McReynolds Merchandise
Item Type Tier Rarity
DZ Shock Knuckles Hand-to-Hand Club 3 Rare
Diamond Walking Stick Hand-to-Hand Club 3 Rare
Iridium Mace Hand-to-Hand Club 3 Rare
NightC2 Ranged Shotgun 3 Common
Sharp Something Ranged Short Barrel Rifle 3 Common
Shredhand of moritz Hand-to-Hand Blade 3 Common
Silenced Song of Dotsent Ranged Rifle 3 Common
The Silent One Ranged Handgun 3 Rare
Anubis Armor Energy Armor 3 Rare
Arc Dancer's Suit Energy Armor 3 Common
Arc Defier Trenchcoat Energy Armor 3 Common
Arc Master's Suit Energy Armor 3 Rare
Aurorahunter Piercing Armor 3 Epic (1785 Bonds)
Coat of Ten Thousand Nails Impact Armor 3 Rare
Heavy Storm Armor Energy Armor 3 Common
Ionic Armor Energy Armor 3 Uncommon
Light P3 Energy Suit Energy Armor 3 Common
Medium Nano-Suit Energy Armor 3 Uncommon
Ringed Leather Jacket Impact Armor 3 Common
Civ T03-V009-9.82x2-0.075 Medical 3 Rare
Civ T03-V017-9.82x2-0.075 Medical 3 Rare
Civ T03-V022-6.56x3-0.075 Medical 3 Rare
"Deep Thinker" Cordial, tier 3 Food 3 Common
"Deep Thinker" Cordial, tier 4 Food 4 Common
"Nimble Mover" Candy, tier 3 Food 3 Common
"Nimble Mover" Candy, tier 4 Food 4 Common

Located on L 726-8 Jump Gate

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