Lotta Olofsdotter


Residences on Tau Station


Lotta is a tall woman with broad shoulders. She keeps her long blonde hair in a braided bun at the nape of her neck. She scans the room with ice-blue eyes, alert and every vigilant. Lotta's Consortium military uniform is crisp and clean, the bars of rank over her heart proclaiming her to be a Lieutenant.





Additional information from the storyline

She's a Lieutenant, head of the Office of Special Investigations, a unit that specifically deals with corruption and is a division of the Security Consortium Security Services from Yards of Gadani that handle things like corporate crimes, fraud, forensics, and corruption.
I've found her in the Residences The Cone at Tau Station, where she lives, while using a tracker to find the stolen SCB503 security cleaning bot that Eleni Llywelyn was repairing in the Bar The Oasis Pub at Tau Station. She received me pointing a gun at my abdomen. She stole the bot to destroy it because it recorded a romantic meeting with Abre Jones that kissed her, which has high political implications given their respective Consortium and Gaule Protectorate affiliation, for which she could face court martial (Secrets and Servos).
She's a friend of Fellie Norbush, who helped wipe the bot's memory banks (Secrets and Servos).

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