In the Crossfire

As you are perusing the wares in the Starborough Market, a small boy tries to get your attention.

Level: 11
Start: Oliver, Market, Hopkins' Legacy


A small urchin is beckoning for you to come over to him. He stands in the shadows between two large merchant booths.

  • “What's up, friend?”
  • “No thanks, kid. Whatever you're sellin' I ain't buyin'.”
  • “What do you want, kid?”

No thanks:

No thanks, kid. Whatever you're sellin' I ain't buyin'.

You continue on your way, leaving the boy blinking after you with surprise.

You have failed the "In the Crossfire" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.


Me: What do you want, kid?

He bites his lip, looking up at you fearfully.

He mumbles: Ms. Emmeline said for me to says to you that she wants you to come to Security, ser.

  • "No thanks. Not today."
  • “Thanks. I'll go see her.”


Me: What's up, friend?

He beams at you, his teeth very bright against his dirty face.

He says: Ms. Emmeline said for me to says to you that she wants you to come to Security, ser.

  • "No thanks. Not today."
  • “Thanks. I'll go see her.”

No thanks:

Me: No thanks. Not today.

The boy's jaw drops as you walk off, leaving him behind.

You have failed the "In the Crossfire" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.


Me: Thanks. I'll go see her.

The boy beams a smile at you and holds out a grungy hand.

You have accepted the "In the Crossfire" mission.

  • Slap his hand jokingly. That's all the five he'll get.
  • Ignore his begging and move on.
  • Give him a 5 credit tip.


Me: Thanks for the message, bud.

You place 5 credits into his grubby hand and he beams widely at you.

He says: Thanks, ser! You're the best!

Clutching his earnings, he goes rushing off into the market.

Talk to Emmeline in Security.

Next NPC: Emmeline, Security, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Talk to Emmeline.

Emmeline is in her office, speaking with a hologram of Akane and a few others when you arrive. When she sees you she motions for you to come in and dismisses everyone but Akane.

Emmeline says: <name>! Excellent. Thanks for coming. You remember Akane. We've been working with the intel that you gathered while you were looking for Clorinda.

Akane says: Somehow, weapons are getting through the wall to the Exiles. We need to figure out why.

  • Say nothing.
  • “I saw some of the weapons when I was over there.”

Saw some:

Me: I saw some of the weapons when I was over there. They were fingerprint locked, but Clorinda and her group ended up with some. Clorinda said that she had someone who could hack them so her group could use them.

Emmeline says: While I'm glad Clorinda's group is better armed, I don't like the escalation of weaponry that's happening. We need to find out who's been smuggling in these guns.

Akane says: That's where you come in, <name>! You've shown yourself to be quite resourceful. We want you to sneak over there again and see what you can find out.

Emmeline says: What do you say? We'll give you hazard pay, of course.

  • “How would I sneak in?”
  • “Can't someone else go?”


Me: How would I sneak in?

Emmeline says That's the fun part! You get to be a bad guy! Well, sort of. We're going to be releasing a bunch of prisoners back to the Exiled zone beyond the wall. You're going to sneak in with them. Fun, right?

  • “I guess I can help.”
  • “Sure, I can help.”
  • “Can't someone else go?”

Someone else:

Me: Can't someone else go? Why do you need me?

Akane says: You've been seen over there by a few people. Some know you're a friend. Others will assume you're a local now. It's not like I can send one of my people. There weren't many Asians on this station before we arrived. And the Lionhearts are all known enemies to the people we're trying to infiltrate.

  • “I guess I can help.”
  • “Sure, I can help.”


Me: Sure, I can help.

Emmeline says: Contain your enthusiasm, haha. Don't worry, <name>, I'll make it worth your while. You're doing a great service to the station!

She says: Okay, here's how we're going to get you in. You get to be a villain! Sort of. We're going to be releasing a bunch of prisoners back to the Exiled zone beyond the wall. You're going to slip in with them. Go meet up with Michael at the Keimusho. They'll process you as a fake prisoner and get you geared up with a fancy outfit so you can fit in. And thanks again for the help.

Meet Michael at the Brig to become a prisoner.

Next NPC: Martin Clarke, Brig, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Speak with Martin.

