Long Range

Bewm Bewm
Big Top
Deep Burn
Ear Piercer
Filthy Shotgun
First Mate’s Input
Ice Maven's Marvel
Juliette a Menti
Killing Moon
Little Timmy
Mama's Pride
Obsidian Shot
Old Shotgun
Pulse Rifle
Silenced Song of Dotsent
Sloane 6000
Slug Rifle
Spark Charge
Static Shot
The Ayy-Kii 47
The Burke & Hare
Trusty Field Hand
Zeno IX

Short Range

Angry Mouse
Antique SMG
Blue Steel
Crop DusterV2
Électrique La Vie
Furnace Pistol
Handgun Reclaim
Little Sputter
Ragtag Handgun
Rascal Rifle
Real Red Refusé
Reaper’s Little Helper
Red Dwarf
Remember Me, Sally
Sharp Something
Slicer Pistol
Snub Laser
Standard Energy Frame
The Legion's Horn


3D Printer Brush Attachment
Aged Kodachi
Aged Stun Baton
Alpha Prime
Antique Tantō
Auto Slicer
Bagh Naka
Basic Blackjack
Basic Club
Basic Tactical Blade
Battery-Rigged Short Plank
Bell-Bowl Club
Belt Knife
Bone Shiv
Bowie knife
Breakfast Knife
Broken Slate
Cane Knife
Carbon Club
Carbon Mace
Cargo Crank
Charge Cable
Charged-Tip Copper Pipe
Charged Tonfa
Clockwork Cactus
Consortium Jian
Consortium Stun Baton
Copper Wire Knuckles
Crate Hammer
Crude Charge Maul
Crude Manriki
Cylindrical Mineral Sample
Damaged Stun Baton
Diamond Walking Stick
Docking Anchor
Dulled Bolt Cutters
Dull-Tip Spark Phurba
DZ Shock Knuckles
Eclipse Wakizashi
Electric Charged Fence Post
Filament Knuckle Wrap
Filtration Pipe
Frayed Lead Sap Gloves
F-S Fighting Knife
Gambler's Knife
Gaule Protectorate Stun Baton
Grooved Pipe
Half-Broken Multi-Tool
Harvest Sickle
Heat Knuckles
Heat Scimitar
Heated Prod
Homemade Machete
Homemade Pocketknife
Homemade Taser
Ice Breaker’s Club
Ice Miner's Pick
Illuminated Spade
Independence et Liberté
Industrial Grade Soldering Iron
Interconnected Steel Rings
Iridium Mace
Iron Baton
Juggler’s Sticks
Kiyoshi Stick
Knuckle Irons
Kyarr Sun
Meat Knife
Metal Shank
Miner’s Mace
Moldy Steel Sap Gloves
Molybdenum Baston
Molybdenum Hanbō
Muai Cad Chuke
Nail Cudgel
New Nottingham Tipstaff
Nickel Head Mace
Officer's Spark Nightstick
Old Copper Pipe
Old Shoe
Old Sword
One Life Kaiken
Osmium Club
Osmium Mallet
Paris Sabre
Pipe with Grip
Platinum Cestus
Platinum Quarterstaff
Platinum Security Baton
Pocket – Pincher
Pointmaker of Perleone
Pole Pike
Primitive Tonfa
Protectorate Dao
PVP Pipe
Regocrete Pin
Respectable Wakizashi
Rhenium Blackjack
Rhenium Club
Ringmaster's Staff
Rudimentary Baton
Rusted Butterfly Knife
Rusted Skin-Slicer
Rusty Iron Baton
Rusty Shotel
Rusty Steel Pole
SAG Stun Baton
Security Katana
Sharpened Ice Club
Sharpened Shiv
Ship Breaker's Multitool
Ship Captain’s Cutlass
Shock Knuckles
Shredhand of Moritz
Simple Manriki
Simple Student’s Katana
Skull Mallet
Sleek Skin-Slicer
Small Pylon Brace
Smuggler’s Knuckles
Soldering Wand
Spark Knuckles
Spark-Style Igniter
Staff of Minos
Starfish Kris
Stirring Stick
Strange Rod
Strange Thing
Student's Scalpel
Stun Stick
Sword of Many Truths
Taungoo Brick
Taungoo Jutte
Taungoo Vajra
Tesla Hammer
The Tiger’s Claws
Thin Steel Pole
Tight Bundle of Wires
Time-Worn Stun Baton
Titanium Maul
Training Nightstick
Traveler's Maul
Tungsten Clava
Unusual Pole
Unusual Stone Dagger
Weird, Broken Handle
Wheel Brace Mace
Worn Carbon Nunchaku
Worn Down Bokken
Zeni Espantoon


