Journey’s End

After your failure to deliver Dederick Zeisel to the Embassy on Estación de Amazon, the Ambassadors have requested your assistance with finding him.

Level: 13
Start: Gerold Jana, Consortium Embassy, Estación de Amazon


You arrive at the Consortium Embassy, still a little guilty about how things played out the last time you were here.

Ambassador Cosmo Jana had sent you on a mission to Barnard’s Star Jump Gate to retrieve his lifelong hero, a retired pre-Cat Captain named Dederick Zeisel. Unfortunately, Zeisel had old enemies on Estación de Amazon who were able to capture him instead.

Today, you received a message on your CORETECHS from Comso requesting your immediate presence to the Embassy. You can only guess this has something to do with Dederick’s fate.

As you walk through the recently repaired garden, you can see new growth of herbs and fruit. Those super-seeds the Amazonians plant really do grow quickly. You knock at the door of the Embassy, and ambassador Gerold, Cosmo’s husband and colleague answers.

Gerold says, Ah <name>! You've arrived! Please, come in, Cosmo is waiting for you.

You have accepted the "Journey's End" mission.

  • I don't want to help you anymore.
  • Is this about Dederick?
  • Is everything okay?


Me: Is everything okay?

Gerold hesitates, weighing that question.

He says, Just come inside, Cosmo will explain.

He motions for you to follow as he enters the Embassy.

  • Follow Gerold.

You follow Gerold into the Embassy. Consortium flags hang proudly inside and there is a pleasant waiting room where a hologram plays on repeat of a Consortium soldier arriving home to his children. "Support our men and women on the Frontier," the advert suggests.

Past the waiting area and the front desk, there is a narrow hallway which ends in a door. Past the door is a small but pleasantly decorated apartment looking out over the garden through large glass windows. This is where the ambassadors live.

  • Go to Cosmo.
  • Examine apartment.


You take a moment to examine the apartment. The most obvious design choice is the large bay windows, which look out over the little garden and massive trees beyond it. There is a small trophy case which holds medals Cosmo and Gerold received during their younger days in the Consortium military.

There is a large faux leather chair positioned between a lamp and a window with a darkened datapad resting on the arm, ready to be picked up and read at any moment. On a side table near the chair, there is a mug of Amazonian fruit tea you've seen on sale in the market every now and then. Next to it is a framed holo-photo of Cosmo and Gerold on their wedding day, young and smiling.

As your eyes scan the walls, they rest on a scrap of mud-caked, tattered blanket encased in a glass frame and hung on the wall. In smudgy, hand-written script, a note is penned into the fabric. "Help is on the way — Your Friend, Ded." It seems like it has a story behind it, but to be completely honest, it's a pretty ugly piece of art.

  • Ask Gerold about the framed blanket.
  • Go to Cosmo.


Me: Gerold. What's that framed scrap of fabric on your wall?

Gerold examines the wall to determine what you're asking about.

Gerold says, Oh, that's Cosmo's. Cosmo was orphaned during the Catastrophe, and he spent a few cycles living in derelict ships in the Wreckage of København. Dederick Zeisel found him and a few other orphans there and provided them with blankets and food. He did it on a few different stations in an effort to document surviving children and help them find surviving family. Cosmo found his aunt that way. He always says he owes Dederick his life, and he's kept that note Dederick wrote for him on the blanket his entire life.

Gerold regards the blanket sadly and sighs.

Gerold says, The business of Dederick's disappearance has been tearing him apart.

  • Go to Cosmo.

Gerold leads you out of the living room and into the bedroom. You’re surprised to find Cosmo laying half up right in his bed, anxiously reading a data pad. He lights up when he sees you and attempts to hobble out of bed.

Gerold says, Slow down, let me help you.

Gerold rushes over to his husband and assists him up out of bed. Cosmo leans heavily on Gerold, unsteady on his own legs. You can see from the delay in his movement and the awkward weakness in his legs that this is a fresh clone of Cosmo. He recently died.

Cosmo says, <name>, I’m so glad you’ve come. I find myself in need of your help once again.

  • How can I help?
  • What happened to you?

What happened:

Me: What happened to you?

Cosmo says, I received a tip that Dederick is still alive. An anonymous defector offered to sell me information about Dederick’s whereabouts. I was killed in an attempt to save him. Luckily I had a clone, but I'm still getting used to this new body.

