Once a thriving community of shipbuilders, København was named for a ship that mysteriously disappeared long ago during the station’s construction. Enthralled by the legend of the vanished starship, the generations that followed established a shipbuilding industry that became the most prolific in the sector until it was nearly destroyed during the Catastrophe. The mark of København’s ship builders is still recognized as a sign of quality throughout the neighboring star systems but the station has never been able to fully rebuild its shipyard.


System: Sol
Affiliation: Consortium
Level: 3
Legal: Weak
Orwellian: High


Bank (Banken)

The bank is a drab and unassuming chamber carved into the stone of København’s asteroid shell near the supplies sector.

Professionally dressed tellers greet customers from behind clean desks. In the corner, a pudgy guard sits on a stool and struggles to keep his eyes open. Everything about the interior of the bank feels bland and mass-produced.


Brig (Jail)

A white brick wall surrounds three tan buildings. People slowly wander the grounds, some with brooms and dustpans and others aimlessly walking the perimeter.

The front gate checkpoint leads to an outbuilding where newcomers are greeted and forms are filled out. New prisoners follow the signs to either the open or the closed facilities, depending on their sentences. The intake clerk jokingly explains to a confused visitor, “I’m an inmate from the open prison. It’s like a dorm, but I can’t move out for another 117 days.”


Clones (Clone Gestation)

København's busy clone gestation office shares a hallway with the gym, and the thumping music and sounds of exercise can be heard from its lobby.

The steady beat of an inspirational workout song echoes from the gym a few hundred feet down the corridor, and the tired-looking clone technicians move along with the music as they go about their work. Passersby in exercise gear peer in at the gestation pods and a few appear unnerved at the sight of the clones staring back with blank eyes. An eerie green glow permeates the room as floor lighting, saturated through the clone gestation fluids, washes the area in various verdant tones.

Available Clones


Employment (Employment Center)

Assembled in the shadow of a fallen ship, the employment center is filled with old-fashioned bulletin boards. The boards are covered in job leads, most trying to fill vacancies in the shipyard and port.

While the employment center isn’t a small building, it's all but dwarfed by the shadow of the freighter that sits behind it. The ship is cradled in a pile of debris, the broken remnants of the construction berth that once contained it looming high above. Many of the people walking to and from the employment center cast uncomfortable glances in its direction. While little more now than rubble left over from the Catastrophe, it was once an object of terror, falling from above to crush the people and buildings below.


Side Jobs

This is the right place if you are looking for quick and easy jobs.

Name Description Credits Statistic
Bar Singer The Mermaid is looking for performers to entertain our customers and help us hook new patrons. Do you have what it takes? Credits paid for good shows. 13.5 Social
Cloning Pod Mucker Clone Gestation is looking for individuals with a good work ethic and willingness to get their hands significantly dirty. Visit our facilities for walk-in work. 13.5 Stamina
Parts Courier Our warehouse needs someone to deliver part orders to companies in the shipyard. Speed and efficiency are a must. 13.5 Agility
Ship Salvage Station Administration is hiring workers to salvage parts from derelict ships in the wreckage. Report to Iwo in the Port to sign up for shifts. 13.5 Intelligence

Government Center (København Government Center)

Clean and professional looking, the building houses the governmental offices of the station.

København's Government Center is, perhaps, the station's most opulent building. Faux wood floors aspire to lend the center an old world feel while various holo-projectors wash the walls with images of København's glorious ship-building days, always reminding what was lost and still to be reclaimed. Government officials walk to and fro, conducting both day to day and Consortium business while a plethora of travelers seeking visas queue up at the appropriate windows.


The gym is filled with breathless people working themselves into a sweat on old, worn out exercise equipment.

The workout room is spare, with basic exercise machines and little decoration. Frequency of use have worn bald patches into the faded carpet and the weights display a wealth of nicks and scratches. Patrons work out to music blasting from speakers mounted in the ceiling.

