Hotel Rooms


Be aware that you can be attacked almost everywhere. A Guest Room is the only place on-station where you cannot be attacked by other players, as they can't actually see you there. Safety is only a few credits away! While staying here you are protected against assault, and you can also pass the time training your Intelligence.

The picture on the marquee outside made it look like paradise. You close the blinds to block out the neon flicker and give the mattress a quick flip to eject whatever has taken up residence. This may not be old Earth, but you can get some peace and that is paradise enough.

Welcome Text

Welcome organic Citizen.
Please select your preferred stay then initiate relaxation protocols.



  • Apparently there is an Art of War. What a strange little nugget of insight.
  • Funny how learning about the smallest detail can put everything into perspective like that!
  • How interesting was that? Amazing.
  • It turns out the "Tao of Pooh" was more thoughtful than you realized!
  • “So that's how it's done,” you say. It all makes sense now!
  • That made the muse speak! Perhaps time to update your own galactic blog.
  • The sequence of numbers must mean something. This 1984 speaks volumes.
  • There’s much of value in this Meditations.
  • Who grows from reading technical manuals for leisure? You do.
  • You can feel your perception of the universe expanding as you process the information you just read.
  • You pause a moment to take in what you just read. Astounding!
  • You sit back, pondering what you just read. Your beliefs are being challenged in the best way!
  • You sat back, pondering what you read. Your beliefs were being challenged in the best way!


  • CORETECHS analysis of the text indicates perfectly safe reading levels. You may proceed with no risk of injury.
  • The content of this text poses no risk to your mental stability. Please enjoy your read.
  • The data within this text is perfectly suited to your intellectual prowess. There is zero risk in proceeding.
  • Your mental acuity has been analyzed and deemed appropriate for the text you wish to read. No risk of mental injury is present.

Additional information from the storyline

In The Wayfarer Inn's Guest Room at Tau Station, I've met Evangeline starting the mission Prologue: Fighting off the Pod Fog, when she got some of my white goop on her shoes following my decanting sickness (pod hangover). I've also run here the Post-Gestation Re-Calibration Program (Prologue: Fighting off the Pod Fog).

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