely distraught. What happened here?

You have accepted the "Hero's Journey" mission.

  • Eavesdrop on their conversation.
  • Walk away.

Walk away:

This is none of your business. The best thing to do is walk away.

You have failed the "Hero's Journey" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.


You slow down and nonchalantly lean on a bulkhead nearby. You strain to listen and manage to catch most of the conversation. The ambassador which your CORETECHS identifies as Cosmo Jana speaks to a stony-faced Chief Bertrand, while the other ambassador, Gerold Jana looks on silently.

Bertrand says, It's a shame what happened here ambassador, I'm sorry. I'll have a clean up crew sent over to assist with repairs as soon as I can, but you may be waiting a while. Our people are spread pretty thin at the moment. Unfortunately I'm not authorized for any investigative recourse on this. The best advice I can give you, ambassador, is to cancel this whole Zeisel venture and invite a less controversial delegate to conduct the negotiations.

Cosmo is clearly unsatisfied with this answer and he speaks up loudly.

Cosmo says, But we haven’t done anything wrong. It’s only common decency to offer refuge here, you know as well as I do he wouldn’t be welcome anywhere in Alajuela, let alone the Inn. Dederick Zeisel happens to be a personal hero of mine, and a very important figure in the Consortium. You can't bar him from this station because of a few disgruntled civilians.

Bertrand puts a hand on her hip, clearly exasperated.

She responds, He isn't being barred! I just refuse to open an investigation in response to this vandalism because the Gaule government doesn't wish to take a side in the Zeisel controversy. That's our prerogative, just like it’s yours to bring an alleged war criminal to the station he victimized. You couldn't have made that decision without some inkling of the consequences among the Amazonians. Here are those consequences, and they are yours to deal with, not mine.

  • Continue listening.

Cosmo is appalled at her alarming insinuation about Zeisel and snaps back.

Cosmo says, How dare you! Captain Zeisel is the furthest thing there is from a war criminal! Those allegations are nothing but Gaule propaganda spread to pressure Estación de Amazon into joining the Protectorate!

A stiff, disingenuous smile spreads across Chief Bertrand’s lips. She’s clearly moments from losing her temper with the insistent little man.

She snarls, Well, we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that point. Won’t we, Ambassador?

Cosmo shrinks away from the heavily armed woman staring daggers at him.

  • Walk away.
  • Defend the ambassador.
  • Continue listening.

Walk away:

This is none of your business. The best thing to do is walk away.

You have failed the "Hero's Journey" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.


You remain silent and continue to listen from your vantage point. You’re able to catch the rest of the conversation without much trouble.

The more level headed ambassador, Gerold, steps into the conversation.

He says, We understood the risks when we agreed to grant Zeisel refuge here and of course we are more than willing to withstand the consequences. I think perhaps the best step moving forward would be to post one of your security personnel here until Dederick has come and gone to deter any more of this behavior.

Bertrand shakes her head, busily jotting something on her notepad.

She says, I don’t have the staff to spare for that, and it may be interpreted as taking sides. The best I can do is make sure we watch our security cameras in your area with special care in the coming tenspan.

Both of the ambassadors deflate. They look around their demolished garden. Without a physical security presence, it’s quite likely this sort of vandalism will happen again before or during their guest’s stay.

  • Wait until Bertrand leaves to speak.
  • Walk away.
  • Step in to help.

Walk away:

This is none of your business. The best thing to do is walk away.

You have failed the "Hero's Journey" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.

Step in:

Me: Excuse me, I couldn't help but overhear your conversation.

You finally draw attention to yourself as you approach the ambassadors and Chief Bertrand. The two ambassadors regard you curiously while Bertrand narrows her eyes at you.

She says, Move along, citizen. This is none of your business.

  • Convince Bertrand to help them.
  • You got it, Chief.

(Social check)

Me: Are you trying to say you're so understaffed you can’t find a single guard who will stand here for a few days and keep these old men and their guest safe?

Bertrand’s frozen gaze rests on you, brimming with hostility.

She says, It’s a big station, we have a lot of things to attend to.

Me: Sounds like it’s either Consortium discrimination or plain and simple poor management to me…

Bertrand bristles, you’ve hit a weak point.

She snaps, I have more organizational skill in my pinky finger than you have in your entire body!

  • Question her abilities further.

Me: Why can’t you make this happen then?

She says, Of course I can make it happen! I can make anything happen!

She whirls back to the ambassadors.

She snaps, You want a security detail? Fine! We’ll waste manpower and time on you and your ridiculous Consortium war criminal. Don’t expect the man I post here to like it.

She storms away in a huff as Cosmo calls after her.

Cosmo calls, Dederick is NOT a war criminal!