As you approach the imposing structure, an armed guard emerges from a small building on the opposite side of the electric fence.

Martin says: Name and reason for visit?

  • "<name>. You should be expecting me."
  • "<name>. Emmeline sent me."
  • "I've been sent here by Emmeline to speak with Michael."

Speak with Michael:

Me: I've been sent here by Emmeline to speak with Michael. The name's <name>.

Martin looks you up and down, then accesses his CORETECHS, his eyes reflecting blues and reds at you as he scans his interface. Abruptly, he swipes his hand through the air to dismiss what he's seeing, and gives a nod to someone within the building.

Lights begin to flash on top of the fence, and out of the corners of your eyes, you see guards in the towers train their enormous weapons your way. A small fleet of drones flows out of the small building, cameras training on you as they swarm about, documenting every step you take.

Martin says: Proceed.

  • Enter the prison yard.

You walk through the gate, feeling the weight of what seem to be countless eyes upon you. Once you're inside, the gate slides shut again, heavy locks falling into place. The tower guards swivel their guns to face outwards again. In the distance, you see two more towers, set against the hull of the asteroid. A flash of light on metal tells you there are more guns stationed at the back, probably trained on you right now.

Martin says: Go on up through the front door. Tell the person at the desk that I sent you in and that you're there to see Michael.

  • “Is all this security really necessary?”
  • “Thanks. I'll just be on my way then.”

Really necessary:

Me: Is all this security really necessary?

Martin smirks, the look breaking the stoic, icy expression he'd been wearing.

He says: It does seem like a lot, doesn't it? We have some dangerous people in there. The Exile prisoners probably don't warrant this, but I've heard some chilling tales about the Tanegashima inmates. We do NOT want them getting loose. From what I've heard. Anyhow, you should move along.

  • “Thanks. I'll just be on my way then.”

Thanks. I'll just be on my way then.

Martin nods curtly and stands there as you walk away, his eyes on your every move.

Next area: Brig, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Enter the prison.

As you walk through the front door of the prison, the swarm of drones that had been following you swirls up and away, forming a buzzing cloud that returns to the small building at the fence. Glancing up, you see a camera swivel towards you. As you move, it slowly keeps pace, turning to follow where you go.

The person at the front desk nods when you ask for Michael.

They say: Oh yes, Warden Walker is expecting you. First door on the right, just down that hall.

You walk down the hall that was pointed out and head for the door. Through the door, you hear, “Door open,” and it slides opens as you draw near. The room is on the smaller side, and made to feel even smaller by the plethora of screens on the walls. They curve around a faux wooden desk, at which sits a middle aged man.

Next NPC: Michael Walker, Brig, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Talk to Michael.

Michael stands as you come in and comes out from behind the screens.

He says: <name>, right? Come on in. Emmeline told me what you're here for. Thanks for helping out. You'll find a change of clothes on the chair there. Put your old clothes into this backpack. You can bring them in and change back into them when you get there. We're just about to move the prisoners. Let me know when you're ready.

  • Change clothing.
  • “Why do I have to wear this?”


Me: Why do I have to wear this?

He says: You need to blend in with the other prisoners, and this is what they're wearing and the bag that they'll be carrying.

  • Change clothing.

Michael turns his back to you while you change, his eyes glued to the screens. You pull off your gear, stowing it away in the backpack, which bulges with your things. The prison garb is scratchy and smells pretty musty. But it's mostly clean and actually fits you, bizarrely enough. You heft the backpack over one shoulder.

Michael says: Great! You look just like a convinced criminal. Life goal attained? Well, you won't win any fashion shows, but … do they even have those anymore? Anyhow, let's go. No no, this way. Out this door.

He motions for you to follow him through his room, to a door on the far side. As you pass the screens, you can see that they display various places on the station, including the market, bank, and government center. You also see one that's showing the hallway you just walked down.

  • Follow the warden.

Michael says: This way now. When you're ready to come back, give them this passphrase: “The comet is done with the flyby.” Oh, and, I'll try to help establish you as one of them. Just follow my lead.

He beckons for you to follow him through a door. The door leads to an inner courtyard where a few others dressed like you are milling about waiting. Michael shoves you towards them suddenly.

He growls: Go, get out of here. And don't come back to our side of the wall.

