Jafari's Shop
Item Type Rarity Price
Boomer Ranged Handgun Common 601.52 cr
Crude Manriki Hand-to-Hand Club Common 566.48 cr
Filtration Pipe Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 2061.52 cr
Small Pylon Brace Hand-to-Hand Club Common 560.64 cr
Stirring Stick Hand-to-Hand Club Epic 720 Bonds
Burnished Scale Mail Piercing Armor Uncommon 1097.92 cr
Cloak of Many Ripped Pockets Impact Armor Common 4333.28 cr
Dented Composite Armor Impact Armor Rare 2044.00 cr
Mirror Covered Jacket Energy Armor Rare 2079.04 cr
Standard Intelligence Stim, v2.2.016 Medical Common 181.04 cr

Located on Moissan Station

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