The ambassadors are relieved when Bertrand finally disappears between the trees. They look to you gratefully.

  • What happened here?
  • Tell them you're leaving.

What happened:

Gerold says, We are deeply indebted to you, stranger. That security detail could save us from another mishap. Might I be so bold as to ask your name? Where you come from?

Me: I'm <name>, I'm from the Consortium like you. What actually happened here? I only heard part of your conversation.

Cosmo speaks up loudly before his husband can.

Cosmo says, We’re being discriminated against! That joke of a security Chief was trying to deny us our protection because of her blatant anti-Consortium prejudice!

Gerold clarifies calmly.

Gerold says, We’re expecting a visit from the esteemed Dederick Zeisel. He spent some of his early post-Cat cycles here before the jump gate was repaired and he could return to Sol. He’s on his way here to engage in talks with the Gaule government for more scientific freedoms for Consoritum citizens on Estación de Amazon. Dederick has a bad reputation here though, so when the public heard he was coming, they were…

He glances around their trashed garden.

He continues, …Less than pleased.

  • Are you sure this is safe?
  • I have questions about Zeisel.
  • I'll be going.
  • Dederick Zeisel is my hero!
  • Do you need help cleaning this mess?


Me: I'm curious about Dederick Zeisel, can you answer some questions?

The ambassadors nod agreeably.

Gerold says, Of course. What would you like to know?

  • How did the public find out?
  • Why do they hate him so much?
  • Why is he coming?
  • Isn't he retired?
  • Where have I heard his name before?
  • That's all I wanted to know.

Heard his name:

Me: Forgive me if this is obvious, but where have I heard the name Dederick Zeisel before?

Cosmo, scoffs and his husband rolls his eyes.

Gerold says, You've got him started now…

Cosmo ignores him and begins to speak passionately.

He says, Dederick Zeisel is only the single greatest leader the Consortium has ever had the privilege to employ! You must have learned about him in school. After the Catastrophe, he single-handedly made certain every single Consortium station in Sol had ample food and water. He organized relief efforts throughout the system and saved millions of lives. He pushed through legislations which helped to build the very FOUNDATION of the post-Cat Consoritum government!

Me Wow, really? That's amazing.

Cosmo looks off into the distance dreamily.

Cosmo says, I met him once before, you know. Would you like to hear the story?

  • I have other questions.
  • Yes.


Me: Sure, I like a good story.

Cosmo grins gleefully. Gerold looks playfully annoyed: he's probably heard this story a thousand times.

Cosmo says, I was just a child when the Catastrophe hit. Both of my parents were killed, I'm sure you've heard stories like it before. It was difficult for a boy alone on København. We made our homes in the bellies of derelict ships in habitable zones of The Wreckage. We had to fight and steal just to get by, people called us Ghosts. Cycles passed in starvation and violence until the Jump Gate to Barnard's Star was repaired. Soon we began hearing rumors of a young Captain returned from beyond the 'Gate, helping to reorganize the government. The older children whispered that Captain Zeisel promised to help the orphans like us, but I never believed it.

He pauses to gauge your reaction, and make certain you're still paying attention.

He says, That is, until Captain Zeisel arrived on København in the flesh. He really did want to help nobodys like us, the Ghosts everyone thought were as good as dead. He camped in The Wreckage for a tenspan, waiting for us to come out of hiding to get food and blankets so he could register us as survivors in the post-Cat databases. He spear-headed a Sol-wide program using that information to reunite orphans with their families. It was because of him I was able to contact my aunt on Taungoo and arrange passage to go live with her. He gave me my life back. I'll never forget how I felt when he handed me that blanket and those warm rations. It was the first time I thought things could really be alright again since the Cat.

His eyes sparkle as he finishes his story.

He finishes, When he arrives here, I'm going to say, "Dederick, you don't remember me, but you saved my life. Thank you."

  • That's all I wanted to know.
  • Isn't he retired?
  • Why is he coming?
  • Why do they hate him so much?
  • How did the public find out?

Why hate:

Me: Why does the public seem to hate Dederick so much?

Before Gerold can even begin to answer, Cosmo's face contorts with rage. This is what set him off earlier with Bertrand.

Cosmo spits, Lies! The Gaule spread the utter propaganda that Zeisel led a Consortium raid on Estación de Amazon and had to be driven back by Gaule forces. It's clearly just lies to sew distrust for the Consortium and in the end it was how they pressured Estación de Amazon and all its bounty into joining the Protectorate.

  • That's all I wanted to know.
  • How did the public find out?
  • Isn't he retired?
  • You don't think there was an attack?

No attack:

Me: Surely they couldn't have just fabricated an attack here. Something must have happened.

