Luis Diaz's Shop
Item Type Rarity Price
ENT-SMG Ranged Short-Barrel Rifle Uncommon 11831.04 cr
Gaule Protectorate Stun Baton Hand-to-Hand Club Common 8190.72 cr
Staff of Minos Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 3318.00 cr
Patchwork Long Coat Impact Armor Common 815.28 cr
Reinforced Hitatare Impact Armor Common 6560.16 cr
Shabby Uniform Impact Armor Common 910.08 cr
Takko Tunic Impact Armor Epic 2390 Bonds
Minor Military Stim, v5.1.030 Medical Epic 44 Bonds
Standard Military Stim, v5.2.015 Medical Epic 58 Bonds
Standard Strength Stim, v2.2.001 Medical Common 293.88 cr

Located on EstaciĆ³n de Amazon

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