  • “What the frack are you pushing me for, Michael?!”
  • “Touch me again, Lionheart scum, and you'll regret it!”


Me: Touch me again, Lionheart scum, and you'll regret it!

The warden shouts: Bold words, Exile. Get in line!

He sneers at you quite convincingly, pointing to a line that the others are forming. You join the others, queuing up with them to load onto a hoversled.

A woman wearing a filthy prison uniform gives you a sidelong glance.

She says: It's good to see they haven't broken your spirit, brother.

You file onto the sled, which has a wide bed with benches around the outside of it. You all sit facing in, your bags at your feet. The stench of unwashed humans fills your nose as the hoversled gently lifts off the ground and then starts a rapid drive towards the East End.

The hoversled stops at the entrance to the Ruins. Everyone files off and queues up under armed guard.

Enter the Ruins.

Next area: Ruins, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Enter the Ruins.

You line up with the prisoners while armed guards keep watchful eyes on the lot of you. Here and there, a drone bobs along the line, keeping its lens focused on anyone who steps even the slightest bit out of line.

Once again, you're standing in front of the large gate into the Exiles' part of the station. Touma is nearby, watching over the operation. He briefly makes eye contact with you, gives you a nearly imperceptible nod, then his eyes return to scanning the group.

Touma says: Alright, everyone, quiet down please. You are being released back to your people. You have each given up the opportunity to stay on this side of the wall. If we catch you again sneaking over or engaging in Exile violence, your stay in the Keimusho will be a permanent one.

Touma motions and the lights on the gate start to spin and flash as the heavy fence rolls aside. You shuffle through the gate with the prisoners, many of whom take off running as soon as they're through. Family members wait to greet some, with hugs and tears on either side of you.

The gate shuts behind you, its heavy locks falling into place. You're in! You slip off onto a dark alley, changing from your prison uniform into your gear.

  • Ask around about Clorinda's base.
  • Search for Clorinda's base.

(Intelligence check)

You make your way through crumbled streets until you finally come upon an old shopping area. A wall of reclaimed brick and stone has been erected and multiple guards patrol the entrance. One steps forward, leveling a gun at you. You recognize the weapon.

The guard says: Stop right there. What do you want?

  • Force her to let you speak with Clorinda.
  • Convince her to let you speak with Clorinda.

(Social check)

Me: I'm here to speak with Clorinda. Please, tell her <name> is here. She knows me.

The guard looks at you skeptically, then takes a step back. You see her eyes take on the sheen of her CORETECHS as she connects with Clorinda. After a moment, the guard nods then dismisses her interface.

She says: Okay, Clorinda said that you're legit. You can enter.

  • Enter the compound.

The guard signals and the gate swings open just wide enough to let you in, then is hurriedly shut behind you. You're standing in what seems to have been an open air shopping area. Shops line a square of astroturf, once brilliantly green and now a dingy shade somewhere between emerald and mud. Fake trees, most missing limbs and leaves, dot the square. Here and there, the remains of a fountain or benches can be made out.

The guards says: Clorinda is over in Pascal's.

She points to a building on the other side of the square, a store that seems to have once sold hats. The name “Pascal's” is above the door, with the C hanging half off.

  • “How long have you all lived here?”
  • “Are you all safe here from the Exiles?”
  • Enter Pascal's.

How long:

Me: How long have you all lived here?

She shrugs, saying: I was born here. Never been off station and don't plan to ever be. This is my home.

  • “Are you all safe here from the Exiles?”
  • Enter Pascal's.


Me: Are you all safe here from the Exiles?

She shrugs, looking around the decaying square.

She shrugs: Slightly safer than being out on the streets. Our walled off city beyond the wall.

  • “Why stay on this side of the wall?”
  • Enter Pascal's.

Why stay:

Me: Why stay on this side of the wall?

She says: This is our home. Just because some fancy rich people landed and took over another part of the station doesn't mean we have to bow to their rule. This station is large enough to house millions. We can make our own way without them. We can live free here.

  • Enter Pascal's.

