Look for Trouble

You can "Look for trouble" for PvE combat in The Wrecks on any station. Each attempt to look for trouble consumes 5% Stamina and Agility as well as 10% Focus. When you do find trouble you automatically accept a combat campaign and have 8 segments to complete it. After the end of combat there is an 8 segment recovery phase, which can be continually halved with 10 bonds each.

Enemy level is based on the level of the station, with a possible modifier between -1 and +2.


Alpha Centauri A

Barnard's Star

L 726-8 A

Unspecified Enemies

Level Name
1 El Bandito Peteo
2 Looter
3 Footpad
9 Gangster
Ruins Rat
10 Thief
11 Ruffian


  • On June 27, 2018, the names of the enemies were changed "to ensure you have the final increased loot and such".
  • A google doc is gathering improved data, please add data there if you can improve the the list.

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