Icos Icos Jokamo Fine Wares
Item Type Rarity Price
Belt Knife Hand-to-Hand Knife Common 294.80 cr
Bowie knife Hand-to-Hand Knife Common 278.72 cr
Regocrete Pin Hand-to-Hand Club Common 257.28 cr
Shredder Ranged Shotgun Common 292.12 cr
Wheel Brace Mace Hand-to-Hand Club Common 268.00 cr
LE-Suit 78 Energy Armor Common 281.40 cr
Rusted Cuirass Piercing Armor Common 243.88 cr
Minor Intelligence Stim, v2.1.016 Medical Common 83.08 cr
Hardback Novel Trade Good Common 93800.00 cr

Located on KĂžbenhavn

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