Hopkins' Legacy


Once a station of lawless fighting between those who survived the Catastrophe, Hopkins' Legacy has been taken over by the Japanese Tanegashima Fleet, and is now the headquarters for Yasutsuna Corp. The station is an odd mix of old, pre-Cat tech and glossy, new, state of the art machinery and equipment brought on-station by Fleet members who've moved aboard. The Lionhearts, a group of native station residents, were only too happy to make room for the newcomers, whose arrival helped hasten the retreat and defeat of the Lionhearts' opposition. Together, the Lionhearts and the Fleet personnel have established law and order on a station which has known only war since the Catastrophe. Those who oppose this new peace have been pushed to the dark corners of the station, far from the lights that now shine on this new prosperity.

A one-time shining gem in the system, Hopkins' Legacy fell into disrepair and declined after the Catastrophe struck. On that fateful day, a poisonous gas spread throughout the station, instantly killing nearly everyone. Small pockets of the station were spared, thanks to faults in their air processing tubes. This malfunction was all that enabled a few groups of citizens across the station to survive. But life after the Catastrophe was difficult, to say the least. The groups of survivors stuck to themselves, eking out what living they could from the station, and warring with each other over resources and habitable zones. Eventually, a group calling themselves the Lionhearts, rose above the others and tried to get the station back into working order. Then the Japanese Fleet arrived, with gifts of weapons and rations, water, and medical supplies. The ruling group of the station gratefully accepted their help, pushing back their foes into the darkest reaches of the ruins. Meanwhile, the Yasutsuna Corp has wasted no time in getting the station up and running again and is busily pouring credits into the repair and maintenance of Hopkins' Legacy. They work alongside the Lionhearts to establish order and governance on the station, though the Corp is clearly in control. There are whispers of revolt by some of the locals, but the military might of the Corp likens this struggle to that of a flea on a Mall. But in those gloomy shadows, those who are not content to have had their station “stolen” away from them stew and mutter, gather and plan.

Chronicle Text

Hopkin’s Legacy was plunged into lawlessness, they did not come into it in gentle steps like on Caen. Thus here, the resulting independence was approached from the opposite direction. The Yasutsuna Corporation, whose Tanegashima Fleet was in the system, arrived to quell the panic and unrest and establish a modicum of order. Yasutsuna made Hopkin’s their HQ and politely rebuffed any suggestions that the station should rejoin the Consortium. Such rejections were made all the more possible by their popularity with the local populace as well as the none too subtle fleet in orbit around the station. Hopkin’s Legacy is the patron station of corporate autonomy.

Arrival Text


System: Barnard's Star
Affiliation: Independent
Level: 11
Legal: Strong
Orwellian: High


Bank (Hopkins Ginko)

Armed guards stationed outside of the old building nod at passersby, cordial smiles never reaching their sharp eyes as they scan the area. The ancient, pre-Cat bank boasts fabricated marble stairs and columns, dented and gouged with the scars of the fighting the station saw in darker days. Yasutsuna Corp employees, wearing identical outfits of black with red details, greet customers with a wide smile.

Before the Corp took control of the station, this building stood empty but for the occasional squatter, though at one time it appears to have been the headquarters of one of the station's fighting factions. Within the ancient lobby of the bank, a huge map of the station was painted cycles ago on the center of the floor. It appears to have been used for tactical planning, but these days is mostly ignored by the customers who float in and out of the bank, their minds far away from the conflicts that once rocked this station.

Brig (Hopkins Keimusho)

The station's prison is stark and austere; an old building with dents and gouges from post-Cat conflicts scaring the front and sides. Armed guards patrol the grounds and the entire structure is walled off with a tall electric fence. The building's rear is set into the very asteroid hull itself, and two towers stand at each of the front corners, guards staring balefully down onto the ground below while a spotlight sweeps the space between fence and building, locking onto every movement caught therein.

The prison is separated into two sections, Yasutsuna Corp prisoners who have been moved station-side from their prison ships, and local ruffians, rioters, and enemies of the Lionhearts who have shown themselves to be a danger to the stability of the station. Life in the prison is exceedingly harsh, with strict rules governing everything from how to sit or stand during the intermittent cell inspections, to how to sleep, when and how to speak, and how to hold your eating utensils. Punishment is swift and merciless for all those who diverge from these guidelines.


Decommissioned Area (Yasutsuna Manufacturing)

Row upon row of gleaming machines work assembly lines, pumping out guns, armor, and ammunition. In another section of the building, the air seems to ripple near the huge forges. Here, swordsmiths still ply their ancient trade, hammering and folding metal by hand and hammer, and eschewing the impersonal touch of machinery.

