Lab Waste Handler


Verde's labs produce a lot of waste. A bit of muscle is always needed to help shift it.

Start: Side Jobs, Cape Verde Stronghold


Shinji sends you a message asking you to report for your shift asap.

New goals: "Visit Shinji Kinsaka in the D-Com Area for the Lab Waste Handler job".

You have accepted the "Lab Waste Handler" job.

Next NPC: Shinji Kinsaka, Decommissioned Area, Cape Verde Stronghold

  • Talk to Shinji.

Shinji meets you outside the Testing Rooms' high-security entrance and signs you in as a temporary guest. He leads you inside.

He says: Don't look so spooked. You're not going anywhere near the classified stuff… In here.

You're stood in front of a door labelled "Non-toxic waste disposal". Shinji beckons you inside.

Shinji says: OK, roll them sleeves up. There's four trolley loads worth of chem barrels here… And four empty trolleys over there. Need I say more?

Shinji waits for a unit and then, satisfied you're clear on the task, leaves you to it.

New goals: Load 4 waste trolleys.

  • Load the first trolley.

(Strength check)

You pick one of the smaller waste barrels to get started. The label reads: "Ammonium Chloride (NH4Cl)". Something sloshes around inside as you lift it and secure it to the trolley. You continue loading more barrels until the trolley is full.

New goals: Load 3 more waste trolleys.

  • Load the second trolley.

(Strength check)

You continue your work, progressing onto some larger barrels labelled "Sulphur Dichloride (SCl2)". After a while the sweat is dripping profusely from your brow, but the second trolley is eventually fully loaded. You pause for breath just as Shinji pops in to check on your progress.

Shinji says: Tough workout, huh? You're doing good though, way quicker than I could…

Shinji rolls up his lab coat sleeve to reveal a scrawny bicep which he tenses and then jokingly pokes with his forefinger.

He says: These guns can just about handle a test tube. Anything bigger and I need help, hehe. Anyway, gotta go. I'll check in again soon.

The door slides shut, leaving you alone again with the disordered waste barrels.

New goals: Load 2 more waste trolleys.

  • Load the third trolley.

(Strength check)

With a huge heave you manage to lift the next few barrels onto the third trolley. One of them leaks a little onto your hand and you slightly regret not wearing gloves for this task. You try not to think about the terrible chemicals manufactured in these labs, nor what they do to human flesh and organs. At least this stuff is labelled 'non-hazardous'. You wipe your hand on your jumpsuit sleeve and finish off loading the third trolley.

New goals: Load 1 more waste trolley.

  • Load the final trolley.

(Strength check)

Your jumpsuit is clammy with sweat from the physical exertion by now but you somehow find the strength to finish loading the last trolley. The last few barrels are stamped with the label: "Cyclohexanol: HOCH(CH2)5 - CONTAMINATED/WRITE OFF" You wish you had more chemistry training so you could figure out what it was originally intended for. Just as you're staring at the chrome-plated waist-high barrel, Shinji re-appears.

Shinji says: Hard worker. I like that. I'll get these booked onto the next waste freighter… You go get some rest. And maybe a shower…

Shinji chuckles before wandering off again as a guard appears to escort you out of the restricted facility. On the way, your CORETECHS flashes with a payment notification.

You have received 85.00 credits.

You have completed the "Lab Waste Handler" job.

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