This is the place to be for anyone looking to sell or buy items. In a post-Catastrophe universe, everything has a price, and even a spool of copper wire can earn you a good amount of credits if you know the right person or vendor. The Market is the entrance to four areas: manage your Storage, trade with regular Vendors, visit Syndicate Vendors, or check out the Electronic Market, where individuals like you can buy and sell goods. Just go to your inventory and chose what to sell and how many. Not ready to sell? Put your goods into Storage.


Additional information from the storyline

About the København Retail Hub at København, to say that the marketplace is bustling would be a grave understatement. The rows of kiosks and shops are mobbed, with customers pushing past each other in the packed rows. You are barely able to move through the crowd, and more than one person bumps into you roughly. Above, lights and cables, strung from the hulking shell of a destroyed cruiser, sway gently (A Rude Awakening).

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