McReynolds Merchandise
Items Type Rarity Tier Currency Price in Bonds1
"Deep Thinker" Cordial, tier 3 Food Common 3
"Deep Thinker" Cordial, tier 4 Food Common 4
"Nimble Mover" Candy, tier 3 Food Rare 3
"Nimble Mover" Candy, tier 4 Food Rare 4
Bodyguard's Tongs Weapon Common 3
Bronze Bodyguard: Longeye Collection Weapon Uncommon 3
Carte Blanche Range Hand Cannon Weapon Common 6
Carte Blanche Range Rifle Weapon Common 6
Chained Gaff Hook Weapon Epic 5 Bonds 2464
Civ T03-V006-9.82x2-0.075 Medical Rare 3
Civ T03-V013-6.56x3-0.075 Medical Rare 3
Dissident Disincliner Weapon Common 5
Heavy Liquid Armor Suit Armor Rare 3
Ice Miner's Technician Jumpsuit Armor Common 4
Ice Miner’s Jumpsuit Armor Common 4
Ionic Armor Armor Uncommon 3
Jury Rigged Longeye Weapon Common 3
Medium Nano-Suit Armor Uncommon 3
Mil T03-V015-6.24x4-0.03 Medical Uncommon 3 Bonds 27
Mil T03-V023-6.24x4-0.03 Medical Uncommon 3 Bonds 27
P3 Protection Suit Armor Uncommon 3
Schismatic Omniblade Weapon Common 3
Sinclair Diffusion Battlegear Armor Common 3
The Bronze Bodyguard: Blaster Collection Weapon Common 3
Yōkai Cloak Armor Rare 3

Located on L 726-8 Jump Gate

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