You approach Pascal's and the door slides open as you near. A cheerful chime through the store announces your presence. A young woman wearing nurse's scrubs looks up at you from a desk that's been set near the entrance. Looking past her into the store, you don't see a single hat on display. Instead, the interior of the store has been turned into a clinic, with multiple beds set in rows. A metal frame on wheels with a curtain hanging from it separates each bed, affording the patients a small bit of privacy.

You tell the nurse why you're here and she motions for you to proceed into the room. Clorinda is near the back of the room, standing next to a bed and slowly waving a small device over a patient, taking their vitals. As you pass the beds, you notice that those near the back have more machines and tech around them.

Talk to Clorinda in Ruins.

Next NPC: Clorinda, Ruins, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Talk to Clorinda.

Clorinda looks up as you approach, smiling at you.

She says: <name>, it's good to see you again. Come, we can talk in the back.

  • Follow Clorinda.

Clorinda leads you to a back room and shuts the door behind you.

She says: What's up, <name>?

Me: I'm here to ask you about the guns we got off those Exiles.

She says: Look, I'd like to help you, but honestly, I have patients to attend to.

  • Imply more people could get hurt.
  • Convince her to help.

(Social check):

Me: Look, I'm just here to help. I'm trying to keep the people who kidnapped you from hurting anyone else.

She sighs and rubs her wrists where there's still slight bruising from when she was tied.

She says: Okay, what do you need?

  • “Who's selling the Exiles the weapons?”

Me: I'm trying to figure out who's selling them the weapons. Do you know?

She shakes her head.

She says: Hold on.

She accesses her CORETECHS.

She says: Haami, would you please come to the back room? <name> is here and we could use your help. …okay, great. Thanks, habibi.

After a few moments, Haami enters the room and greets you. You explain what you're doing here and he nods.

He says: I don't know who the trafficker is, but I can take you to Bronwen. She's our hacker who's been unlocking the guns for us. Maybe she can tell us something. Come on.

Next NPC: Haami, Ruins, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Follow Haami.

Haami leads you out of the one-time hat store and a few stores down to what apparently was a unisex clothing store called, “Ser Mix the Lot.” Inside, the entire room is full of cables, screens, and a stray drone or two. People sit at the screens, watching feeds of what seem to be streets around the compound.

Haami brings you to the back of the main room, where a young woman wearing a magnifying eyepiece on a thick black band is bent over one of the pulse rifles.

Haami says: Bronwen. BRONWEN!

Next NPC: Bronwen, Ruins, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Talk to Bronwen.

Bronwen says: Yeah, boss?

Bronwen pushes a heavy set of goggles up, letting them rest atop her head.

Haami says: This is <name>. They have some questions about the guns.

Bronwen looks at you and gives you an awkward smile.

  • “Do you know who the seller is for these weapons?”
  • “What are you doing to the guns?”

What are you doing:

Me: What are you doing to the guns?

She says: Each gun was fingerprint locked. That means that only the person whose fingerprints were in its database could use the guns. I'm hacking them so we can reassign the guns. I've also unlocked a few so anyone can use them.

  • “Do you know who the seller is for these weapons?”

Me: Do you know who the seller is for these weapons?

She says: No clue. But whoever was doing it was setting the guns to accept new owners for the first time. These babies are fresh off the printers. No serial numbers, and no manufacturing labels.

She pauses, tilting her head and thinking.

She says: You know, one of these guns belonged to someone who defected over to us yesterday.

She gestures to a pile of pulse rifles that's sitting on the table next to the one she's working on.

Haami says: You mean Charlie?

Bronwen says: Yeah! One of the weapons was set to him, and he turned it in. You could ask him.

  • Go find Charlie.

Haami says: Come on, Charlie is helping out in the kitchen. He's the brother of someone in here, and she's vouching for him. Otherwise, I'd never let him walk around. Also, he's basically a kid. I can't believe they had given him one of those weapons.

Charlie is washing dishes in a make-shift sink, in a room in a large department store that has been turned into a kitchen. Mannequins with tattered clothing have been pushed to the edges of the room, and one entire section is filled with a tangle of empty clothing racks and hangers.

Next NPC: Charlie, Ruins, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Talk to Charlie.

Haami says: Charlie, right? This person would like to talk to you. Can you help us out?

Charlie nervously dries his hands on a ripped piece of fabric and turns to you.