Cosmo rolls his eyes and grunts.

He says, Of course something happened, but it wasn't the Consortium and it certainly wasn't Zeisel! It was probably those stinking Freebooters from Caen. Gaule took advantage of the situation to discredit the Consortium and took down Dederick Zeisel in the process! It's disgusting.

  • That's all I wanted to know.
  • How did the public find out?
  • Why is he coming?
  • Isn't he retired?


Me: Isn't Dederick retired? If was was active during the original post-Cat relief effort, he must be very old.

Cosmo nods earnestly, face alight with admiration.

He says, He specifically requested to be taken out of retirement just for this mission! He thinks it's incredibly important to establish a peaceful, scientific Consoritum presence on Estación de Amazon. He's the only man for the job.

  • Why is he coming?
  • How did the public find out?
  • That's all I wanted to know.

Why coming:

Me: Why exactly is he coming?

Gerold says, He specially requested to come out of retirement for this mission due to his history with the station. He was stranded on this station for 25 cycles post-Cat before returning to the Consortium when the Jump Gate to Sol was repaired. He's planning to negotiate with the Gaule government to allow more Consortium scientists to work alongside Gaule and Amazonian minds to study the self-sustaining water cycle and ecosystems here. Or, that's the hope. If he's successful, it could do quite a lot of good for our relations with Gaule.

  • It was his idea to come?
  • How did the public find out?
  • That's all I wanted to know.

His idea:

Me: So, it was his idea to come?

Gerold nods at you.

He says, Yes. He proposed it to both the Consortium and Gaule governments himself. They only allowed it because he's such a respected figure in Sol.

Me: That's a little odd that he'd volunteer to come to a station where everyone hates him.

Gerold shrugs.

He says, Perhaps he doesn't know he's unpopular here. He lives quite an insulated life on Tau Station with his daughter. Maybe he's putting his duty to his people above all that. I can't say for sure.

  • How did the public find out?
  • That's all I wanted to know.

Public found out:

Me: You mentioned the public found out Dederick was coming and this is the result. But how did they find out? Surely you didn't publicize his arrival.

Cosmo furrows his eyebrows seriously at you.

He says, Ah, <name>, that is an excellent question! It's one I quite wish I knew the answer to myself. It appears someone is leaked that information. It's troubling, but not much can be done about it now.

  • That's all I wanted to know.

Me: Thank you, ambassadors. That's all I wanted to know about Zeisel.

They both smile at you pleasantly.

Gerold says, Of course.

  • Do you need help cleaning this mess?
  • Are you sure this is safe?
  • I'll be going.


Me: Are you sure this is safe? Allowing Dederick to come here? They went sort of wild on your property.

Cosmo looks annoyed with you and starts cleaning the debris of the garden.

Cosmo says, Dederick's daughter asked us to put him up here and I won't tell her no. Dederick is in tremendous danger for even deciding to come, and and I won't deny him his only safe haven on the station. I'm far more concerned for his safety than I am for my own.

Gerold chimes in.

Gerold says, For the record, I am concerned for our safety. But this is important to Cosmo so we're doing it anyway.

  • Do you need help cleaning this mess?
  • I'll be going.


Me: Do you need help cleaning this mess?

The ambassadors seem quite thankful you asked.

Cosmo says, I'm sure they'll send the clean-up crew soon, but if you wouldn't mind, we'd welcome the help, we aren't as young as we used to be! We need to move the heavier chunks of broken statue, clean up those uprooted plants, and try to scrub away some of the dreadful graffiti.

  • Sweep plant debris.
  • Lift broken statue.
  • Help remove graffiti.
  • Tell them you're leaving.

(Strength check)

You bend over to lift up heavy chunks of the destroyed decorative garden statues.

As you haul chunks of it away, you notice these were once statues of famous Consortium pre-Cat ships. You recognize a few of the more famous ones. Many of the chunks have that same graffiti pattern of beheaded, bleeding snakes scrawled up the sides. You suppress a shiver.

  • Sweep plant debris.
  • Help remove graffiti.

(Agility check)

You use a bucket and sponge the ambassadors gave you to scrub away the graffiti sprawling across the walls of the embassy. As you scrub at the image depicting the gory headless snake, the red spray paint drips down the wall like blood.

Me: Hey, Cosmo, what does this headless snake mean? It's repeated all over this graffiti.

Cosmo replies, Ah, it's one of Estación de Amazon's famously subtle metaphors. A common slur for Consortium citizens here is, "serpiente," or "snake." So a headless snake means…

You gulp.

Me: Right. Got it.

  • Sweep plant debris.