You must have minimum combined physical stats of 30 to avoid injury at this gym.


Inn (The Mermaid)

The Mermaid is situated in inside the hollowed out hull of half an old freighter. Decorated with colorful, wide-eyed sea animals, a large, jury-rigged holoscreen mounted above the bar plays clips from an ancient, half-scrambled cartoon file of a dancing fish and a singing crab.

The inside of the hull of the once space-worthy vessel that makes up the walls and ceiling of The Mermaid has been painted a charming aquamarine color. Replicas of life-sized sea animals from ancient Earth dangle from The Mermaid’s ceiling. The rest of the decor is equally nautical, with large-eyed ocean creatures smiling from a seascape painted on the walls. Ancient navigational devices and globes that the bartender swears are real adorn the corners of the room. Dust motes are briefly illuminated by flickering candlelight from the candled bottles that light up the dusty interiors. The squat and thickset bartender, who appears to be of the Colonist genotype, is dressed in a ragtag assortment of what he believes to be ancient Terran sea-wear, and whenever a new customer approaches he sings in a jovial tone, “I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but I can tell you need a drink right now.”

The back wall of the Mermaid is the most popular with its clientele as large windows offer a scintillating view of Mars. Customers tend to sit and stare at the red planet far below, often talking in hushed tones and theorizing as to what secrets the ruins that are occasionally visible as the station orbits might hold. The entire room is suffused in the gentle light of the distant sun and the relaxed vibe is enhanced by the gentle notes strummed on a tiny stringed instrument by a gigantic and gentle looking man sitting in the corner.


"Galactic Destinations" Introduction

Space is big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space.
Douglas Adams

The universe of Tau Station is indeed a ‘mind-bogglingly big’ place. In an effort to make it a little less daunting, we’re launching a tour of some of the many places you may discover throughout your journeys in Tau Station. Read the first of our Galactic Destinations series below as you walk into an Inn on København known as the The Mermaid…

The Mermaid is not a subtle place. Walking inside, you might almost feel like the very nautical theme slaps you in the face several times before singing an old sailors shanty and scampering up the rigging of those ships that supposedly sailed across vast bodies of water so very long ago.

The inside of the hull of a once space-worthy vessel that makes up the walls and ceiling of jaunty establishment has been painted a charming aquamarine color. Replicas of life-sized sea creatures from ancient Earth dangle from The Mermaid’s ceiling. The rest of the decor is equally nautical, with large-eyed ocean creatures smiling from a seascape painted on the walls. Ancient navigational devices and globes that the bartender swears are real adorn the corners of the room. Dust motes are briefly illuminated by the flickering flames from candles that light up the dusty interiors.

Behind the bar, the squat and thickset bartender, who appears to be of the Colonist genotype, is dressed in a ragtag assortment of what he believes to be ancient Terran sea wear. Whenever a new customer approaches he sings in an overly jubilant tone, “I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but I can tell you need a drink right now.”

While each Inn you might visit in the ‘verse of Tau Station is unique and colorful in its own way, they also offer various useful functions and opportunities for the passing traveler.

Privacy and security are, in a dangerous universe, commodities that you might often find yourself craving. Renting a room at an Inn ensures that you’ll be safe and undisturbed for the duration of your stay.

Additionally, you will find the Inn a perfect place to train your Social skill stat. Nothing like a room full of chatty patrons to practice that charm on. Just try not to accidentally offend someone!

Last but not least of course, booze! It’s a crazy galaxy out there and sometimes you need to take the edge off. Assorted beverages will affect your stats in different ways, just make sure you can handle them!

So enjoy your stay at the Mermaid, have a drink on us, and watch this space for your next Galactic Destination!

Bar (The Mermaid's Drink)

The bar area of the Mermaid Inn, packed to the brim with colorful bottles both empty and full of dark and sticky liquids.