Charlie says: I dunno. I already talked to Clorinda. I shouldn't say too much about the Exiles.

  • Act protective of Charlie.
  • Convince Charlie to talk to you.

(Social check)

Me: The Exiles are bad news, Charlie, and I'm trying to stop them. You knew that, didn't you. That's why you came over here.

He ducks his head, nodding slightly.

He mumbles: What do you wanna know?

  • “Where did you get the pulse rifle from?”
  • “Why did you defect?”

Why defect:

Me: Why did you defect?

Charlie bows his head, looking embarrassed.

He says: I was stupid. I thought the Exiles were cool, you know? Rebels, fighting back against our oppressors. Then they kidnapped my gran and Emmeline and Haami and some other peeps. I don't wanna be any part of that.

  • “Where did you get the pulse rifle from?”

Me: Where did you get the pulse rifle from?

He says: Some guys came around about a week ago. They come pretty regular like. Show up with a crate or two of those rifles.

Me: Can you tell me where and when?

Charlie says: Yeah, sure. Actually, they're coming today. You can probably catch 'em if you head on over. You better hurry, though. It's first come, first serve.

Charlie gives you and Haami directions to the location.

Find the arms dealer in the Ruins.

Next NPC: Haami, Ruins, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Find the arms dealer.

Me: Let's head out.

Haami says: I'm going to connect with Clorinda and Bronwen. No way you're going on your own.

The women show up after a few moments, and Bronwen hands one of the rifles to Haami.

Me: Okay, let's go. Here's the location.

Bronwen says: Oh yeah, I know it. The old community pool. Come on.

Bronwen leads you through the streets, carrying her own rifle with the ease of someone who has spent a lot of time around weapons. After about a cycle, she pauses and motions for you all to step into a side alley.

She says: Okay. We are almost there. How do you want to do this? People might recognize me.

  • Sneak up on the site.
  • Take a direct route.

(Agility check)

Motioning for everyone to follow you, you slip into the shadows of the nearby streets. The public pool was once surrounded by a metal fence, but was torn down at some point in the past. Now, there's just a huge rectangular hole in the ground, with rust marks on the inside of the tiled walls. At one time, a mosaic of swimmers with fish tails decorated the pool's walls, but so many tiles have fallen down to the bottom of the pool that it looks almost nightmarish.

Together, you all make your way to the end of the alley, which has a crumbled wall that you can hide behind. At the pool, you see a line of people waiting to enter into a small building.

  • Join the queue.
  • Wait for the line to empty out.


Me: Let's just line up!

Clorinda says: Are you sure, I —

You step boldly into the open, and approach the line. Suddenly, a voice calls out.

It says: That's Clorinda! And those are OUR guns! Get them!

You turn to see a group of heavily armored men and women rushing towards you!

Clorinda says: Tried to tell you …

  • Try to stand and fight.
  • “Run for your lives!”
  • Try to evade their attacks and knock them down.

(Agility check)

Ducking and moving as gracefully as a dancer, you dodge bullets and pulse attacks, actually doing a flip at one point over a piece of debris and disarming your attacker with a swift ax kick to the barrel of their gun. Soon, the Exiles lie defeated at your feet.

Clorinda says: I think we got all of them. The dealer is in the cabana. Let's go!

  • Enter the cabana.

The cabana is a medium sized hut that's near the pool area. Simulated palm fronds make up the roof, though the plastic is dingy and some of the roof is missing in parts. The walls are made to look like woven fronds as well, and the door hangs half off its hinges.

When you enter the room, a masked figure standing next to a pile of empty crates looks up, training a small pistol on you. When they see that your group already has pulse rifles, they lower their weapon. When they speak, it's a woman's voice.

She says: Sorry, folks. I'm fresh out. You look well stocked anyhow.

  • “Why don't you just tell us where you get your supply from?”
  • "We just wanted to ask you a few questions."
  • “That's fine. We're not here for guns today. We're here for you.”


Me: We just wanted to ask you a few questions.

She says: Sorry, no time today for an interview. I've got a tight schedule. I'll be back tomorrow, though! We can do business then. Wait, you're Clorinda, aren't you. Yeah, nope, I'm out of here. Places to be!

She hefts a backpack over her shoulder and starts to turn away.