(Stamina check)

You collect the roots and torn up flowers of the once lovely garden in a couple of bags. What strikes you most is the hatred with which they demolished this place. From what you know of Amazonians, they have an intense reverence for nature. For those sort of people to do this to a garden, they must really hate Dederick…

  • Ask if they need anything else.
  • Go on your way.

Anything else:

You finish up your work and wipe a bit of sweat off your brow. The wonky humidity controls on this station are bothering you more than usual after all that work. You return to the ambassadors, who have been speaking quietly among themselves while you worked.

Me: Alright, all done with that. Is there anything else you need?

The ambassadors exchange a nervous look and you intuit the answer to your question is "yes." Gerold speaks first.

He says, We're grateful for all your help with the garden and truly moved by your kind spirit. If you wish to put us further into your debt, there is something else you could assist us with…

  • I've done enough.
  • What do you need?


Me: What do you need?

Cosmo clears his throat and chimes in.

Cosmo says, We're worried about Dederick. He insisted on travelling alone as a "gesture of good will," but judging by the way the public has reacted just to the very idea of his arrival, well… we aren't optimistic about how they'll react once he's actually here.

Gerold sees the confusion still plain on your face and elaborates.

Gerold says, He's safe in Sol with the Consortium, but in Barnard's Star, our only outpost is the Jump Gate, and anything could happen between here and there. He'll be arriving at the 'Gate in a few days and we're hoping to send an unofficial escort of sorts to ensure his safety. Since you're from the Consortium and you've already proven yourself willing to help… would you consider traveling to Barnard's Star Jump Gate to meet him? We will compensate you for your time, of course.

  • What's in it for me?
  • Of course.
  • I've done enough.

For me:

Me: I might be interested. But Barnard's Star Jump Gate is a rather far journey. What's in it for me?

Cosmo says, We will cover all your travel costs and award you a small honorarium at the end. Say, 3000 credits total?

  • Sounds fair.
  • You can do better.
  • I've done enough.


Me: Okay, that sounds fair.

Cosmo beams joyously and Gerold hazards a small, surprised smile.

Cosmo says, Superb! I knew I could count on you, I just knew it! You're truly doing a grand service to the Consortium. Dederick will be arriving at Barnard's Star Jump Gate soon, I'll tell him to meet you in the Port when you get there. Time is of the essence, you should set out as soon as possible!

Go meet Dederick Zeisel in the Port of Barnard's Star Jump Gate.

Next area: Port, Barnard's Star Jump Gate

  • Meet Dederick Zeisel at Port.

You wait at the designated meeting spot at the port for a while, but you do not see anybody matching Dederick's description.

You try to contact him on the CORETECHS link the ambassadors provided you with. No response.

Could the worst have already happened? You should find him as quickly as possible.

Search Barnard’s Star Jump Gate for Dederick.

Next NPC: Dederick Zeisel, Bar, Barnard's Star Jump Gate

  • Approach Dederick.

You spot the crowd before you actually spot Zeisel. Above the bobbing heads of well over 20 patrons of the Airlock Bar, you’re able to make out the frizzy grey hair of none other than Dederick Zeisel. You push down a little frustration at the fright he gave you, and the fact that he skipped your rendezvous to go to a bar.

As you move closer, you realize what this crowd is so enraptured by: Dederick is telling a story about the Catastrophe. Usually no one wants to hear pre-Cat survivors ramble on about their Cat stories, but the life Dederick breathes into his tale is fascinating.

  • Interrupt the story.
  • Sit and listen.


You pull up a chair from one of the abandoned bar tables, and join the others in listening to Dederick’s story. Dederick is holding a half finished beer in one hand which sloshes up over the rim when he performs animated hand gestures.

He says, —after the initial blast of the Cat, my crew and I were stranded, lost and alone in the belly of Barny’s Star. I was a fresh faced new recruit, see, but all our senior officers were killed in the blast and the men agreed I should be the one to lead them. I divied up rations and hunkered down for the long haul. Privately I worried we’d be forced to resort to cannibalism, what with all those perfectly edible corpses sitting in the cryo-bay, waiting to be taken home to Sol…

His eyes scan the audience, taking in the tension he’s created in the room.

You scan them too, most of them are unremarkable, but you do notice one man in the corner with a long black ponytail staring at Dederick with a different kind of intensity.

  • Continue listening to the story.
  • Confront the man with the ponytail.
  • Interrupt the story.


You continue listening to his story.

Dederick says, So when Amazon station responded to our distress call and allowed us on board, I thought I was dreaming! I don’t know if you lot have ever seen the innards of that station, but it’s a sight to behold. Of course back in those days, before life on the Colonies was wiped out, it wasn’t so strange to see a tree or a river. Now! I dare say it might be the only place to see that sort of thing in that sort of abundance in the galaxy! Imagine that!