Gerold orbits him, worried.

Gerold says, You'll feel like your old self again soon. You just need to rest, give it time.

  • Who was the seller?
  • How can I help?
  • Why did they kill you?
  • I can't help.
  • Have you spoken to Security?


Me: Who was the seller?

Cosmo shrugs painfully.

He says, As I said we never met. I knew him as “VK7” he never gave me a name, he claimed he was afraid of what would happen to him if he were discovered. I’ve only spoken to him over the Mesh. For all I know, VK7 was a straw man created to draw me away from the Embassy…

  • How can I help?
  • Why did they kill you?
  • Have you spoken to Security?
  • I can't help.


Me: Have you spoken to Security about this?

Cosmo says, Yes, of course. I reported what happened to me and they're looking into it. They also say they have an ongoing investigation into locating Dederick, but I suspect they're dragging their feet on it on purpose…

  • How can I help?
  • I can't help.
  • Why did they kill you?


Me: Why did they kill you?

Cosmo says, They were affiliated with someone or something called, “M”. They told me “M” wanted me to stop poking around about Dederick. The people who attacked me were wearing green bandannas and I'm certain they're the ones who took him.

Gerold visibly flinches at the mention of the details of the encounter.

  • How can I help?

Me: How can I help?

Cosmo smiles at you weakly while Gerold looks weary of the whole situation.

Cosmo says, I think I was close. I was close enough that this "M" felt they needed to frighten me off the trail. I thought perhaps you might have more success than me in finding and rescuing him. I don't blame you for what happened before, but I beg you to at least try to put right what went wrong and get Dederick back. If Dederick dies here, it will reopen old wounds which could pit Consortium and Gaule against each other once again, I have 1000 credits left in the budget to compensate you for your time.

  • I can't help.
  • I'll help.


Me: Okay, I'll help.

Cosmo beams at you.

He says, Thank you, <name>. With your help, perhaps we still have a chance to save him and salvage the situation. Security would be a good place to start, I think.

  • I'll start at Security then.

Me: Very well, I'll start at Security.

Cosmo nods at you.

He says, Stay safe, <name>. Don't let them intimidate you, that Bertrand has a temper.

Go to Security and speak with Diaz and Bertrand about Dederick's case.

Next NPC: Luis Diaz, Security, Estación de Amazon

  • Enter the Security office.

You arrive at Security to find Bertrand and Diaz in some kind of heated dispute. All the junior officers seem to be huddled together off to one side of the office while the two chiefs of Security, Gaule and Amazonian, clash dramatically.

Bertrand says, —our Consortium relations ARE my problem, Luis! You can’t keep running this station like it’s still Independent, what happens here speaks for all of GAULE!

Diaz’s eyes flash dangerously as he yells back at her.

Diaz says He's responsible for the WATER RAIDS! Women and children were killed, it's an open wound here. Of course they're going to rebel! He should never have been allowed to come here, that's all I'm saying.

  • Speak up.

You clear your throat loudly.

Me: Good day Chief Bertrand, Chief Diaz. May I have a word?

Bertrand shoots Diaz a look before speaking to you.

She says, Chief Diaz will look after you, I was just leaving.

She shoulders past you roughly and heads down the corridor away from Security.

  • What was that about?
  • I'm here for ambassador Cosmo.

What was that:

Me: What was that about?

Diaz says, It's between Chief Bertrand and I. What can I do for you?

  • There are two Security Chiefs?
  • I'm here for ambassador Cosmo.
  • Convince him to tell you what happened.

Two Chiefs:

Me: There are two security Chiefs?

Diaz says, Yes, there are. I've been head of Security since before we joined the Protectorate, I'm Amazonian through and through. Alexa —Er, Chief Bertrand, that is — was who the Gaule Government wanted in charge of Security. We all eventually agreed it would be best for us to coexist and manage our own teams for the time being.

  • Convince him to tell you what happened.
  • I'm here for ambassador Cosmo.

(Social check)

Me: Cosmo asked me to find Dederick, I'd like all the information I can get that will help me. Whatever you were aruging about with Chief Bertrand could be useful.

Diaz hesitates. He scratches his chin thoughtfully.

Diaz says, All I was saying is that we can't throw every person we catch spewing anti-Zeisel sentiments in the brig or we'd have more people locked up than walking around the Residences! He was responsible for the Water Raids for goodness sake.