The many containers that adorn every shelf, corner, and wall of the Mermaid's Drink speak of festive memories of friends sharing a drink, some passed, some yet to come.



Hotel Rooms (The Mermaid's Pools)

Nautically themed hotel rooms with an ambiance heralding back to a bygone age.

The Mermaid's Pools are the hotel rooms that exist in the upper decks of the Mermaid Inn. Sounds of merriment below will often drift up and lend a comforting backdrop to these cozy rooms decked out in all manner of items that the proprietor imagines must hail back to the fabled days when men allegedly traveled on huge expanses of water.


  • 1 day: 26.8 cr
  • 5 days: 107.2 cr
  • 10 days: 187.6 cr
  • 30 days: 482.4 cr

Lounge (The Mermaid's Grotto)

A lounge area that sits atop the highest most level of the re-purposed derelict cruiser that houses the Mermaid Inn.

The Grotto exudes a calming, almost zen-like ambiance. Soft lighting placed behind images of what the owner imagines life on Terran islands may have looked like wash the room with hues of gentle lilac and indigo. Patrons from all walks of life sip their drinks in a slightly less raucous setting than the Bar area downstairs. An android waitress, a gift from Benevolent Dynamics to the proprietor of the Inn, quietly does her rounds, ferrying various colorful and sticky looking beverages back and forth. Some patron's eyes linger on her with a sense of disquiet, not all are comfortable in the presence of a machine that emulates humans.

Market (Supplies)

Mobbed by travelers, the market is filled with shoppers eager to spend a few credits while they wait for the work on their ships to finish.

København has a large and prosperous market block to go along with its busy port. Travellers and station dwellers mass around the stores and kiosks, packed nearly shoulder to shoulder as they jostle one another to see the merchants’ wares. The shopkeepers themselves struggle to deal with the constant influx of customers. Several shops have empty shelves and you can hear the owners screaming at their employees to move faster as they push to restock with fresh goods.

The entire area lies in the shadow of a behemoth sized cruiser, presumably a bygone of the Catastrophe that came to crash down and lie at a titled angle above the market. Lights and power cables, some attached to speakers through which various stall owners loudly hawk their wares, can be seen hanging off it as the denizens below adapted the giant vessel to their situation.



Here you can find many things sold by different vendors.

Storage (København Storage)

The hollowed-out wreckage of an immense freighter houses this storage facility. Dented lockers with dry and peeling paint line the inside of what used to be its outer hull.

A malfunctioning light fizzles in the depths of the storage area, creating eerie shadows in the bowels of what once must have been a great ship. Old passenger seats have been retrofitted to serve as seating around the locker room, and a thin layer of dust covers many of the surfaces. The lockers’ peeling paint matches the interior of the ship in an attempt to lend the area a more cohesive design, and each locker is marked with a logo proclaiming that it was made by Pandora Storage Solutions.

  • Small: 67 cr
  • Medium: 160.8 cr
  • Large: 402 cr

Port (Harbor)

København has one of the largest ports in the Sol System. Dozens of Consortium starships and private spacecraft wait in line for their turn to dock.

København's port is bustling with people. Frantic workers rush to make repairs and unload luggage and cargo, pushing their way through the streams of passengers disembarking from public shuttles. A variety of docked ships can be seen through the viewing windows, from simple cargo freighters to advanced patrol vessels brimming with weapons and combat arrays, and here and there what looks like a barely disguised freebooter craft. Above them all looms the giant red majesty of Mars, squatting like a sullen scarlet sentinel in the station's sky.

A large crashed and derelict cruiser, a remnant from the days Before, squats above the port, a reminder of the Catastrophe. The ship has been retrofitted to serve as a building with it's lower portions housing the customs and traveler processing centers. Shipwrights can be seen studying various ships as they dock and negotiating repairs with their captains, a reminder of how much knowledge has been lost to the Catastrophe.