Dederick takes a big swig of his drink and finishes the glass before he continues.

He says, This was less than a cycle post-Cat, see, and most of the trees there were mere saplings, so it weren’t quite as er, impressive, as I hear it is now. I’m not surprised it’s one big forest now though, those folks were botanists pre-Cat, and damn good ones too. When I arrived, they’d already used their super seeds to grow fast-yield crops and had mountains of food. Oh, the feast my boys and I had the night we arrived. To think, the night before we’d been ponderin’ eating our former Captain! Ha!

The crowd laughs a little anxiously. Dederick sure isn’t shy about talking about cannibalism.

  • Interrupt the story.
  • Continue to listen.


Someone buys Dederick another drink and hands it to him. He accepts it with a round-cheeked smile.

He says, Oh, thank you, love. The head botanist who was leadin' them had this daughter who I was right sweet on; Rosy was her name. Such a pretty thing, Rosy. She had the blackest hair you’ve ever seen, but soft as a kitten to touch! Everything about Rosy was soft, her nose, her hands, her voice. And boy, I’ll never forget the soft brown eyes the girl had on her. Like a dream….

He drifts off a little, suddenly somber, his heart some place far away…

  • Interrupt the story.
  • Continue listening.


Someone in the crowd coughs and he snaps out of it, all boisterous charisma again.

He says, Well, if I’d stayed on that station who knows what wudda happened with Rosy an' me. Aye, I was stranded on the good station Amazon for quite a number of cycles, the better part of my youth if I’m truthful. I arrived as a boy and emerged as a man. When the 'Gate was repaired and I heard news of the dire straits of the Consortium, my heart called me back to my homeland. I took my ship, and all the crew willing to depart, and I returned home to heal Sol and usher in this grand new era of the Consortium!

The crowd, clearly mostly Consortium citizens, cheers wildly. You note the man with the ponytail does not cheer. His eyes remain laser-focused on Dederick.

Dederick finishes his drink and belches loudly. He’s clearly quite drunk.

He says, Now, which one of you beautiful people is buying me my next drink?

  • Buy him his next drink.
  • Use this lull in conversation to introduce yourself.
  • Tell him he's had enough to drink.


Someone volunteers to get him a drink, and while he waits for them to return from the bar, you approach him.

Me: Excuse me, Mr. Zeisel?

He looks at you distractedly.

He says, Please, it's just Dederick. What're you after? An autograph?

Me: I just wanted to introduce myself. I was sent here by ambassadors Gerold and Cosmo Jana to keep you safe on your journey to Estación de Amazon.

His expression darkens.

He says, You were what?

  • Try to change the subject.
  • Explain.


Me: I told you, I'm <name>. The Embassy back on Estación de Amazon was vandalized so brutally they grew concerned something might happen to you. I thought you knew.

You notice the man with the ponytail’s eyes have shifted from Dederick to you, alight with keen interest.

Dederick says, I specifically asked to make my way to Amazon station ALONE. How hard is that to understand? Piss off, I don’t want you. You can go tell the ambassadors as much.

Dederick motions for you to leave and turns away.

  • Try to win his approval back.
  • Force him to acknowledge you.
  • Back down.

Win his approval:

Me: I’m sorry, I know you requested to come alone, but they’re just looking out for you. I promise I won’t get in your way.

Dederick ignores you completely and opens up conversation with someone next to him.

  • Force him to acknowledge you.
  • Back down.


You grab Dederick by the shoulder.

Me: I don’t appreciate the cold shoulder. The ambassadors have genuine reason to be concerned. You didn’t see how violently the Amazonians vandalized the Embassy. You’re in danger and I'm here to help whether you like it or not.

Dederick turns back to you slowly. He’s a very old man, but his age hasn’t taken his imposing height and powerful build. He speaks slowly, his lip curled upwards in a snarl.

He says, Leave. Now. And don’t touch ever touch me again.

  • Back down.
  • Stand your ground.

Stand ground:

Me: I don't take orders from you.

Dederick nods. He stands up from the table, wipes the beer foam from his beard, and out of nowhere, throws a forceful drunken a punch at your face.

  • Dodge!

(Agility check)

You nimbly dodge out of the way.

Dederick stumbles forward as his punch connects with nothing but air. He’s very unsteady on his feet as he turns back around to face you. He rolls up his sleeves and raises his fists to his face.

  • Punch him back.
  • Reason with him.


Me: Come on, Dederick, there’s no reason for this! I’m only trying to help you.

Dederick looks like he wants to respond, but quickly shuts his mouth. You’re pretty sure he did that to stop himself from vomiting. He sways on his feet for a moment before collapsing in a drunken heap.