Alamin Kinetic Vest
Anti-Energy Coat
Anti-Energy Flak Jacket
Anti-Energy Jump Suit
Anti-Energy Kaftan
Anti-Energy Kataginu
Anti-Energy Plate Armor
Anti-Energy Saree
Anti-Energy Scale Mail
Anti-Energy Suit
Anti-Energy Trench
Anti-Energy Vest
Anti-Energy Work Suit
Anubis Armor
Arc Absorption Cloak
Arc Dancer's Dress
Arc Dancer's Jump Suit
Arc Defier Trenchcoat
Arc Dodger Suit
Arc Jumper Jacket
Arc Master's Suit
Banded Kuyak
Banded Leather Trench
Battered Breastplate
Battered Jerkin
Black Raven Armor
Burnished Scale Mail
Caen’s Ribbed Jacket
Chain-Backed Scale Mail
Chitinous Cuirass
Class 14 Hard Armor
Cloak of Many Ripped Pockets
Coat of Ten Thousand Nails
Combat Suit
Composite Dō
Corroded Combat Vest
Cracked Bodysuit
Deathwalker Armor
Dented Composite Armor
Dented Dual Layer Vest
Dielectric Paladin Armor
Diffusion Armor
Diffusion Dress
Dilapidated Leather Dress
Disco Catsuit
Elite Anti-Energy Combat Suit
Elite Arc Dancer's Suit
Elite Diffusion Suit
Elite P3 Energy Suit
Elite P3 Impact Suit
Elite P3 Piercing Suit
Elite Storm Armor
Enhanced Arc Dancer's Suit
Enhanced Combat Vest
Enhanced Trench
Enstek Body Case
Fire Fu of firefu
Flak jacket
Forest Walker Armor
G21 Armor System
Gaule Heavy Combat Suit
Gaule Thermojacket
Gladiator Gear
Glass Armor
Half Caped Leather Duster
Hard Shelled Combat Suit
Harold's Jacket
Heavy Ceramic Armor
Heavy Coat
Heavy Diffusion Armor
Heavy Dö-maru
Heavy Explorer’s Coat
Heavy Flak Jacket
Heavy Liquid Armor Suit
Heavy Riot Gear
Heavy Scale Mail
Heavy Storm Armor
Heavy Thermoplastic Suit
Hippocratic Vest
Hooded Strix Armor
HoS Leather Jacket
Ionic Armor
Kikko Katabira
Lampyridae Armor
LE-Suit 78
Leather Armor
Leather Trench Coat
Light Anti-Energy Scale Mail
Light Diffusion Jump Suit
Light Explorer’s Coat
Light Flak Jacket
Light Kinetic Vest
Light Liquid Armor Suit
Light Nano-Suit
Light P3 Energy Suit
Light P3 Impact Suit
Light P3 Piercing Suit
Light Plate Armor
Light Repulsion Armor
Light Riot Gear
Light Scale Mail
Light Spidersilk Flak Jacket
Light Storm Armor
Light Tatami Gusoku
Light Thermoplastic Suit
Lightly Padded Coat
Lightly Padded Reflective Suit
Lightning Armor
Lightning Rogue Armor
Medium Exo-Suit
Medium Flak Jacket
Medium Kinetic Vest
Medium Liquid Armor Suit
Medium Nano-Suit
Medium Riot Gear
Medium Scale Mail
Medium Thermoplastic Suit
Metal Banded Electrician's Suit
Mildewed Leather Duster
Mirror Covered Jacket
Mirrored Kikko Armor
Misshapen Combat Vest
Moth Eaten Kimono
Musty Leather Robes
Nomad’s Robes
Officer’s Tunic
Old Combat Suit
P3 Energy Suit
P3 Impact Suit
P3 Piercing Suit
Padded Anti-Energy Vest
Padded Combat Suit
Padded Jumpsuit
Padded Overalls
Padded PVC Catsuit
Padded Reflective Suit
Padded Thermoplastic Armor
Patchwork Combat Vest
Patchwork Long Coat
Patchwork Thermoplastic Suit
Patelloida Plate
Patelloida Plated Body Armor
Patelloida Plated Jacket
Pembroke Holi-Tunic
Pipe Mail
Plastic Jumpsuit
Plated Poly-vinyl Vest
Poly-vinyl Coveralls
Poly-vinyl Dress
Putrid Plate Mail
PVC Cocktail Dress
PVC Pipe Suit
Ragged Bomber Jacket
Reactive Armor
Red Valboa Trench
Reflective Suit
Reinforced Blast Vest
Reinforced Diffusion Gear
Reinforced Diffusion Jacket
Reinforced Dress Coat
Reinforced Hitatare
Reinforced Jumpsuit
Reinforced Vest
Repulsion Armor
Ribbed Officer’s Tunic
Ribbed Trench
Ringed Leather Jacket
Ringed Poly-vinyl Jacket
Ripped Electrician's Overalls
Ripped Jumpsuit
Ripped Rubber Catsuit
Rook's Spidersilk Jacket
Ruined Robe
Ruins Diving Suit
Ruins Rat Armor
Rusted Cuirass
Rusted Pipe Mail
Rusted Ring Tunic
Rusted Scale Mail
Scavenger Plate
Scorched Electrician's Suit
Scratchy Tunic
Scrolled Leather Suit
Scuffed Riding Suit
Shabby Uniform
Shattered Ballistic Vest
Shisha Shirt
Shrike Armor
Sinclair Battlegear
Smeared Composite Armor
Spacer’s Ally
Spidersilk Concealable Vest
Spidersilk Dress
Spidersilk Fatigues
Spidersilk Flak Jacket
Spidersilk Robes
Spidersilk Suit Jacket
Spiked Leather Jacket
Star Dancer
Star Stalker Armor
Stealth-Step of Shadow
Stiff Hard-Shelled Combat Suit
Storm Armor
Storm Armor Corset
Studded Leather
Takko Tunic
Tarnished Combat Armor
Tattered LCVG-X7
Tattered Trench Coat
Terracotta Armor
The Brakenshield
The Robe of Rotten Embroidery
The Shirt of Broken Rings
Thick Leather Armor
Thick Plate Armor
Torn Jumpsuit
Tsuba Ring Mail
Unzippable Jumpsuit
Wanderer’s Jumpsuit
Water Miner’s Jumpsuit
Werebeast Armor
Whispering Robes
Wire Mesh
Worn Composite Armor
Worn Diffusion Armor
Worn Jumpsuit
Worn Overalls
Worn Repulsion Armor
Yōkai Cloak