  • Convince her to talk to you.
  • Block her path.
  • Threaten her into talking to you.

(Social check)

She doesn't seem convinced and keeps trying to leave.

(Agility check)

You step into her path, bumping into her so that she falls backwards onto an old couch which coughs up decades worth of dust as she falls onto it.

She says: What the frack!

Me: We just want to ask a few questions. Sit tight, will you?

She sighs.

She says: What do you want to know?

  • “Why are you arming the Exiles.”
  • “Who are you?”
  • “Where are these weapons coming from?”
  • “How are you getting the weapons through the wall?”


Who are you?

She says: I'm no one! I'm just the middle – hey!

Quick as a snake from old Earth, Clorinda steps forward and yanks aside the dealer's mask.

Clorinda says: Svetlana Smirnova. I should have guessed it would be you.

Me: You know her?

Clorinda nods, saying: Yes, Svetlana joined the Lionhearts, or so I thought. But here she is, selling weapons to their enemies.

Svetlana says: I'm still with the Lionhearts. I mean, I still live over there. But everyone has to make a living, right?

  • “Where are these weapons coming from?”
  • “Why are you arming the Exiles.”
  • “How are you getting the weapons through the wall?”


Me: Why are you arming the Exiles.

She says: I'm not! Well not just them. I'm arming whoever needs it. These poor folk on this side of the wall don't have access to Starborough Market and many of them can't get off station. I'm just bringing the goods to them! There are plenty of weapons dealers all across the systems.

  • “How are you getting the weapons through the wall?”
  • “Where are these weapons coming from?”


Me: Where are these weapons coming from?

She says: I have my sources. Why would I tell you?

Clorinda levels her gun at the dealer.

Me: There's one reason.

The dealer says: Okay, okay. No need to shoot me with my own merchandise. You'll have to tell me how you got past the fingerprint locks, by the way. Anyhow, I have multiple distributors.

Haami lifts his weapon now, standing next to Clorinda.

Me: And they are?

The dealer says: Look, I'm just the middle woman, okay? I pick up what I'm told to pick up, and I bring it where I'm told to bring it.

  • “How are you getting the weapons through the wall?”

Me: How are you getting the weapons through the wall?

She says: The sewers, of course. The wall only stops people from moving overground. The Lionhearts installed grates in a bunch of the sewers, but not all.

Clorinda says: Where?

The dealer gives her a few locations, Clorinda nodding and taking notes via her CORETECHS.

  • “When's your next pickup?”

Me: When's your next pickup?

She sighs, saying: Later today. You come along and they'll never show.

Me: We don't have to be with you. But I'm going to be nearby, so I can see everything. Where's this meeting happening?

She says: I'm due to meet them in the Shipping Bay in a bit.

Clorinda lowers her weapon and walks about a meter away, motioning for you to follow.

  • Follow Clorinda.

Clorinda lowers her voice, speaking close to you.

She says: We can't come with you, <name>. You okay to handle this on your own? I need to see about getting people watching those tunnels.

  • “Why do you need to watch the tunnels?”
  • “I've got this, no problem.”


Me: Why do you need to watch the tunnels?

She says: I need to know if the Exiles are getting in and out of the walled off part of the station. And if any of them are sneaking away. Especially if a large number of them are moving back and forth.

  • “I've got this, no problem.”

Me: I've got this, no problem.

She says: Okay, good luck.

You nod at her and take the advantage of being away from the group to send a message to Emmeline updating her on what's happening. After a few moments, you return to the group.

Svetlana says: I really need to get to the shipping bay now, or they'll start wondering where I am.

Clorinda says: How do we know you'll actually be there?

Svetlana says: Trust?

  • Convince her to show.
  • Threaten her into showing.

(Social check)

Me: You weren't hard to find here. I'll find you again if you don't show as promised.

Svetlana says: Look, I'll be there, alright? No need to bust a hole in your spacesuit.

Clorinda says: You'd better be. Right. Best of luck then. Come on, you two.

Clorinda motions and Haami and Bronwen fall into place behind her. They all give you a nod as they pass by.

Svetlana says: See you there. Or, better if I don't. Make sure you're well hidden.

