MacGuinness Fitness and Finery
Items Type Rarity Tier Currency Price in Bonds1
"Last Longer" Chew bar, tier 1 Food Rare 1
"Last Longer" Chew bar, tier 2 Food Rare 2
"Staying Power" Seltzer, tier 1 Food Common 1
"Staying Power" Seltzer, tier 2 Food Common 2
Anti-Energy Vest Armor Common 1
Carbon Club Weapon Uncommon 1
Carby Weapon Common 1
Cracked Bodysuit Armor Common 1
Crude Manriki Weapon Common 1
EntrepreneurC481 Weapon Rare 1
Filtration Pipe Weapon Rare 1
LCVG-X10 Armor Rare 1
Light Anti-Energy Scale Mail Armor Epic 1 Bonds 723
Mil T01-V023-3.93x4-0.03 Medical Epic 1 Bonds 13
Mildewed Leather Duster Armor Common 1
New Notthingham Tipstaff Weapon Uncommon 1
Pipe Mail Armor Common 1
Plastic Jumpsuit Armor Uncommon 1
Pole Pike Weapon Common 1
Putrid Plate Mail Armor Common 1
Ruins Rat Armor Armor Epic 1 Bonds 728
Rusty Shotel Weapon Uncommon 1
Slug Rifle Weapon Uncommon 1
Soldering Wand Weapon Rare 1
TacticC11 Weapon Epic 1 Bonds 720
Tight Bundle of Wires Weapon Common 1
Time-Worn Stun Baton Weapon Uncommon 1
Vera Weapon Uncommon 1

Located on Daedalus

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