Minor Strength Stim, v1.1.001
Minor Strength Stim, v2.1.001
Standard Strength Stim, v1.2.001
Standard Strength Stim, v2.2.001
Strong Strength Stim, v1.3.001
Strong Strength Stim, v2.3.001


Minor Agility Stim, v1.1.002
Minor Agility Stim, v2.1.002
Standard Agility Stim, v1.2.002
Standard Agility Stim, v2.2.002
Strong Agility Stim, v1.3.002
Strong Agility Stim, v2.3.002


Minor Stamina Stim, v1.1.004
Minor Stamina Stim, v2.1.004
Standard Stamina Stim, v1.2.004
Standard Stamina Stim, v2.2.004
Strong Stamina Stim, v1.3.004
Strong Stamina Stim, v2.3.004


Minor Intelligence Stim, v1.1.016
Minor Intelligence Stim, v2.1.016
Standard Intelligence Stim, v1.2.016
Standard Intelligence Stim, v2.2.016
Strong Intelligence Stim, v1.3.016
Strong Intelligence Stim, v2.3.016


Minor Social Stim, v1.1.008
Minor Social Stim, v2.1.008
Standard Social Stim, v1.2.008
Standard Social Stim, v2.2.008
Strong Social Stim, v1.3.008
Strong Social Stim, v2.3.008


Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.003
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.005
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.006
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.007
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.009
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.010
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.011
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.012
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.013
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.014
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.017
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.018
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.019
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.020
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.021
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.022
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.024
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.025
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.026
Minor Multi Stim, v2.1.028
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.003
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.005
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.006
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.007
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.009
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.010
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.011
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.012
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.013
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.014
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.017
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.018
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.019
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.020
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.021
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.022
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.024
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.025
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.026
Minor Multi Stim, v3.1.028
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.003
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.005
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.006
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.007
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.009
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.010
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.011
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.012
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.013
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.014
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.017
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.018
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.019
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.020
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.021
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.022
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.024
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.025
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.026
Minor Multi Stim, v4.1.028
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.003
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.005
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.006
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.013
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.007
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.009
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.010
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.011
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.012
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.013
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.014
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.017
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.018
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.019
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.020
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.021
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.022
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.024
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.025
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.026
Minor Multi Stim, v5.1.028
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.003
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.005
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.006
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.007
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.009
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.010
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.011
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.012
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.013
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.014
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.017
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.018
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.019
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.020
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.021
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.022
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.024
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.025
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.026
Minor Multi Stim, v6.1.028
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.003
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.005
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.006
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.007
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.009
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.010
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.011
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.012
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.013
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.014
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.017
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.018
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.019
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.020
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.021
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.022
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.024
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.025
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.026
Standard Multi Stim, v2.2.028
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.003
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.005
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.006
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.007
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.009
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.010
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.011
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.012
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.013
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.014
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.017
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.018
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.019
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.020
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.021
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.022
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.024
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.025
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.026
Standard Multi Stim, v3.2.028
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.003
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.005
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.006
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.007
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.009
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.010
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.011
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.012
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.013
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.014
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.017
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.018
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.019
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.020
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.021
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.022
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.024
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.025
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.026
Standard Multi Stim, v4.2.028
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.003
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.005
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.006
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.007
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.009
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.010
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.011
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.012
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.013
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.014
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.017
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.018
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.019
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.020
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.021
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.022
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.024
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.025
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.026
Standard Multi Stim, v5.2.028
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.003
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.005
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.006
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.007
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.009
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.010
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.011
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.012
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.013
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.014
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.017
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.018
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.019
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.020
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.021
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.022
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.024
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.025
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.026
Standard Multi Stim, v6.2.028
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.003
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.005
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.006
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.007
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.009
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.010
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.011
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.012
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.013
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.014
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.017
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.018
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.019
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.020
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.021
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.022
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.024
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.025
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.026
Strong Multi Stim, v2.3.028
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.003
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.005
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.006
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.007
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.009
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.010
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.011
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.012
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.013
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.014
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.017
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.018
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.019
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.020
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.021
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.022
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.024
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.025
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.026
Strong Multi Stim, v3.3.028
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.003
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.005
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.006
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.007
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.009
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.010
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.011
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.012
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.013
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.014
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.017
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.018
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.019
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.020
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.021
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.022
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.024
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.025
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.026
Strong Multi Stim, v4.3.028
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.003
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.005
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.006
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.007
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.009
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.010
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.011
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.012
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.013
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.014
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.017
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.018
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.019
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.020
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.021
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.022
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.024
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.025
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.026
Strong Multi Stim, v5.3.028
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.003
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.005
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.006
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.007
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.009
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.010
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.011
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.012
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.013
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.014
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.017
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.018
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.019
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.020
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.021
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.022
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.024
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.025
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.026
Strong Multi Stim, v6.3.028


