Mail Delivery Person


The people of Little Earth need their mail! Will you be the one to deliver it to them and put smiles on the faces of so many people?

Start: Side Jobs, L 726-8 Jump Gate


You are given your first satchel of mail and told to go begin your deliver route in the Township of Little Earth.

New goals: "Go to the Township of Little Earth and deliver everything in your satchel.".

You have accepted the "Mail Delivery Person" job.

Next area: Residences, L 726-8 Jump Gate

  • Deliver a package to 24 Hill Drive.

(Stamina and Intelligence check)

You navigate your way through the winding cul-de-sac of Little Earth and manage to find 24 Hill Drive.

You drop off your first package and go on your way.

  • Deliver a package to 33 Crescent Drive.

(Stamina and Intelligence check)

33 Crescent Drive is hidden behind some holographic trees, but you manage to find it eventually and drop off the package merrily. Next!

  • Deliver some letters to 15 Primrose Avenue.

(Stamina and Intelligence check)

As you approach 15 Primrose Avenue, you see a man screaming and banging on the doors of the home, dressed in a ragged suit.

The Man Says, Please! Cynthia let me back in! Don't let them put me back there, I don't want to be No One! I miss our daughter! Please just let me see Sarah!

The door doesn't open and no one stirs inside. You step to the side to allow several men in dark brown trench coats approach the man banging on the door. He shrieks when he sees them and tries to run, but he's quickly overtaken and dragged away, screaming for his daughter.

There are people outside, tending their lawns and reading the paper. No one reacts in the slightest.

You drop off the package as a chill runs up your spine.

  • Cheerfully deliver a package to 22 Cherrybush Road.

(Stamina and Intelligence and Social check)

You struggle to keep smiling despite what you just witnessed, but you manage to do it.

You drop off your final package at 22 Cherrybush road under the hot gazes of the people strolling the streets of Little Earth.

Go speak with Arnold Chatwick to get paid.

Next NPC: Arnold Chatwick, Residences, L 726-8 Jump Gate

  • Speak with Arnold Chatwick

You meet up with the head of the Post, Arnold Chatwick on the outskirts of town.

He says, Ah, excellent! Everything delivered quickly and correctly, wonderful job! How did you enjoy your first shift?

  • "It was great!"
  • "It was a little disturbing."


Me: I saw a man forcibly dragged away from his home and family and no one even reacted. It was honestly kind of disturbing.

The merriment drains out of Arnold's face for a moment. He glances around and then leans in to speak with you in a hushed tone.

He says, You best not say things like that. The Mayor is watching.

He brightens up again and gives you your credits.

He says, Safe travels to you! Thank you for your service to this community!


Me: It was great!

Arnold beams, pleased.

He says, Great to hear, mine too! Thank you for your service to this community!

Either choice:

You have received 50.00 credits.

You have completed the "Mail Delivery Person" job.

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