  • I'm here for ambassador Cosmo.
  • What are the Water Raids?
  • She wants to lock people up?

Water Raids:

Me: What are the Water Raids?

Diaz says, There's a lot more to the story, but the long and short of it is that someone attacked Estación de Amazon for water during The Great Water Crisis in Sol. It all happened very fast. I was here and I have no real idea who was behind it. All I know is they boarded the station using our own emergency docking codes to take us by surprise, and then didn't stop stealing water and killing until Gaule forces arrived. Nobody was wearing blue, but they say it was the Consortium's doing, because Zeisel was the only off-stationer who knew those codes.

  • What if it was Freebooters?
  • I'm here for ambassador Cosmo.
  • Why did Dederick have those codes?

Me: Why did Dederick have those codes in the first place?

He says, Well, post-Cat, Dederick lived here for nearly 30 cycles. He was stranded on this side of the 'Gate to Sol until it was repaired and Estación de Amazon gave him and his crew refuge until they were able to return to Consy space. When he left, they gifted him the emergency docking codes in case he ever needed to dock without waiting for security clearance. It was mostly a symbolic gesture of good will, but many believe those codes were what allowed the Water Raids to happen.

  • I'm here for ambassador Cosmo.
  • She wants to lock people up?
  • What if it was Freebooters?


Me: I've heard that was actually Freebooters and not the Consortium. What do you think?

He says, Could be. I do know Gaule was desperate at the time to get us to join the Protectorate and the Water Raids were what sealed the deal. They could very well have spread the rumor the Consortium is to blame. But then how did the Freebooters get those codes…?

  • She wants to lock people up?
  • I'm here for ambassador Cosmo.

Lock people up:

Me: Chief Bertrand wants to lock people up?

Chief Diaz nods and sighs.

He says, That she does. We've been hearing some anti-Dederick chatter at the Laughing Sloth and Alexa thinks it's enough to lock up and interrogate folks. I think that's crazy talk, and just because someone hates a war criminal, it doesn't mean they kidnapped them.

  • I'm here for ambassador Cosmo.

Me: Thank you for telling me. I'm here on behalf of ambassador Cosmo Jana. He was recently injured while looking into Dederick's disappearance. I'm here to see if you have updates on either of those situations.

Diaz nods knowingly.

Diaz says, Cosmo's case is still open but the assailants were very careful not to leave any clues to their whereabouts. The Dederick case is open too but it's… also slow.

  • Can I do a background check?
  • What do we know about the Green Bandannas?

Green Bandannas:

Me: What do we know about these "Green Bandannas"?

Diaz says, They like the color green and they don't like Consortium ambassadors… so not a whole lot. They covered their tracks in the Swamps very well and we haven't found any clues about who they are or where they came from. All we have to go on is what the ambassador told us.

  • I'm going to question people at the Sloth.
  • Can I do a background check?
  • I give up on this case.

Background check:

Me: Can we do a background check on Zeisel? I have a feeling something fishy was going on with him.

Diaz says, Potentially. What did you want to check on?

He goes sits down at his Security console. You stand behind him and look at the monitor over his shoulder.

  • Let's check his career profile.
  • Let's check his recent financial decisions.
  • Let's look into his recent CORETECHS calls.

(Intelligence check?)

You’re able to access his recent CORETECHS calls. 3 to Ambassador Cosmo, 8 to Katrina, and 2 which are heavily encrypted and going to an unknown number. Very strange.

  • Let's check his recent financial decisions.
  • I'm finished with my background check.
  • Let's check his career profile.

Financial decisions:
(Intelligence check?)

You gain access to his bank account. His spending has been quite erratic recently. He gave away nearly all his credits to charities and signed over the deed to his estate on Tau Station to his daughter, Katrina.

  • I'm finished with my background check.
  • Look into Katrina.
  • Let's check his career profile.


Me: He seems to have had a lot of activity with his daughter Katrina.

Diaz says, She does live with him on Tau. She's his daughter afterall.

Me Still, maybe we should give her a call. We have her CORETECHS signal right here…

Diaz raises an eyebrow at you.

Diaz says, I don’t see how she could help with this and I’m not in the habit of invading the privacy of civilians without just cause.