You watch as security and paramedics arrive on the scene. Witnesses agree you never touched him, and he collapsed due to heavy drinking. As you watch them take the old man to sick bay, you consider what to do. Continue to try to protect him, or return to Estación de Amazon and tell the ambassadors he rejected your help.

  • Go to Sickbay.
  • Go back to Estación de Amazon.


You decide to follow through on your promise to the ambassadors. Dederick may not want your help but he’s going to get it. You should go see him in Sickbay and check his prognosis.

As you head for the exit of the bar, the man with the black ponytail approaches you. He says nothing, but hands you a compact datapad with a note blinking on the screen.

The note reads: “Meet me in the Lounge for a chat. — Ryou”

  • Go to Sickbay.
  • Go to the Lounge for a "chat"


You decide to go to the lounge and see what the mysterious ponytail man has to say.

Go to the Lounge for a "chat"

Next NPC: Ryou, Lounge, Barnard's Star Jump Gate

  • Find Ryou.

You’re greeted in the Lounge by dim lighting and bland music. The sparsely populated Frontier Cantina is a far cry from the bustle of the Airlock Bar. It doesn’t take much searching to recognize the distinctive black ponytail of Ryou.

He smiles at you, friendly but restrained, and waves you over to his table.

He says, <name>. I’m glad you decided to come. I have a proposition for you in regards to our… mutual friend.

  • Stay away from Dederick.
  • Hear him out.
  • I'd never help you.
  • What do you want with Dederick?

What do you want:

Me: What do you want with Dederick?

Ryou says, What I want with him is none of your concern. I’m here to retrieve him. The only question you should be asking is if you’re going to help me and make some creds.

  • Stay away from Dederick.
  • Hear him out.
  • I'd never help you.

Hear him out:

Me: What exactly do you want me to do?

He smiles at you and sits a little straighter in his seat.

He says, Pragmatism looks very good on you, <name>. I've read your file, you're always sticking your fingers in places they don't belong. What I need is simple: just call Sickbay and tell them you can’t stay on Barnard’s Star long enough for Zeisel to wake up. You’re very sorry but you have other business, he will be in the capable hands of your friend Ryou. All those witnesses heard you tell him you were his security escort, it would be too messy for me to go in there without an official connection to you.

He sips his drink again as he continues.

He finishes, There's 1000 credits in it for you on top of whatever those ambassadors promised you, delivered when I get positive confirmation you've arrived at Estación de Amazon and told the ambassadors Zeisel is gone. Do we have a deal?

  • I'll do it.
  • I'll do it for more credits.
  • Why are you after Dederick?
  • What happens after you take him?
  • Why do you hate him?
  • I can't.

What happens:

Me: What happens after you take him?

He shrugs and takes a casual sip of his drink.

He says, What happens then to Zeisel doesn’t concern you.

  • I'll do it.
  • I'll do it for more credits.
  • Why are you after Dederick?
  • Why do you hate him?
  • I can't.

I'll do it:

Me: Okay, I'll do it.

Ryou finishes his drink and smiles at you.

He says, A most wise decision, <name>. Please call Sickbay now.

  • Call Sickbay.

You call Sickbay on your CORETECHS. A smiley blonde nurse answers on the other side.

She says,: Hi there, this is Jump Gate Medical Services, what can I do for you?

Me: Hi there, I’m Dederick Zeisel’s security escort to Estación de Amazon, <name>. I should have been added to your system as his guardian by ambassador Cosmo Jana?

The nurse scans through her files for a unit before finding you.

She says,: Oh, yes, here you are! What is this regarding?

  • Ryou is my replacement.
  • Ryou is a dangerous criminal!


Me: There is an extremely dangerous man named Ryou who wants to take Dederick. Do not, under any circumstances allow him access to—

Ryou swears under his breath and tackles you to end your CORETECHS call.

  • Dodge!
  • Grapple!

(Agility check)

You dive out of your seat and narrowly avoid Ryou’s bodycheck.

His body connects with air and he careens to the ground. He’s on the ground, about to get up, this is your chance to escape!

  • Escape!
  • Kick him.

(Strength and Agility check)

You try to kick Dederick but he grabs your foot with surprising agility and yanks you off your feet. He scrambles on top of you and holds you down with the weight of his body.

  • Squirm out from under him!
  • Shove him off!

(Strength check)


You try to shove him off of you but he’s too strong. He pulls a small handgun out of his pocket and flips it around in his hand.

He says, You’re very lucky I don’t kill idiots.

He hits you in the face with the butt of his gun.

  • Shove him off!

