House of Spartacus
Items Type Rarity Tier Currency Price in Bonds1
Angry Mouse Weapon Uncommon 3
Athens-500 Weapon Epic 2 Bonds 1295
Banded Leather Trench Armor Common 2
Big Top Weapon Uncommon 2
Biohazard Weapon Rare 1
Blooded Chrome Battle Armor Armor Uncommon 4
Breathe Easy Series: Razorproof Model Armor Common 5
CarbonXI Weapon Epic 4 Bonds 2189
Ceramic Pug General Weapon Common 4
Ceramic Pug V2 Weapon Common 4
Ceramic Pug V3 Weapon Common 4
Ceramic Pug—Hammer Edition Weapon Common 4
Connery Weapon Epic 4 Bonds 2191
Crop DusterV2 Weapon Uncommon 2
Deathwalker Armor Armor Common 3
Deep Burn Weapon Common 2
Dissident Disclaimer Weapon Common 5
Dissident Disincliner Weapon Common 5
Dur-Zip-Zap Weapon Rare 3
Ear Piercer Weapon Uncommon 1
Électrique La Vie Weapon Common 2
Fantasia Weapon Epic 4 Bonds 2229
Gift of Morpheus Weapon Epic 5 Bonds 2465
Goram Weapon Epic 2 Bonds 1290
Gridlok v0.1.0 Armor Common 5
Gridlok v1.0.1 Armor Common 5
Holistic Handcannon Weapon Common 5
Hooded Strix Armor Armor Rare 3
HoS Leather Jacket Armor Common 2
Ice Maven’s Marvel Weapon Common 3
Joanna Weapon Epic 1 Bonds 722
Jolttooth Weapon Common 2
Kestrel Minority Farshooter Weapon Uncommon 5
Killing Moon Weapon Common 3
Killjoy Weapon Epic 1 Bonds 722
Lampyridae Armor Armor Common 2
Lysander Class Auto Blaster Weapon Common 5
Lysander Class Auto Blaster Deluxe Weapon Epic 5 Bonds 2458
Lysander Class Blaster Weapon Uncommon 5
Lysander Class Blaster Auto-Rifle Weapon Common 5
Lysander Class Blaster Rifle Weapon Uncommon 5
Lysander Class Blaster Uzi Deluxe Weapon Common 5
Lysander Class Blaster Uzi: Camo Range Weapon Epic 5 Bonds 2476
Lysander Class Sniper Blaster Weapon Epic 5 Bonds 2447
Lysander Class Submachine Gun Weapon Common 5
Mama's Pride Weapon Uncommon 1
Needler Class Combat Rifle Weapon Epic 2 Bonds 1319
Needler Class Hand Cannon Weapon Epic 1 Bonds 721
Needler Class Tactical Shotgun Weapon Epic 2 Bonds 1311
Old Sword Weapon Common 2
Patelloida Plated Body Armor Armor Common 2
Plankwalker Weapon Common 2
Predication Weapon Common 4
Real Red Refusé Weapon Common 2
Red Dwarf Weapon Uncommon 1
Remember Me, Sally Weapon Common 2
Ruins Diving Suit Armor Common 2
Simple Manriki Weapon Common 2
Sloane 6000 Weapon Epic 1 Bonds 723
Spark Charge Weapon Common 1
Spark-Style Igniter Weapon Common 1
Standard Energy Frame Weapon Common 1
Static Shot Weapon Rare 2
Strikebreaker Armor Common 4
Suppression Weapon Rare 1
Tempest Tamer Collection Hazard Suit Armor Rare 5
Tenderizer Weapon Common 2
The D.D.D Weapon Common 4
Trusty Hand Weapon Uncommon 2
U2 Series Battle Drill Weapon Rare 5
U2 Series Combat Cleaver Weapon Common 5
U2 Series Combat Crowbar Weapon Rare 5
U2 Series Combat Kitchen Knife Weapon Epic 5 Bonds 2436
Whiplash Weapon Uncommon 4

Located on The Ghost of Mali

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