This enormous building has been taken over entirely by the Yasutsuna Corp for use as their weapon's manufacturing facility. Daily tours are given to groups of delighted station residents and visiting tourists from other stations and systems. A museum of ancient armor and weapons completes the tour, with wide eyed visitors gaping at pre-Catastrophe weapons and armor that the Corp has reclaimed or held on to for ages.

Employment (Employment Center)

The Corp has moved in new employment terminals to replace the old, broken ones that used to be here. The shiny terminals stand out starkly against the soot-stained walls and cracked floors. Station residents and Fleet members alike line up to search for jobs.

Long lines move quickly here, as hopeful applicants check the employment terminals for job listings. The lines are delegated by skill; medical in one area, engineering in another, and so on. Construction is by far the longest, and the one that moves the most rapidly. Representatives from Galway Consolidated Constructions have set up a table from where they are hiring local help and organizing cleanup crews.


Career Advisory

The career advisory center is mostly empty. Few people today have the needed skills to pursue good careers.

Discreet Work

Sometimes jobs are offered by those who need to be able to deny involvement. Don't ask too many questions; you won't get many answers. And don't be surprised if you wind up in the brig or sickbay.

Side Jobs

This is the right place if you are looking for quick and easy jobs.

Name Description Credits Statistic
Hull Shiner Our customers want their ships cleaned and they want it done fast. Work available in the Docks, if you can hack it. 45 Agility
Ordinance Detection Help make our station safer by locating dangerous ordinance left over from past conflicts. Security will pay good credits for the successful pinpointing of explosives! 55 Intelligence
Station Beautification Hopkins' Legacy was beautiful once and it can be once more. Work with our Take Back Hopkins' Legacy crews and help us return this station to its former glory! 45 Strength
Wall Maintenance The wall serves to protect the station from dangerous rogues in the East End. Be a part of the team that helps with the upkeep of this valuable asset! 45 Intelligence

Government Center (Yasutsuna Corp HQ)

Large and imposing, this building suffered massive damage after the Catastrophe, but even the burns, holes, and scars of battle can't diminish its beauty. A skyscraper with no sky to scrape, it stretches up toward the apex of the asteroid, a tower of onyx reflecting the images of passersby on its gleaming surface.

Armed guards stand duty at the top of the stairs which lead to the building that houses the two governing bodies of the station. High above the crumbled streets, lush offices have been decked out with thick carpets and heavy furniture brought into the station from the Fleet's enormous capital ship, the Tochō. The bottom levels of the skyscraper host office spaces occupied by the leadership of the Lionhearts, who also help to run the rations program for residents.

Gym (Lion's Roar Gym)

Upbeat music bounces off the walls of this large establishment. A woman with bionic legs runs on a particularly old treadmill, oblivious to the loud screeching sound the track makes with every other stride. In some places, newer machines have been installed, but for the most part, the station residents have gotten on fine with their older tech.

You must have minimum combined physical stats of 42 to avoid injury at this gym.

Inn (Restormel Inn)

The locals say that this massive circular structure was built before the Catastrophe to mimic an old castle from ancient Earth. It's constructed from gray blocks of regocrete, with high walls whose battlement is bordered by crumbling crenels. Between these gaps in the parapet can be seen guests of the inn, who often enjoy strolling atop the keep's wall.

Built ages ago by some eccentric madperson who wanted to have the first castle in space, the fortifications provided by the Restormel Inn were invaluable to the Lionhearts, who once lived in and operated their resistance from within these thick walls. Heavy fighting clearly took place on the streets outside, and some portions of the walls bear scorch marks and are in ruins. Most of the inn is still habitable, however, and now that the Lionhearts have vacated, an entrepreneurial woman has stepped in and taken up as the innkeep, letting rooms to the new visitors from the local stations and the star systems beyond. Still, there are sections of the inn which are dangerous and unsafe to traverse. It's down these crumbling halls, up these spiraling staircases, and along this broken battlement that sightings of a ghostly figure have also been reported.


Bar (The White Lady)

Soft golden light falls on the curved synthetic-wood bar, stools, and tables. The walls are hung with large poster scrolls, printed with images of local skyball players, and the flag of the Lionhearts, which is draped from the faux wooden rafters.

The pub is the gathering place for the Lionhearts and their friends and families. Laughter rings out over the din of the crowd, and now and then groups will break out into the loyalty chant of the Lionhearts. The pub is named for the white figure that many guests of the inn report having seen floating silently along the parapets.