You manage to shove him off your body and scramble a little ways away. You ready yourself for the coming fight, but you both hear security arriving. Ryou shoots you one final look before fleeing.

You have to get Dederick off this station this unit! Go get him at Sickbay.

Go to Dederick in Sickbay and get him off the station

Next NPC: Dederick Zeisel, Sick Bay, Barnard's Star Jump Gate

  • Check on Dederick.

When you arrive at Sickbay, you’re immediately able to spot Dederick lying unconscious in one of the med beds. As you walk over to him, a nurse intercepts you.

She says, Excuse me. Who are you and what is your relationship with the patient?

  • Say he's family.
  • Say you're his security escort.


Me: I’m his security escort, I need to make sure he’s safe.

The nurse gently guides you away from Dederick’s bed.

Me: I’m sorry, but it’s family only in here. You’ll just have to wait until he wakes up to see him.

  • Go to the Lounge instead.
  • Tell her he's LIKE family.

Like family:
(Social check)

You put on your best puppy dog eyes.

Me: Please, I’ve been protecting him for years, I just want to make sure he’s okay. His closest family is in Sol, I'm all he has right now. Have pity.

She bites her lip, considering it. After a unit, she leans in close and speaks in a hushed tone.

She whispers, If anyone asks, he’s your uncle. Okay?

She leads you over to his bed and speaks loudly so everyone can hear her.

She says, Ah yes, Ser ZEISEL, your UNCLE is just over here. The doctor will be here shortly to update you on his status.

  • Wait for the doctor.
  • Examine Dederick.

(Intelligence check?)

You examine Dederick curiously. He snores loudly and a bit of drool hangs from the side of his mouth and drips into his beard. Aside from that, he looks completely fine. He clearly just had too much to drink.

You examine Dederick’s sleeping body. Even unconscious, he’s a mountain of a man. He has a huge barrel chest and thick, fat limbs which you can tell were pure muscle not long ago. His breaths are steady but he snores loudly. You can hear him mutter under his breath every couple of units.

He mutters, Rosalina…grrumph…Katrina…Katrina, please…Hrrmph.

Rosalina and Katrina, huh? Quite the ladies man, Dederick.

He mutters, …Mateo…oh, Mateo….

Or man’s man? Both, probably. A famous ship captain gets around.

  • Wait for the doctor.

The Doctor does indeed arrive soon after. She’s a Harsene woman with those eerie pale eyes they all share. She speaks curtly to you, all business.

You listen patiently as the Doctor fills you in on Dederick’s status. He’s going to be fine, he just needs plenty of rest and water. He’s actually in incredible health for a man his age. His substance habits are however, troubling. When he was brought in, he had two space shells in his system and enough alcohol to knock out a mall. Behavior like this is highly self destructive and has the potential to kill him.

  • Arrange for Dederick's transport immediately.
  • Ask if he'll be okay.


Me: Is he going to be okay?

She pats Dederick's sleeping body fondly.

She says, For now, he'll be fine. He's actually in shockingly good health for a man his age. If he stops this self-destructive behavior I'd say he has quite a few more cycles left to live.

  • Arrange for Dederick's transport immediately.

Me: Thank you for telling me, Doctor. It says in your files he was here in transit to Estación de Amazon, doesn’t it?

She punches a few commands into her datapad to check.

She says, Yes, that’s right, it says so right here. Why do you ask?

Me: I was wondering if I could arrange to transport him there still… unconscious.

The doctor cocks her head at you.

She stammers, I-I suppose. We have a medical supply ship headed in that direction later today, they could theoretically drop him off if they had to. What’s the rush?

  • Family emergency!
  • He's in danger.

(Social check)

Me: Please, I have reason to believe he’s in grave danger here and I want to move him as soon as possible. If you could transport him on your vessel, it could save his life.

The doctor nods in agreement.

She says, I shouldn’t move a patient without consent… but if this is in the interest of his safety and he was already going that way, I don’t see the harm. I’ll book him passage, but you’ll have to find your own way. You can find our vessel at the Docks on Estación de Amazon and regroup with him there.

Me: Thank you so much, Doctor. You could be saving his life.

Travel to Estación de Amazon and meet Dederick a the Docks.

Next area: Docks, Estación de Amazon

  • Find Dederick

You anxiously scan the docks for the medical vessel which should have recently arrived.

You breathe a long sigh of relief when you see the ship and a nurse chatting with Dederick outside of it.

Next NPC: Dederick Zeisel, Docks, Estación de Amazon

  • Speak with Dederick

Dederick's mood immediately seems to drop when he sees you.

Dederick says, Well if it isn't my intrepid "security escort".

Me: Dederick, I'm so glad you made it!