  • Convince Diaz to call Katrina.
  • Drop it.

(Social check)

Me: You don’t think everything going on with Dederick financially was “off”? And signing over his property? It seems to me, he knew something was going to happen to him on this trip. Katrina can tell us important information about his state of mind before he left.

Diaz processes your reason and sighs.

He says, Alright, if you think it could help, but you do the talking. I’m not sure if she’s been told Dederick was captured yet, so be gentle.

  • Call Katrina.

You enter Katrina’s information into your CORETECHS and call her up.

After a couple of units, a woman picks up on the other side. She’s a bit older than you with a wide jawline clearly inherited from her father, and mousy brown hair pulled into a floppy bun. She wears no makeup, and has delicate features and round blue eyes. You’ve caught her off guard and she regards you curiously.

Katrina says, Who are you? How did you get this number?

  • It's about your father…
  • I'm <name>.


Me: I'm <name>. I'm calling about your father, Dederick Zeisel?

Katrina’s breath catches in her throat.

She says, I knew he shouldn't have gone. What’s wrong? Is he okay?

  • He's been kidnapped.
  • He's probably dead.
  • He's fine.


Me: He’s been kidnapped. Don’t panic, we know he’s alive for now, but we need your help to find him before the situation escalates.

Katrina slowly sits on the edge of her bed and covers her mouth.

She says, Daddy, no…

Me: Is there anything you can tell us about what was going on before he left? Was he acting strangely?

She says, Y-yes. He’s been acting strangely for a few cycles now.

  • How so?

Me: How was he acting strangely, exactly?

Katrina thinks about this for a unit.

She says, Well, there's his drinking for one thing. He was sober for years, but recently his drinking has gotten so bad I had to move back to Tau Station just to look after him. And then there's the night terrors… I’ve woken up in the middle of the night to find him crying in his sleep more than once… and then there’s this mission….

Me: What about this mission?

She says, He was so passionate about going. I’ve heard the people on that dreadful station hate him, I didn’t understand why he wanted to go so badly. He wouldn't tell me anything when I asked. It's not like him to keep secrets from me… or at least I thought it wasn't.

  • Thanks for your time, Katrina.
  • Was there anything else?

Anything else:
(Social check?)

Me: Katrina, I need as much information as I can get if I'm going to help your father. Are you sure there wasn't anything else?

Katrina bites her lip.

She says, There was also Mateo…

Me: Who's Mateo?

She shakes her head sadly.

She says, I don't know. Before he woke up from his night terrors, I heard him say the name “Mateo” a few times. I don’t know who that could be, he’s never mentioned a “Mateo” and when I asked him, he acts ignorant.

  • Thanks for your time, Katrina.

Me: Thanks for your time, Katrina.

She says, Please help my father. He’s a good man. I know they think he’s a monster on that station, but he’s not. He’s just a sick old man. Please tell him I love him when you find him and I’ll be right here when he comes home.

She ends the CORETECHS call.

Diaz says, Well that was interesting.

  • I give up on this case.
  • I'm going to question people at the Sloth.
  • Do you think "M" could be Mateo?


Me: Do you think the "Mateo" Katrina heard Dederick talking about could be the "M" we're looking for?

Chief Diaz nods seriously, rubbing his chin.

He says, I'd venture to say "Mateo" is almost certainly our "M". Trouble is, it's a common name here. With just a first name to go on, we still don't have a lot to work with.

  • I'm going to question people at the Sloth.

Me: Thanks for your help, Diaz. I think I’ve learned all I can here. I’ll go question people at the Sloth and see what I can dig up.

Diaz nods at you. He hesitates before speaking.

Diaz says, Be careful what you say, okay? What they did to your friend Cosmo is no joke. If there’s one thing I know about “M”, it’s that he won’t give up Dederick easily.

Go to the Bar and ask around about Dederick and "M".

Next area: Bar, Estación de Amazon

  • Ask around at the Sloth.

You arrive at the Sloth and glance around at the patrons. Who would you like to speak to first?

  • Juan Alba
  • Emerick Vitas
  • Annika Sabia
  • Kavi Hróaldr


Next NPC: Emerick Vitas, Bar, Estación de Amazon

  • Speak with Emerick.

You approach Emerick and immediately take note of the green kerchief tied around his neck. His eyes glide over to you lazily as his prior conversation with the bartender fizzles out.

