Local Shuttles


At the Port, you can find Local Shuttles which are used to travel throughout a local star system. Buy a ticket and take a trip to another station, or travel to the Jump Gate when you're ready to leave this system. As stations are moving constantly, travel times and ticket costs are always changing. Make sure that you are around when your Shuttle departs! The duration of a trip differs depending on the star system, the distance between each station, and the station's rotation. You want to choose a shuttle whose distance traveled will be low, but you should also be aware that you are not the only passenger, and shuttles only have a limited number of seats available. The moment all tickets have been sold, you will have to take another shuttle. Those with VIP status have the advantage of getting a last minute ticket, even if a shuttle wouldn't otherwise take any further passengers. Alternatively, you can go for an express shuttle, but instead of credits this special service is offered in exchange for a few bonds. If you're in a hurry, express shuttles depart immediately and travel slightly faster than normal shuttles.


  • You can train intelligence while traveling on a shuttle.
  • There is no Public Shuttle service to or from Caen Stronghold, or to or from any station in the Sirius system. You can arrive and depart only by either private ship or express shuttle Quantum Telepheresis, the latter costing 99 bonds per trip.
  • The "slightly faster" speed advantage of the express vs the public shuttle turns out to be actually twice as fast, so you get there in half the time.

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