Shipping Bay (The Arteries)

Attached to the ship yard at one end of the massive structure, the departing and arrival gates are situated to the opposite. On long mechanical rails, the huge phosphorous tanker vessels of Daedalus enter, load, then exit, leaving nearly as swiftly as they arrive.



A number of ships, cruisers, and freighters line the docks awaiting inspection and assignment to the shipyards for both study and, where possible, repairs.

Local Shuttles

From here you can travel locally with our public shuttles.

Ruins (The Wreckage)

The wrecked starships that dot the area show that much of the København ruins were once vast shipbuilding facilities. Ugly, uneven scars along the otherwise smooth walls show where breaches in the hull were quickly repaired after the Catastrophe.

The area known as The Wreckage is a vast and broken cityscape, a violent scar of the catastrophe that the station wears proudly, a grim reminder of what was lost and remains to be reclaimed. Rising up around the city's carcass like awesome spiderwebs are giant, jagged tears in the wall that have been patched up from the outside in an ugly and haphazard manner.

As messy and haphazard as the repairs to the walls look, the rest of the damaged area is almost breathtaking. Littered among the toppled buildings and shattered streets are the remains of half-finished starships that crashed down from the shipyards above when their restraints failed. Some are no larger than personal shuttles while others are enormous and would take ages of dedicated disassembly to remove.


"Galactic Destinations" Introduction

We fly ships we no longer know how to build, across stars we are charting all over again. Our knowledge of space travel and our ability to build space faring vessels are like two ships passing each other in the night. Thank the skies for København’s wreck runners, helping us reclaim this vital skill a bit at a time.

Maya Von Christova – Benevolent Dynamics

Welcome to the Wreckage! Our next Galactic Destination brings you to the broken city-scape of the ruins of København. Here, vast city blocks lie crushed beneath behemoth like vessels that once came crashing down onto the station when their moorings broke apart. The station wears this gigantic scar like a proud wound of war, a twisted reminder of what was lost, and what must be reclaimed. Read on below to learn more about this enigmatic destination.

The Wreckage

When the Catastrophe struck, each station was affected in a different way, shaping their course and culture in the darkness of the years to come. København was the jewel of humanity’s ship building world. Here, the best and mightiest space-faring vessels were designed and constructed and the station’s shipwrights were the best in the galaxy. Tethered to the exterior of the station, were hundreds of vessels, each in various states of repair or construction. Shipwrights and engineers could be seen working on these throughout the day and night, their personal lights blinking to and fro like luminescent parasites on the back of a drifting behemoth.

On the day of the Catastrophe the moorings that held the gigantic vessels berthed on the exterior failed. The ships, untethered, drifted free. In the resulting collisions, many came crashing down towards the station. Thousands died that day, crushed or burned in the inevitable flames that followed.

The Wreckage is the memory of this day. The broken cityscape is littered with the corpses of these once magnificent vessels that were København’s heritage. Entire city blocks buried beneath silent and broken behemoths. Ruined skyscrapers with smaller ships jutting out of the section they crashed into.

Wreck Runners

Wreck runners are a special breed of scavenger who have been born out of humanity’s need and København’s special circumstance. Buried beneath the silent ship cemetery of the Wreckage lie secrets of ship crafting that are now lost to us. Wreck runners have adapted to scavenging the vessels that lie throughout this vast area, bypassing long forgotten security systems and surviving the many hazards that a dying space ship can present. Their self appointed task is to collect knowledge and scavenge resources to try and help København’s shipwrights reclaim the lost skill of crafting a space worthy vessel.

Leave the men where they lay
They’ll never see another day
Lost my soul, lost my dream
You can’t take the sky from me.

I feel the black reaching out
I hear its song without a doubt
I still hear and I still see
That you can’t take the sky from me.

The Ballad of Serenity

The Wrecks

A heap of an area, willed with all manner of junk and detritus.