He says, Yes?

Me I was wondering if I could ask you some questions?

He says, What?

  • Ask about "M".
  • Speak with someone else.
  • Ask about Dederick.
  • I like your kerchief.


Me: I like your kerchief, where'd you get it?

Emerick throws you a withering glare and slams a few credits on the bar. He calls out to the bartender.

He says, Keep the change.

The bartender waves and calls back.

The bartender says, Cheers, Em!

Emmerick stands up without addressing you and walks out of the bar. Em… or "M"?

  • Follow him.
  • Speak with someone else.


You decide to follow him. It looks like he's heading for the Ruins.

Follow Emerick to the Ruins.

Next area: Ruins, Estación de Amazon

  • Follow Emerick.

You follow Emerick into the Ruins, slowly and quietly tailing him. He hasn’t noticed you so far. He walks down one of the Swamp Ranger paths for a little ways and then veers sharply to the left, into the humid, buzzing brush.

  • Follow him.

(Agility check)

The brush thickens and you lose him. You hear something move in the foliage behind you. Your heart rate picks up. You scan the forest for someone, but you see nothing. Maybe it’s an animal?

You try to pick up his trail again only to hear another sound in the forest. You whirl around. Nothing. When you turn back to where you lost him, he's suddenly standing right behind you. He grabs you by the collar.

He says, Why are you following me? It's not safe out here.

You struggle in his grasp.

Me: The bartender called you "Em". I thought you might be him, "M".

He rolls his eyes at you and shoves you roughly into the mud.

He says, There's only one "M" and I ain't him. Run along home, now.

  • Go back to the Bar.

You heed his words and leave the Swamps. You might be able to find more information at the Bar.

Return to the Bar and continue questioning patrons.

Next area: Bar, Estación de Amazon

  • Ask around at the Sloth.

You arrive at the Sloth and glance around at the patrons. Who would you like to speak to first?

  • Juan Alba
  • Annika Sabia
  • Kavi Hróaldr


Next NPC: Annika Sabia, Bar, Estación de Amazon

  • Speak with Annika.

You approach the old Belter woman sitting alone at the bar. She smiles at you kindly.

Me: I noticed your Consortium earring. That’s where I’m from too. I hail from Tau Station.

She smiles at you a little.

She says, I haven’t been to Sol since before the Catastrophe.

Me: Wow, really?

She nods thoughtfully, looking distant.

She says, It’s like a sick parent, you know? You don’t want to see them all withered away because that’s not how you want to remember them. The way I remember some of the wonders about Sol… there are things in my mind's eyes you could never dream of, I suspect. It would be a shame to replace all that splendor with a skeleton.

  • Ask about "M".
  • Ask about Dederick.


Me: Do you know anything about Dederick Zeisel?

The old woman’s eyes glint with amusement.

I know a good deal about Dederick Zeisel. I was one of his original crew, pre-Cat. Only, I never left Estación de Amazon. I can tell you about what happened to us after the Cat, and about Dederick’s stay on the station before he went home to Sol. I was also here during the Water Raids.

  • Tell me about the Water Raids.
  • Tell me about his early cycles here.
  • Dederick is missing, can you help?

Early cycles:

Me: Tell me about his early cycles here.

She says, Well, we were on our way home from a supply drop-off in the next system over when the Cat hit. For many of us, including myself, it was our first extended mission away from Sol. As all of our senior officers were killed in the initial blast and what was left was a handful of terrified, inexperienced junior officers.

Annika’s touches her blue earring gently as she loses herself in memory.

She says, We put it to a vote and Dederick was chosen as our leader. It was a decision I wasn’t very fond of; I knew Dederick to be a brash young man more concerned with appearances than anything else, but I followed him anyway. He nearly led us to starvation by improperly rationing our food and water. If we hadn’t arrived at Estación de Amazon when we had, we all knew we’d have had to open up the cryo-bays and start eating corpses of senior officers.

  • That's awful!

Me: That's awful!

Annika nods.

She says, Luckily we never had to do it. The Amazonians welcomed us with open arms. Families opened their homes to each of us and provided us a place to stay while we got on our feet. They had plenty of crops to spare and shared their food with us. It didn't take long for Dederick to start a relationship with a young Amazonina girl named Rosalina. He had a way of sweeping women off their feet with his charm.

