House Of Spartacus
Item Type Rarity Price
Big Top Ranged Shotgun Uncommon 9583.47 cr
Biohazard Ranged Short-Barrel Rifle Rare 2667.56 cr
Crop DusterV2 Ranged Handgun Uncommon 9758.27 cr
Deep Burn Ranged Shotgun Common 5395.93 cr
Ear Piercer Ranged Sniper Rifle Uncommon 1497.18 cr
Électrique La Vie Ranged Handgun Common 5791.12 cr
Goram Ranged Shotgun Epic 1740 Bonds
Jolttooth Ranged Handgun Common 5737.92 cr
Killjoy Ranged Rifle Epic 710 Bonds
Mama's Pride Ranged Shotgun Uncommon 1466.78 cr
Old Sword Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 6247.12 cr
Plankwalker Ranged Handgun Common 6406.72 cr
Real Red Refusé Ranged Handgun Common 5981.12 cr
Red Dwarf Ranged Short-Barrel Rifle Uncommon 1481.98 cr
Remember Me, Sally Ranged Short-Barrel Rifle Common 6011.52 cr
Simple Manriki Hand-to-Hand Club Common 5266.73 cr
Spark Charge Ranged Shotgun Common 714.39 cr
Spark-Style Igniter Hand-to-Hand Club Common 691.59 cr
Standard Energy Frame Ranged Handgun Common 790.39 cr
Static Shot Ranged Shotgun Rare 2705.56 cr
Suppression Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 2690.36 cr
Tenderizer Ranged Rifle Common 6511.13 cr
Trusty Field Hand Ranged Rifle Uncommon 9796.27 cr
Banded Leather Trench Impact Armor Common 6406.72 cr
Hooded Strix Armor Impact Armor Rare 31539.58 cr
HoS Leather Jacket Impact Armor Common 5449.13 cr
Lampyridae Armor Energy Armor Common 5813.92 cr
Patelloida Plated Body Armor Piercing Armor Common 6330.72 cr
Ruins Diving Suit Piercing Armor Common 5266.73 cr

Located on The Ghost of Mali

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