Dederick's isn't quite so pleased to see you but he manages a grunt of acknowledgement.

The nurse Dederick was chatting with speaks up.

She says, He has the all clear from me. Just give him some water when you have the chance.

Dederick grabs her hand gently and gives her a warm smile.

He says, Thank you for the enchanting company and all the kindness you showed me on my journey here.

The nurse giggles and retreats into the ship.

  • Why did you want to travel alone?

Me: So, why did you want to travel alone so badly.

Dederick avoids your eyes. There is something strange about his demeanor, even now, sober.

He says, Just the fleeting fancy of a bitter old man. Pay me no mind.

He looks you in the eye now, showing a bit of softness to you for the first time.

He says, I should thank you for what you're trying to do. I know you have my best interests at heart. I just worry your efforts are… misplaced.

  • What do you mean?
  • They're not misplaced. You're a hero.

What do you mean:

Me: What do you mean?

He shakes his head, avoiding your eyes again.

He says, It's nothing.

  • Let's get you to the embassy.

Me: Let's get you to the Embassy.

Dederick nods and follows you out of the docks and into the Port.

Go to the Port with Dederick on your way to the Embassy.

Next area: Port, Estación de Amazon

  • Walk through Port.

As you exit the Docks and enter the main Port area, you're confronted with an enormous crowd of booing, angry people. Someone must have leaked Dederick's arrival to the public. Security teams are trying to hold them at bay, but they go wild when they see you exiting the Docks with Dederick.

A man in the crowd says, There he is! La Serpiente of Sol!

The crowd swells like an angry wave and pushes past the security teams to converge in on you and Dederick.

You find yourself swept away by an angry mass of humanity and lose Dederick in the fray.

Me: Dederick? Dederick!

You can barely hear yourself over the roar of the crowd.

  • Push through the crowd.
  • Wait for the crowd to clear.


You try to push through the crowd to get back to Dederick but it's no use. The wall of people is too thick and tightly packed to move through. You'll have to wait until it dies down.

  • Wait for the crowd to clear.

When the crowd finally dies down, Dederick is nowhere to be seen. He's gone.

  • Look for him.
  • Return to the ambassadors.


You search the Port for any sign of him to no avail.

You scan the faces of passersby for anyone resembling Dederick but he's not there.

A man with a familiar black ponytail approaches you. He bumps you as he walks past.

He says, Tell las serpientes not to look for him. He should never have come here. Zeisel owes our people a debt of blood which must be paid.

He keeps on walking after speaking to you.

  • Follow him.
  • Tell the ambassadors what happened.


You try to follow him, but the man has an uncanny talent for disappearing in crowds. You lost him among the dispersing mass of people. He's gone.

  • Tell the ambassadors what happened.

Frustrated, you decide to head back to the Embassy and tell the ambassadors what happened.

Go back to the Consortium Embassy and speak with the ambassadors.

Next NPC: Cosmo Jana, Consortium Embassy, Estación de Amazon

  • Speak with the ambassadors.

You notice how pristine the garden looks. It's quite shocking how much they were able to clean in such a short time. They've replanted some of their garden, repaired the statues or gotten new ones, and the walls of the embassy look as if they were never defaced at all.

You spot ambassador Cosmo tending the garden. You wave at him meekly and he approaches you anxiously.

He says, Shadow. You're back… alone. Where's Dederick?

  • I lost him.
  • He's gone.


You explained everything that happened and watch as Cosmo takes it all in.

Me: I failed. I'm sorry. I did everything I could, but I lost him.

Cosmo has to sit down in grief. He puts his hands to his temples.

He says, This is very bad news, <name>. Dederick is enormously important to thousands of Consortium citizens… if he's hurt or… killed here on Estación de Amazon, the diplomatic consequences are staggering. It could disrupt Consortium-Gaule relations permanently. Not to mention put Estación de Amazon itself in grave danger…

He gets up and begins to pace.

He says, I have to think about this. I need some time. Come find me later, I may need your help again.

  • Are you okay?
  • My payment…


Me: Are you sure you're okay, ambassador?

Cosmo shakes his head sadly.

He says, This is all my fault. I should never have allowed him to come. I wanted to meet my hero again, and now the entire Consortium could suffer. Oh, what a mess.

You pat him on the shoulder and try to comfort him. It doesn't seem like it helps much.

  • My payment…

Me: About my payment…

It seems as if Cosmo had genuinely forgotten.

He says, Your payment! Yes! Of course, so sorry. 3000 credits, as agreed.

You have received 3000.00 credits.

He says, Thank you for trying even if… it didn't turn out as I'd hoped. Please do come speak to me again a bit later, perhaps we can solve this together.

You have completed the "Hero's Journey" mission.

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