The Inn leads to three additional locations: Get a drink at the Bar, socialize in the Lounge, or rent a safe place to stay in the Guest Rooms.




  • Apparently there is an Art of War. What a strange little nugget of insight.
  • Funny how learning about the smallest detail can put everything into perspective like that!
  • How interesting was that? Amazing.
  • It turns out the "Tao of Pooh" was more thoughtful than you realized!
  • “So that's how it's done,” you say. It all makes sense now!
  • That made the muse speak! Perhaps time to update your own galactic blog.
  • The sequence of numbers must mean something. This 1984 speaks volumes.
  • There’s much of value in this Meditations.
  • Who grows from reading technical manuals for leisure? You do.
  • You can feel your perception of the universe expanding as you process the information you just read.
  • You pause a moment to take in what you just read. Astounding!
  • You sat back, pondering what you read. Your beliefs were being challenged in the best way!


  • CORETECHS analysis of the text indicates perfectly safe reading levels. You may proceed with no risk of injury.
  • The content of this text poses no risk to your mental stability. Please enjoy your read.
  • The data within this text is perfectly suited to your intellectual prowess. There is zero risk in proceeding.
  • Your mental acuity has been analyzed and deemed appropriate for the text you wish to read. No risk of mental injury is present.

Too Low

  • We would never openly admit to this, but there can be such a thing as too much training! Get some rest, then once more onto the road to molding yourself into the perfect, most efficient Citizen!
  • You cannot train anything, as everything is too tired to train! All biometric analyses return sub-optimal levels. Rest and/or nourishment now, resume training later!
  • You need to have something, to train something, Citizen! Your current biometrics indicate all your attributes are exhausted. Rest up, leg day next!

Additional information from the storyline

In The Mermaid at København I went to find Maximillion following Pietro tip. He wasn't there, but Pompano point me to the Market København Retail Hub (A Rude Awakening).
In this first time I've noticed some details: The Mermaid is a nautically themed hotel, situated inside an ancient, hollowed out freighter. As you enter you pass by the Bar The Mermaid's Drink, where Lars works, and the sound of a raucous sea shanty pours over you. The Mermaid's concierge Pompano stands behind a tall desk. To him, guest information is confidential, and privacy is a very important thing at the Mermaid. You can't bribe him for information, but with the right words and social skills you can convince him (A Rude Awakening).

I've met Pompano later again in the The Mermaid at København starting the mission X Marks Our Shot. During this time it was noticeable the shift-change, as employees took over shifts at the bar and hotel with little cleaning bots (were they SCB503 Security Cleaning Bots?), fashioned to resemble fish, scurry about the floor, and artificial sounds of crashing tides and sea shanties flow through speakers shaped like star-bodied marine organisms (X Marks Our Shot).

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