Holy Work

Level: 4
Start: Strabo Talos, Bar, Daedalus


The Our Hand of Life Bar is buzzing with activity. Most every table is full with the exception of the table at which a ranking Promethean from The Peerage sits. Strabo Talos, an official from the Peerage sits alone and is clearly waiting for someone.

Strabo Talos is an official from the Peerage. His usual Sect garb of dingy green and brown is adorned with a modest number of circular badges, denoting rank of a middle-manager ilk. He seems overworked, or at least believes himself to be and keeps glancing at the doorway impatiently. He notices you while taking a sip of his beer and keeps his eyes fixed in a stare of expectation. His free hand rests atop a rectangular package wrapped in black with the seal of the Promethean Sect emblazoned in green.

Strabo Talos says: Hmmm…

You have accepted the "Holy Work" mission.

  • Avoid eye-contact and try to ignore the man, altogether.
  • Approach The Peer.
  • Acknowledge, but avoid him.

Approach The Peer

Me: Is there something wrong?

Strabo Talos says: How long should we be expected to wait, Initiate? These moments have run into – No, forget it. This one is Strabo Talos, and Strabo Talos wishes to away and be with our wife, …and taken too long, you have. First job or not.

  • Lie to the man. Pretend to be who he is waiting on.
  • Tell him the truth: You are not an Initiate.

Tell him the truth: You are not an Initiate

Me: I think you must be mistaken. I'm not an Initiate.

Strabo Talos says: Not an Initiate? Is this so? You look precisely as we were informed our new Initiate would appear. We could have face-scanned to be sure, certainly, but this is such a small thing to us. How very odd, this is no matter. This thing for our Initiate may now go to you. A small thing. This is a small thing.

  • It's probably best to not meddle in affairs of the Promethean Sect. Not Interested.
  • Hear him out.

Hear him out

Me: I suppose I could listen to what you're asking. Is there pay involved?

Strabo Talos says: It is but a small thing. Really a thing so small, our aggravation is evident, is it not? A parcel is in need of delivery, traveler. A parcel of payment for a task well done. Nothing more, nothing less. Our usual Initiate messenger was recently replaced with a new one, who is too late to this meeting to capitalize on the new and profitable request. No matter. The loss for the Initiate is the gain for you. Do this for us and you’ll receive 25 credit and the gratitude of The Peerage.

  • Not interested.
  • Accept the Peerage parcel and task.

Accept the Peerage parcel and task

Me: I suppose I could do it. How may I be of assistance?

Strabo Talos says: Most excellent, traveler. We thank you. As it is rather irregular that a parcel is delivered by one that is not an Initiate, expect Peer Nyx, the recipient in the Residential District to be dubious, initially. But this task is a petty one. Express that it is Strabo Talos who sends you and all will be well. Peer Nyx will have your fee.

New goals: Travel to the Residential District and seek out Peer Nyx to deliver the package.

Go to the Residences and talk to Myron

Next NPC: Myron, Residences, Daedalus

  • Repair the security camera for safety. A strange hunched man mutters to himself and has not yet seen you.

Repair the security camera for safety. A strange hunched man mutters to himself and has not yet seen you

There is a security camera that is aimed along the main avenue and a strange wiry man in robes on a stroll in the opposite direction of the camera. He hunches as he walks and gesticulates to the air as if in a conversation, yet he walks alone. The camera, if functional, could add a layer of protection in a place most uncomfortable.

With a few internal clicks, the security camera becomes operational once again. It doesn't seem as if the strange man noticed you tampering with it.

Myron says: Oh, Mikkel, Mikkel…why?

  • Approach the man for directions.

Approach the man for directions

Me: Excuse me, I’m looking for someone. I have a delivery…

The man regards the package with a bright expression of sudden joy.

Myron says: Mikkel? No, this one is not. Yet, this package? That parcel. Present? Payment, yes!? Stars and ships. The ships. Those things. Finally, ship comes in for poor Myron!

He reaches for the package, clearly under the impression that it is for him.

  • Protect the package.

Protect the package

Me: No, I'm sorry. If your name is Myron, then this isn't for you.

Myron says: Isn’t for us? How is this so?

He begins to frown with disappointed heartbreak.

Myron says: How long will this path of suffering plague these broken feet? We've done what was asked. What was asked is done.

He surrenders any hope of the package and places his face into his leathery hands. His entire form seems aged beyond what it should be.

  • Inquire about the location of Peer Nyx.

Inquire about the location of Peer Nyx

Me: I'm looking for Peer Nyx. I didn't mean to trouble you.

Myron scoffs.

Myron says: …Of course you are. Looking for a Peer. A Peer, a Peer…always the Peers. We are implicit in those deeds. Those deeds that this one could not do.