A bit of sadness touches her voice when she says that woman’s name.

  • Continue listening.

Annika says, Dederick and the rest of us tried to make homes for ourselves here while we waited for the jump gate home to re-open. Many of us gave up hope of ever going home and started families, myself included. After a few more cycles, rumors began to spread that Rosalina was pregnant.

Me: Dederick has a child on Estación de Amazon?

She says, Yes. His name is Mateo. But news that the ‘Gate home was re-opened made it back to us just a few tenspans after Mateo was born. Dederick didn’t think twice when he left Rosalina all alone with their son. She was crushed. He promised her he’d come back once Sol was stable, but as the cycles passed, it became clear that was a lie.

  • What happened to Rosalina and Mateo?
  • Tell me about the Water Raids.
  • Thanks for your time, Annika.
  • Dederick is missing, can you help?

Rosalina and Mateo:

Me: What happened to Rosalina and Mateo?

Annika sighs sadly.

She says, Rosalina was one of the casualties of the Water Raids. She was shot in the back doing laundry in the river. I don’t know where Mateo has gone. He went to live with a neighbor after his mother’s death and I haven’t heard anything about him since. I hope he's well. He was a sweet boy.

  • Tell me about the Water Raids.
  • Thanks for your time, Annika.
  • Dederick is missing, can you help?

Water Raids:

Me: Tell me about the Water Raids.

She says, They say the reports of the Water Raids are “muddy”, but I suspect they are that way because the Consortium went through a lot of effort to muddy them. They were an embarrassment on us, you see. Something to be covered up and forgotten. But those of us who were here, who saw, they can’t “muddy” our memories.

Me: So it really was the Consortium who was responsible?

She says, And Dederick. They were facing a water crisis in Sol, the worst they’d seen since the Catastrophe from accounts I read. There was an asteroid they’d been mining for many years which had finally run dry, and in the scramble to find a new source of water, people were dying. That’s why they came here. They were trying to save their own people and they thought killing others was justified. No one knew about Estación de Amazon other than Dederick and his crew.

  • How do you know Dederick was involved?
  • Thanks for your time, Annika.


Me: How do you know Dederick was involved?

She replies, Dederick was granted emergency Docking Codes to Estación de Amazon as a parting gift and a sign of trust when he left. These were intended to allow him to make emergency docks without waiting for space traffic control to OK his entry. Those were the override codes used when the Consy ships boarded and began the Raids. No one knew those codes but Dederick. The blood shed during Raids is doubtlessly on his hands.

  • How did the Raids end?

Me: How did the Raids end?

She says, Estacion de Amazon sent out a distress signal and nearby Gaule forces on the Maid answered. They scared off the Consortium ships, the Consys knew if they opened fire on a Gaule cruiser it would quickly escalate into all out warfare. They pulled their forces and retreated home with nothing to show for it. After that, they tried to convince all of us that the attack wasn’t Consortium at all, and rather Freebooters. Disgusting.

  • Dederick is missing, can you help?
  • Thanks for your time, Annika.


Me: Dederick is back on the station now, and he’s missing. Have you heard anything about where he could be?

Annika says, No one would tell me something like that. No matter how long I live here, I’ll always just be another Consy "serpiente" to many of them. And even if I did know… I'm not sure I'd want to help him escape. From everything I know about Dederick, I'm not sure he deserves his freedom.

  • Thanks for your time, Annika.

Me: Thanks for telling me all that, Annika.

She smiles at you fondly, her old eyes very warm.

She says, It’s nice to talk to someone from your home. I haven’t had the pleasure in quite a long time. Thank you for keeping an old woman company for a little while. Good luck finding Dederick. The old peacock has always been a melodramatic fool.

As you leave Annika to her drink, your CORETECHS receives an anonymous message. You open it. It says:

V7K: Heard u asking Qs about Zeisel. Meet @ Htl Rm #24. Soon.

Go to the Hotel Rooms to meet with V7K.

Next area: Hotel Rooms, Estación de Amazon

  • Go to Room # 24.

You move down the hallway full of rooms and count down until you reach number 24. It’s not locked. You gently push it open, and see a figure standing inside. He’s a skinny, wormy looking Amazonian man with an anxious air about him. This must be V7K

Next NPC: V7K, Hotel Rooms, Estación de Amazon

  • Speak with the man.

