Matshwenyego's Shop
Item Type Rarity Price
Aged Stun Baton Hand-to-Hand Club Common 710.04 cr
Broken Slate Hand-to-Hand Club Common 805.20 cr
Consortium Jian Hand-to-Hand Knife Common 5636.40 cr
Consortium Stun Baton Hand-to-Hand Club Common 5775.48 cr
Furnace Pistol Ranged Handgun Common 739.32 cr
Vera Ranged Rifle Uncommon 1383.48 cr
Flak jacket Impact Armor Common 600.24 cr
Light Plate Armor Piercing Armor Uncommon 1412.76 cr
P3 Piercing Suit Piercing Armor Common 6192.72 cr

Located on Spirit of Botswana

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