  • Ask about the deeds.
  • Ask about locating Peer Nyx.

Ask about the deeds

Me: Deeds? What deeds are you implicit in? What do you mean?

In response to the question, he lifts a shaking pointed finger to the security camera.

Myron says: This Myron hears the question, yes. Deeds, deeds, this asks. But better question: We see the security camera, there. Did this one before me fiddle with that eye?

  • Ask Myron what he means by 'That eye'.

Ask Myron what he means by 'That eye’

Me: Do you mean the security camera?

Myron says: Yes, yes… that eye. Had been sleeping, this I know. Now awake? Did this one wake it?

Myron is impatiently awaiting response.

  • Deny tampering with the security camera.
  • Pretend to have no idea what he's asking about.
  • Admit to fixing it.

Pretend to have no idea what he's asking about

Me: I don't understand. Are there security cameras here? Have they got eyes? What a strange place.

Myron says: Matters not. Nothing matters. If fixed, Nyx would want to know. They grow annoyed with Myron tampering. Always watching, we watch…all, always.

  • Ask again about Peer Nyx.

Ask again about Peer Nyx

Me: Nyx? Nyx is who I'm looking for. This is a delivery for Nyx.

Myron says: That one should have said so. This one knows the way to Nyx. That delivery is a box, and on that box a seal. Strabo Talos' seal? Strabo Talos has no business with København – Our Talos has interest in dirty doings on Nouveau Limoges…this is not intended for us, then? Truly? Just for Nyx?

  • Confirm that it is for Peer Nyx, alone.
  • Ask about what happened on København Station.

Ask about what happened on København Station

Me: What happened on København Station?

Myron says: On København, everything happened. The job was secure. Done. Found. Home, this one came to ruin… All ruin and waste. Those trinkets of København, morsels, gems… not enough. Others of us found reward and praise. This one found turned backs. Closed fists. Snatched valor. Minos frowned.

  • Clarify that this Myron is not Peer Nyx.

Clarify that this Myron is not Peer Nyx

Me: You're not Nyx, are you, Myron?

Myron says: We are one. … Yet, the deed to find this pay was a Nyx deed, not a Myron deed. That Myron deed was a København affair that leaves worse than it finds. Nothing came to these hands, and yet these hands wait. These hands search and find – and return home to ruin. Those hands stalk and kill – and return home to fortune. All hands are our hands, and yet … stars to guide us, how do we ever lose our way? And always, Minos frowning. Frowning is what Minos does.

  • Ask about Minos.

Ask about Minos

Me: That sounds terrible. Who is Minos?

Myron says: This one does not speak as Initiates are taught to speak. How will one earn the robes if one is fat tonged and clumsy with words? Who is Minos, this one asks?!

Myron trembles and recoils from the inquiry. Something awful lies between the breaths of his trepidation, yet with a dismissive shake of his head, it is clear that he’ll speak very little more on it.

  • Continue the lie.
  • Tell the truth.

Tell the truth

Me: Actually, I'm not really an Initiate. An official from The Peerage didn't think it was worth a scan of facial recognition and mistook me for someone I'm not. Just trying to make a little cred.

Myron says: It does not matter… We are all One whether we wish it or not. The Peer Nyx is housed to the end of the lane. Down where all the quiet monsters dwell. Look to the end of the lane, far from the light. Our dark ones, the Peers, linger back behind the bright lives. Nyx will be on the right… with Minos’ blessing, the Peers are always in the right.

  • Seek Peer Nyx.

Seek Peer Nyx

After a short walk, you see her. Peer Nyx stands outside of her home pod and watches your approach with expectant caution. She has been expecting something and is eager to receive her pay. She is lithe, and has stares with cold flat eyes.
Me: Nyx?

Peer Nyx says: Initiate?

  • Claim to be an initiate and hand her the box.
  • Tell her you're not an Initiate.

Tell her you're not an Initiate

Me: Me? No…

Peer Nyx says: Why has Strabo Talos given an Initiate job to a traveler, one wonders?

  • Explain yourself while surrendering the box.

Explain yourself while surrendering the box

Me: It was just right time, right place, I guess. The Initiate never showed up.

Peer Nyx says: Strabo Talos… this arrogant part of us is eager to dodge responsibilities whenever possible. Talos should have brought us this with Talos' hands in absence of an Initiate . Yet, here a traveler stands…

She speaks while placing a keycard to the box. A lock releases and she examines an exquisite custom built mod kit.

  • The job is done.

The job is done

Me: I’m just doing a job. I'll be off now.

Peer Nyx says: Yes, the job is done. We see your face and will not forget it. Careful with which dark holes One chooses to peer into, traveler.

You have received 25.00 credits.

You have completed the "Holy Work" mission.

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