Koukoubani's Curiosities
Item Type Rarity Price
Aged Kodachi Hand-to-Hand Blade Rare 11,609.75 cr
Gambler’s Knife Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 7,022.03 cr
Joltkeeper 2.0 Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 21,771.40 cr
Shredhand of moritz Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 7,046.99 cr
X25 Burst Blaster Ranged Handgun Common 14,724.41 cr
X35 Bumblebee Ranged Rifle Rare 26,271.74 cr
Anti-Energy Scale Mail Energy Armor Rare 16,971.45 cr
Anubis Armor Energy Armor Rare 11,722.10 cr
Arc Dancer's Jump Suit Energy Armor Common 7,109.41 cr
Arc Dancer's Suit Energy Armor Common 8,151.79 cr
Arc Defier Trenchcoat Energy Armor Common 7,989.50 cr
Aurorahunter Piercing Armor Epic 1785 Bonds
G21 Armor System Energy Armor Rare 11,753.31 cr
Heavy Liquid Armor Suit Impact Armor Rare 11,615.99 cr
Spidersilk Suit Jacket Energy Armor Common 7,483.92 cr
Civ T03-V009-9.19x2-0.1 Medical Rare 3,139.63 cr
Civ T03-V010-10.50x2-0.05 Medical Common 4,082.14 cr
Civ T03-V014-6.56x3-0.075 Medical Rare 3,164.59 cr
Civ T03-V025-6.56x3-0.075 Medical Rare 3,164.59 cr
"Quick feet" Soda, tier 3 Food Common 555.52 cr
"Quick feet" Soda, tier 4 Food Common 867.61 cr
"Smooth Talker" Snack, tier 3 Food Rare 617.94 cr
"Smooth Talker" Snack, tier 4 Food Rare 942.51 cr

Located on Orwell Stronghold

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