Hello, are you V7K?

He quickly rushes behind you, and shuts and locks the door.

He says, Yes, I am. We don’t have much time, so here’s what’s going to happen: I’m trying to get off this station in a hurry and you’re going to fund my departure.

  • No I'm not.
  • Why would I do that?


Me: Why would I do that?

He says, If you want to find Dederick Zeisel, you are. I used to be one of the Order of the Crocodile and I know the coordinates of their encampment in the Swamps. I’ll give it to you for 500 credits.

  • What is the Order of the Crocodile?
  • Accept his price.
  • Threaten him.
  • Bargain with him.
  • Didn't you betray Cosmo?

Order of the Crocodile:

Me: What is the Order of the Crocodile?

He impatiently shows you his green bandanna.

He says, The ones who wear these, the ones who have Dederick and beat up the ambassador! "M"s people. They’re a vigilante justice group formed by Dederick’s son, Mateo or "M". They’ve been systemically finding and killing all the high ranking Consortium officials responsible for the Water Raids. Dederick was always the ultimate prize but he was too well guarded in Sol. They’re kind of an open secret among Amazonians, everyone knows about them, but no one talks about them.

  • Why did they try to kill Cosmo?

Me: Why did they try to kill Cosmo?

He says, Are you kidding? That old Consy’s life was never in danger. The Order doesn’t kill anyone innocent, only the smegheads in charge of the Raids. What they did to Cosmo was a warning, nothing more. Both to him and to me. Unfortunately I am no longer “innocent” in the eyes of the Order and I need to make a quick escape. Give me the credits and you can deal with them.

  • Accept his price.
  • Bargain with him.
  • Didn't you betray Cosmo?
  • Threaten him.

Betray Cosmo:

Me: Why should I trust you? Didn't you betray Cosmo?

He says, No! I thought I’d make a quick buck and sell him the location of the encampment; how much damage could that old fart possibly do? Only, the other members of The Order began to suspect me and I couldn’t meet him at our rendezvous point. I didn’t know he’d be stupid enough to broadcast what we were doing on his CORETECHS. Now they know I tried to leak information and they’re after me. I need to get off this station and start over. This is an exploding offer: give me the 500 creds so I can escape this station or let Dederick die out there.

  • Accept his price.
  • Bargain with him.
  • Threaten him.

(Strength check)

You pull your weapon out, and in one swift move, V7K is pressed between the wall and his death at your hands.

Me: Transfer the coordinates to me right now or I'll beat your friends to killing you.

He trembles in terror.

He says, Okay, okay! You're crazy! Here!

He transfers the coordinates to your CORETECHS and you let him go. He scrambles for the door and rushes out of the room without thinking twice. You don't have time to worry about where he's going, you have an old man to rescue.

Go to the coordinates in the Ruins and find Dederick.

Next area: Ruins, Estación de Amazon

  • Follow the trail.

The coordinates lead you to a large clearing with a few makeshift structures formed out of palm fronds and some hastily structured wood. An alarm sits in the center of the camp, and you can see a pale red light of a perimeter of motion censors positioned around the encampment. People wearing green bandannas mill around between these structures. A small fire burns in the center with a few people crouched around it.

You scan the encampment and notice one of the structures off to the far side is more solidly built than the others. It has a base created out of concrete and what looks like metal bars on one side.

  • Investigate the structure.

You quietly move along the sidelines of the encampment and approach the structure. A Mall wearing a green bandanna stands out front guarding the cell. Inside it, you can see the mountainous figure of none other than a sleeping Dederick Zeisel!

  • Speak to the Guard.
  • Fight the guard.

(Social check)

You step out of your hiding spot and speak with the guard. He seems shocked to see you.

Me: Hello there, Brother. I’d like to speak with you about Prometheanism, have you heard the good word?

The guard stares at you, understandably confused.

He says, How did you get here? Y-you can't be here.

You completely ignore his questions and go into the intricacies of joining the Promethean Sect, playing a role of one of their famously insistent missionaries. You tell him about all the evils of cloning technology until he eventually cracks under your strange brand of pressure and runs off to go cancel his cloning agreement.

You're left alone with Dederick.

Next NPC: Dederick Zeisel, Ruins, Estación de Amazon

  • Approach Dederick.

