The Lounge is part of the Inn and it is the right place to be in if you are looking to socialize.



  • Charisma just seems to come easy for you!
  • No scene is complete without clever you in attendance.
  • The beginning of the story was slow, but you held attention through to the payoff.
  • The person you're talking with says, “Thanks for listening. I really needed a friend tonight.”
  • The room is silent as you come to the conclusion of your story, then erupts into delighted laughter.
  • They came in surrounded by a cloud of misery, and left smiling after talking to you.
  • You're pretty sure that gentleman you were talking to just promised you their first born.
  • “You're such a charmer!” they say, smiling widely.
  • You’re the life of the party!
  • Your chatting attracts attention. They think your accent is cute.
  • Your long joke about the leaking box hidden under the bunk was hilarious!

You’re feeling worn out and don’t feel like socializing right now.

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