Go to the Shipping Bay to spy on Svetlana

Next NPC: Svetlana Smirnova, Shipping Bay, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Enter the Shipping Bay.

The shipping bay is busy and crowded, but you manage to spot Svetlana. She's masked again and accompanied by a very large Mall who scans the crowd with narrowed eyes. A message on your CORETECHS comes through from Emmeline.

Emmeline says: <name>! I got your message. If you can share your view with me, I can try to help identify the people you'll see doing the deal.

You share your feed with her, and look back to Svetlana. She's reached the place she told you she'd be meeting her contacts.

  • Find a place to spy on the deal.
  • Blend into the crowd and spy on the deal.

Find a place:
(Intelligence check)

You manage to squeeze yourself in between two huge stacks of merchandise. From where you are, you can see the back of Svetlana and her Mall escort.

  • Spy on Svetlana.

You wait patiently, and soon enough, someone you recognize emerges from the crowd and stands before Svetlana.

Me: It's Marissa Reed, from Cirque! She's got her entourage with her as well.

Emmeline says: Wow, you know her? Okay, running a check on her now. Yup, she's in the system. Reed, Marissa. Daughter of September Reed, a high ranking member of Hephaustus Weapon Tech.

  • Keep watching Svetlana.

As you watch, hands are shaken and Marissa turns away, motioning grandly for her group to follow. A hoversled arrives shortly afterward, laden with long crates.

Emmeline says: Good work, <name>! We now know that the Consortium is sending weapons to the Exiles! You can —

Me: Hold on. Someone else is coming!

Another person steps out of the crowd and nods to Svetlana. He stands a little further back, though, and the Mall's body blocks your view of him.

Emmeline says: <name>, I can't get a good look at them. You've got to get a little closer! But don't tip them off!

  • Try to get closer.
  • Try to distract the Mall.

Get closer:
(Agility check)

You step into shadows and make your way closer to the arms dealer until you can get a better view.

Emmeline says: That's great! Right there! Let me run facial recognition. Wow. That's Basil Glezos. He works for Ajax Arms and Armor!

  • "That's a Gaule owned company."

Me: That's a Gaule owned company.

Emmeline swears softly.

She says: Both the Consortium AND the Gaule are selling weapons to the Exiles. Good work, <name>. Get back here and give me a full report when you can, got it? Oh, and, you might want to get away from that immediate area now.

You step backwards just in time, as security forces rush in. The Mall puts up a bit of resistence, but quickly backs down. Svetlana's unmasked, fair face turns incredibly red with anger, and you duck behind someone before she sees you.

Meet Emmeline in Security.

Next NPC: Emmeline, Security, Hopkins' Legacy

  • Talk to Emmeline.

Akane and Emmeline are talking with the hologram projection of a woman when you arrive at the office.

Emmeline says: No, no. Of course I'm not implying that the Gaule are sending weapons to our enemies here. I just wanted to let you know about a security breach in your company. We just detained Basil Glezos for delivering weapons to a trafficker who's been sneaking through the wall here. He obviously wasn't working in an official capacity, so you won't mind that we prosecute him to the fullest extent of our laws.

Emmeline finishes her call and the hologram flickers away. She turns to you, with a large smile.

Emmeline says: <name>! An interesting but disturbing turn of events! Sadly, Marissa got away, but we'll be watching out for her. We managed to nab both Basil and Svetlana, thanks to you. Basil was obviously working in an official capacity, and I'm sure Marissa was as well.

  • “Great, I'm ready for my reward now.”
  • “Why would both the Consortium and the Gaule provide weapons?”

Why both:

Me: Why would both the Consortium and the Gaule provide weapons?

Akane says: Why indeed. My theory is that by providing weapons to both factions on that side of the wall, they're further causing instability on the station. Let us all take care of each other and there will be less people to resist when they swoop in to take over the station. This might have worked before the Tanegashima arrived, but with us working together with the Lionhearts, we will have this station in line in no time.

  • “I'm glad I could help.”
  • “Great, I'm ready for my reward now.”

Glad to help:

Me: I'm glad I could help.

Emmeline says: That you did. And I appreciate it! I'm forwarding on your compensation now. Thanks again for your help, <name>.

You have received 250.00 credits.

You have completed the "In the Crossfire" mission.

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