You approach Dederick’s cell quietly. He appears to be asleep in the mud at the bottom of the cell, he looks absolutely pitiful. His breathing is uneven and you can tell this thick, humid air isn’t doing him any favors. For the first time, he truly looks his age. The keys to his cell hang on a ring on the outside of his cell. You grab them and swing open the door.

  • Wake him up harshly.
  • Wake him up gently.


You gently tap Dederick on the shoulder and whisper urgently.

Me: Dederick! Hey wake up!

He awakens with a snort. He looks around wildly until he sees you.

Me: Don't panic, it's me <name>! I'm here to save you.

To your shock, Dederick’s face darkens with rage and he rasps at you in an angry whisper.

Dederick says, Get out of here, you idiot!

Me We're both getting out of here!

You outstretch a hand to help him up, but he swats it away.

He says, This is why I'm here! I came to get captured and you're ruining it! Go away before someone sees you!

You stare at him, dumbstruck.

  • What!? Why?

Me: What?! Why?

He says, I owe these people their revenge, I did something unforgivable. Look, if you turn around and leave I'll rig my account to transfer all my remaining credits to you when I die. I got no clone to come back to haunt you, and my daughter is well looked after, it's all yours. That's at least 2000, just get out of here and tell those ambassadors I'm dead. Pretty soon you'll be right.

  • Fine, die here.
  • Come with me or I'll hurt Katrina
  • Is this about Rosy and Mateo?
  • What did you do?
  • Drag him out of there.

Rosy and Mateo:

Me: Is this about what happened to Rosalina and Mateo during the Water Raids?

It's Dederick's turn to look dumb founded.

Dederick says, H-how did you know about that? No one in the Consortium knows that…

Me: I've been asking about you. Rosalina was killed in the Raids and Mateo was orphaned.

Dederick nods, close to tears at the reminder.

He says, My poor Rosy was killed because of me. My Mateo is the leader of this here gang, "M" they call him. They've been killing all the high ranking officials behind the Water Raids. My friends have been dropping like flies and I knew I was next. I wanted Mateo to kill me himself. I knew it's what he'd want. It's the right thing to do. You must understand why I need to die here then. It's all that will bring my Mateo and all the people I hurt the peace they deserve.

  • Come back for Cosmo.
  • You're right.
  • Dying won't fix this.
  • Drag him out of there.
  • You're so selfish.

Dying won't fix:
(Social check)

Me: The only thing dying will do is add another life to the those lose during the Water Raids. Dying to give Mateo his "revenge" is the easy way out, and it could cause huge damage to the Consortium's relationship with Sol. If you want to help Mateo, foster peace with Gaule. Apologize to Mateo. Tell the Consortium what really happened here, take responsibility, Dederick. Dying is the coward's way out.

Dederick's eyes well with tears. He wipes some of the mud off of his face pathetically.

He says, I'm so tired. I just want it to be over.

You drag Dederick to his feet.

Me: We're all tired. Come on.

Dederick follows timidly as you lead him out of the Ruins and away from the encampment.

  • Quietly escape.

(Agility check)

You manage to avoid detection and sneak out of the encampment.

Return with Dederick to the Consortium Embassy.

Next NPC: Cosmo Jana, Consortium Embassy, Estación de Amazon

  • Return to Cosmo with Dederick.

You return to the Consortium Embassy to find Cosmo outside. He's walking with a cane for support, his husband at his side, tending the garden together.

When Cosmo sees you approach with Dederick at your side, Gerold has to catch him to keep him from falling over with excitement.

Cosmo says, <name>! I can't believe it! You did it! Mr. Zeisel, are you alright?

Dederick half smiles. He's uncharacteristically quiet.

He says, I'm fine. <name> made sure of it…

Cosmo can't contain himself. He hugs you tightly.

He says, Thank you <name> thank you! You've done a great deed for the Consortium today. Please, take your payment.

You have received 1000.00 credits.

Cosmo says, We are forever indebted to you. If there is anything you ever need, please, don't hesitate to contact us.

Me: You're welcome, but… you might want to ask Dederick exactly what happened in the Ruins. I think you have some things to discuss.

The two ambassadors turn their eyes on Dederick. He shifts uncomfortably between his feet.

He says, It's a long story. Best told over a beer or… maybe a tea.

The three of them head into the Embassy and close the door behind them.

You have completed the "Journey's End" mission.

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