Hotel Rooms (Red Lion's Rest)

Set into the curving walls of the castle, the guest rooms at the Red Lion's Rest are spacious, but sparse. Stripped of furnishings in the time after the Catastrophe, the rooms have nonetheless withstood the test of time, their walls of thick blocks of regocrete stalwart and sturdy. The beds are plain, but comfortable, and don't seem to have too many bugs in them.

These rooms once played host to guests from all over the galaxy, but they've been used for untold cycles by military forces, and have seen everything from Lionheart generals to squatters seek shelter behind their thick walls. Regular rooms have a standard cot, a small metal table and a folding metal chair. There are rumors that some of the larger rooms have been refurbished and are playing host to some of the more important members of the Corp.


  • 1 day: 109.75 cr
  • 5 days: 439.00 cr
  • 10 days: 768.25 cr
  • 30 days: 1975.50 cr

You should have minimum intelligence of 14.5? to avoid injury while reading.

Lounge (Izakaya)

Convivial conversation bounces off the regocrete walls, creating a low roar of sound that rumbles throughout the room. The scent of grilling biomeat and raw, tank-grown fish meat, wafts through the air. Guests gather together with friends and coworkers around tables, sharing pitchers of yellow beer and small plates of food.

Set in a large room in the left wing of the castle, the Izakaya is the second home to the members of the Tanegashima Fleet who have moved onto the station. Things slow down here, and the mood is one of relaxation, bonding, and enjoyment of food and drink, together.

You should have minimum social of 14.5? to avoid injury while socializing.

Market (Starborough Market)

The market is made up of two parts: the stalls and vendors which have spilled out onto the street, and an enormous building full of shops, both small and large. Tables laden with goods make for narrow rows around the large structure. Inside, the stores are more orderly, and are set two stories high on either side of a long hallway. Above the central aisle, a huge glass arch, with the projected image of fluffy clouds against a blue sky, gives the impression of the market being planetside.

With the opening of the jump gates came a flood of merchants, vendors, and salespeople, eager to stretch out into a new market and bring goods to a people who've long done without the finer or more rare things in life. They also cater to wealthy tourists who have been among the first flocking to the “new” stations to explore and see what lies beyond the Barnard's Star Jump Gate. Residents and tourists are easy to tell apart. The former walk the rows with wide eyes, somewhat stunned after so many cycles of scarcity. The latter are more scarce, and they look down their nose at the simpletons and uncivilized locals, forgetting that they too have barely surfaced from a life of survival to one of thriving.


Public Market

People offer things to be sold or buy things here.


Long rows of plastic and metal pods, as well as smaller storage units line the walls of this large building. Many of the pods were destroyed during the post-Catastrophe looting, but some withstood the attacks and still remain locked, their ancient contents a mystery to this day.

  • Small: 220 cr
  • Medium: 527 cr
  • Large: 1317 cr


Here you can find many things sold by different vendors.

Syndicate Vendors

[Coming soon]

Port (Yasutsuna Interstellar)

One of the first places to be repaired and upgraded, the Yasutsuna Interstellar port is filled nearly to the brim with starships. Many of the Tanegashima Fleet ships have docked here, though still more are in orbit around the station or tethered to its hull. Freshly painted lines on the floor outline landing strips for incoming ships, which are then valeted to the docks.


Docks (The Stacks)

The docks take up an entire level of the station, with ship storage units carved into the very hull of the asteroid itself. A central lane from the port brings each ship to a platform, which lifts the ships up into the Stacks, depositing them in a nook of the exact shape and size required by each.

The Stacks haven't enjoyed this level of use since pre-Cat days, and nearly all of the nooks are full at the moment, bursting over with Tanegashima Fleet ships. The larger ships, such as the capital starcruiser and the massive forge ships, float serenely outside of the station, but many captains and crew of smaller ships have some station-side, docking their vessels and exploring life outside of the space-bound homes they once knew.

Local Shuttles (Heathrow Shuttles)

Small shuttles, used for hopping between stations, arrive like clockwork, discharging their riders and swallowing up those waiting in orderly queues. A worker dangles in a rig from nearby scaffolding, painting the walls with a fresh coating of white. Employees, wearing matching midnight blue uniforms with gold buttons and brilliant smiles, quickly herd the crowds into neat rows behind yellow lines that have been painted on the floor.

The local shuttles received a makeover recently, but marks of destruction can still be seen in some places. Workers tend to a large hole that was blown in the floor in some battle long ago. Meanwhile, shuttles from the Tanegashima Fleet, mixed with the older, station-owned ships, arrive and depart on a tidy schedule. The newer ships from the Fleet stand out starkly next to their older brethren, which have been patched up so many times as to be nearly unrecognizable from their original state.