Minor Military Stim, v2.1.015
Minor Military Stim, v2.1.023
Minor Military Stim, v2.1.027
Minor Military Stim, v2.1.029
Minor Military Stim, v2.1.030
Minor Military Stim, v2.1.031
Minor Military Stim, v2.1.015
Minor Military Stim, v3.1.023
Minor Military Stim, v3.1.027
Minor Military Stim, v3.1.029
Minor Military Stim, v3.1.030
Minor Military Stim, v3.1.031
Minor Military Stim, v4.1.015
Minor Military Stim, v4.1.023
Minor Military Stim, v4.1.027
Minor Military Stim, v4.1.029
Minor Military Stim, v4.1.030
Minor Military Stim, v4.1.031
Minor Military Stim, v5.1.015
Minor Military Stim, v5.1.023
Minor Military Stim, v5.1.027
Minor Military Stim, v5.1.029
Minor Military Stim, v5.1.030
Minor Military Stim, v5.1.031
Minor Military Stim, v6.1.015
Minor Military Stim, v6.1.023
Minor Military Stim, v6.1.027
Minor Military Stim, v6.1.029
Minor Military Stim, v6.1.030
Minor Military Stim, v6.1.031
Standard Military Stim, v2.2.015
Standard Military Stim, v2.2.023
Standard Military Stim, v2.2.027
Standard Military Stim, v2.2.029
Standard Military Stim, v2.2.030
Standard Military Stim, v2.2.031
Standard Military Stim, v3.2.015
Standard Military Stim, v3.2.023
Standard Military Stim, v3.2.027
Standard Military Stim, v3.2.029
Standard Military Stim, v3.2.030
Standard Military Stim, v3.2.031
Standard Military Stim, v4.2.015
Standard Military Stim, v4.2.023
Standard Military Stim, v4.2.027
Standard Military Stim, v4.2.029
Standard Military Stim, v4.2.030
Standard Military Stim, v4.2.031
Standard Military Stim, v5.2.015
Standard Military Stim, v5.2.023
Standard Military Stim, v5.2.027
Standard Military Stim, v5.2.029
Standard Military Stim, v5.2.030
Standard Military Stim, v5.2.031
Standard Military Stim, v6.2.015
Standard Military Stim, v6.2.023
Standard Military Stim, v6.2.027
Standard Military Stim, v6.2.029
Standard Military Stim, v6.2.030
Standard Military Stim, v6.2.031
Strong Military Stim, v2.3.015
Strong Military Stim, v2.3.023
Strong Military Stim, v2.3.027
Strong Military Stim, v2.3.029
Strong Military Stim, v2.3.030
Strong Military Stim, v2.3.031
Strong Military Stim, v3.3.015
Strong Military Stim, v3.3.023
Strong Military Stim, v3.3.027
Strong Military Stim, v3.3.029
Strong Military Stim, v3.3.030
Strong Military Stim, v3.3.031
Strong Military Stim, v4.3.015
Strong Military Stim, v4.3.023
Strong Military Stim, v4.3.027
Strong Military Stim, v4.3.029
Strong Military Stim, v4.3.030
Strong Military Stim, v4.3.031
Strong Military Stim, v5.3.015
Strong Military Stim, v5.3.023
Strong Military Stim, v5.3.027
Strong Military Stim, v5.3.029
Strong Military Stim, v5.3.030
Strong Military Stim, v5.3.031
Strong Military Stim, v6.3.015
Strong Military Stim, v6.3.023
Strong Military Stim, v6.3.027
Strong Military Stim, v6.3.029
Strong Military Stim, v6.3.030
Strong Military Stim, v6.3.031



Termination Pellet


Bottle of Spring water
Box of Strawberries
Can of Caviar
Copper Ingot
Corpse Hooks
Crate of Fresh fruit
Crate of Gaule Wine
Elric’s Consortium Visa
Emily's Starship Plushie
Galactic Cup Ticket
Hologram Cube
Homemade heater
Husk Body
Lump of Regocrete
Metal Box
Model Porsche
Muck's "Special" Package
Plastic Scroll
Polished Cube
Rusted Sculpture
Sadia's Datacard
Shenzia’s Consortium Visa
The 200 Commemorative Pin Badge
Xavier's ID tag
Yellow Rock
Yolanda's Subderm
Yvette's Gift


Food and water daily ration tier 1
Food and water daily ration tier 2
Food and water daily ration tier 3
Food and water daily ration tier 4
Food and water daily ration tier 5
Food and water daily ration tier 6
Food and water daily ration tier 7
Food and water daily ration tier 8
Food and water daily ration tier 9
Food and water daily ration tier 10

Trade Goods

Beer Bottles
Circuit Board
Construction Matrix
Copper Wiring
Hardback Novel
Jewel-Encrusted Egg
Musty Book
Voit-Kamp Relay


VIP Pack - 1 day
VIP Pack - 3 days
VIP Pack - 4 days
VIP Pack - 7 days
VIP Pack - 14 days
VIP Pack - 28 days

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