On any given day the Wrecks pivot between desolate emptiness and sparse population by desperate people avoiding prying eyes, bandits, and merchants looking for some cheap and interesting wares. It can be worth your time to pull on a pair of gloves and dig through the debris in the wrecks in search of something useful, just keep your wits about you during your excavation. You never know who's watching in the wrecks.

The Wilds

The darkest and most dangerous area of the Wreckage, rumored to hold the greatest salvage.

The Wilds are among the most dangerous and lucrative areas on the station. Hidden in the bowels of the Wreckage, the atmosphere is charged with ionized particles from the constant discharge of all manner of weapons. Syndicates and dangerous denizens are often locked in endless battles to secure the best salvage and hidden caches here.


Still battered and scarred from the Catastrophe, most of the shipyard is sealed off and marked with warning signs. The areas that are still intact contain dozens of ships undergoing maintenance.

København's shipyard is attached to the exterior of the station like an extra appendage. Airlocks lead out into construction berths where engineers and contractors in void suits work on various vessels, some emblazoned with the Consortium flag. The ships they’re working on include everything from small personal transports for government officials to military cruisers that could potentially house a crew of hundreds.

Much of the knowledge that the Station's shipwrights once held was lost during the Catastrophe. While Wreck Runners bring back new information on a daily basis, many of the ships here look makeshift and patched together using technology cobbled together, showing just how much is still unknown.

The entrance to the shipyard includes the office of the Wreck Runner's supervisor. The building is actually the hollowed out mess hall area of half a large cruiser with chairs and tables still attached to the ceiling (which was once its floor). The squat makeshift building is perhaps the most lively of the area, with wreck runners coming and going at all segments, bringing scavenged tech and resources for the shipwrights to pour over.

Ships for Purchase


Sick Bay (Klinik)

The waiting room of the clinic is packed to capacity despite being fully staffed. As quickly as the nurses lead patients through the cracked glass door to the exam rooms, more arrive to take their place.

Most people waiting sit in silence as they struggle to endure the aches and pains that brought them here. A few complain loudly as they clutch at wounds ranging from minor cuts to serious burns. The entrance doors slide open and emergency workers wheel in a screaming man in a torn, bloodied void suit. “We’ve got another one from the shipyard,” one shouts and a clutch of nearby doctors and nurses rush to help.


"Galactic Destinations" Introduction

København, once a beacon of industry, a station of shipwrights and world class engineers known far and wide as the very best in the building of spacefaring vessels. Now, after the Catastrophe, this station is a husk of its former self. When the Catastrophe struck here, it struck hard. Hundreds of gargantuan ships moored above the station, some for repairs, others being built outright, came slowly but inexorably crashing down upon the luckless denizens below. Cruiseliners, built to ferry thousands of passengers across the solar system disintegrated entire city blocks, other buildings exploded into fiery balls of deadly plasma as fuel tanks ignited or dangerous payloads caught a spark. In the aftermath, København’s people crawled out of the wreckage and, those that did, marvelled at their survival.

Today, the station is a wrecked shell of its former self with giant skeletons of once space-faring vessels crouching over entire city blocks like hungry gods. Yet it is also a testament to resilience, to the indomitable spirit of its inhabitants. Rather than give up, the people of København have learnt to adapt to their situation, and even more to try and reclaim their former glory.

Many ships have been converted into buildings, their now empty hulls serving as walls and ceilings. Brave scavengers known as Wreck Runners have been especially trained to navigate the dangers and ancient security systems of dead vessels, hoping to find resources and slowly clean up the graveyard known as, “The Wreckage.”

While much of the knowledge of shipbuilding has been lost, many people have come together to try and piece together what information there is and fill in the gaps with their own ingenuity. And slowly, the shipyards of the station have begun manufacturing vessels again, with corporations like Chamberlain setting up shop in the scrappy station, struggling to emerge like an ugly phoenix hatchling from the ashes of its previous life.

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