Shipping Bay (Yasutsuna Kaiun)

Visitors to the station are directed around the shipping bay area, out of the way of the constant stream of hoversleds, piled high with boxes and goods. A huge crane dips down into the cargo hold of an enormous freighter, its sides painted with the letters “GCC,” and emerges with its claws full of long metal I-beams.

The shipping bay is busy at all hours of the day, with deliveries of materials arriving to be used in the reconstruction of the station and merchants with their goods, headed for the blooming marketplace. Here, a woman directs a bot to lift a stack of boxes marked “100% fat-free biomeats” onto a sled, while there, a team of Galway Consolidated Constructions workers supervise the arrival of crates full of tools and materials. Under the fresh paint, the hints of scorch marks and scars from some battle now passed can still be made out.

Residences (Shataku (Company Housing))

Row upon row of tall, rectangular buildings line newly repaired streets. The living quarters were among the first projects the Yasutsuna Corp invested in, as many members of the Tanegashima Fleet craved a home that was not a ship. Thus, huge structures stretch for kilometers, built from reclaimed regocrete and imported metal and stone. In some places, the construction is still ongoing.

The residential quarters of the station are broken up into two groups: the buildings of those who inhabit the actual apartments, houses, and condo-quarters on the station, and the ships of those who have docked on the station's exterior in order to stay on the vessels that they've always called home. The station itself is surrounded by starships, tethered in place or simply hovering in orbit, their silent movements a dance perfected over the many cycles the Fleet traveled together.


Ruins (East End)

The overhead lights of the station flicker here and in some places have gone completely out. Shoddy buildings, made from reclaimed regocrete, have been erected tightly next to each other, each seeming to be holding the other up. The residents of this area watch passersby with dark glances, their faces soot-covered and their hands never far from whatever pipe or metal bar they might keep on their person for protection.

A sturdy wall, guarded closely by well-armed Lionhearts, separates the East End from the rest of the station. Those who would not join the Lionhearts or agree to their leadership, have been pressed back into these older sections of the station. Residents of East End are allowed out of their zone only by permission. A hovercraft arrives once a day piled with rations and water, though some of the residents of the slums proudly decline, seemingly able to sustain themselves in other ways. The many groups who fought each other before the Fleet arrived splintered and reformed, joined each other and formed new groups, and fought as they could. They all crumpled before the combined might of the Lionhearts and the weaponry and power of the Tanegashima Elite Forces. Beyond the wall, some of the groups have settled close to the divider, but some have gone deep, almost impossibly deep, into the bowels of the asteroid.


The Wrecks

The Wrecks are unequivocal no-man's land. Not even the Syndicates have begun to comb through the detritus of pre-cat civilization. It's dangerous here, but not altogether unworthy of exploring. Due to the instability of the Wrecks, and the tendency for unsavory types to skulk around among them, they often prove quite profitable to sift through.

On any given day the Wrecks pivot between desolate emptiness and sparse population by desperate people avoiding prying eyes, bandits, and merchants looking for some cheap and interesting wares. It can be worth your time to pull on a pair of gloves and dig through the debris in the wrecks in search of something useful, just keep your wits about you during your excavation. You never know who's watching in the wrecks.

The Wilds

The Wilds are a desperate warren of blind alleys and deadly corners. With unreliable lifeline systems, the area has become the domain of those to whom danger is mother’s milk. Feral tribes, solitary scavengers, and well-armed Syndicates roam these blood-soaked walkways, unhinged in equal parts by primal terror and the promise of bounties lurking in the rubble.

Syndicates use these bullet-riddled spaces for insecure storage, and many a bandit has been cut down attempting a bold raid on someone else’s well-guarded cache. Once a benign web of service tunnels; every inch of The Wilds now serves treachery and murder. Deep in the festering darkness, heartless animals track their prey guided by primordial instinct. Only fools come here without first securing a serious weapon and a clone back-up.

Security (Koban)

The flags of both the Tanegashima Fleet and the Lionhearts hang on either side of the front door of this small building. Inside, a smiling officer greets station residents and hands them a slate upon which to file reports of crimes. A back room plays host to a few faux wooden desks, behind which sit officers from both the Fleet and the local Lionhearts.


Sick Bay (Moemedi Medical Center)

Newly imported medical treatment devices stand next to ancient, pre-Cat tech, past which nurses rush back and forth, attending to their patients. Rooms that were long sealed have been turned out, their walls painted and new beds rolled into them. Station residents, who've gone many cycles with ailments untreated, sit on chairs in a waiting room, a look of hope on their faces.

Moemedi Medical techs bustle up and down hallways, attending to patients and marveling aloud at the archaic machines they come across. “How were you getting on with this?” one asks a local doctor, who shakes her head with a resigned smile.

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