Medical Test Subject


Jump Gate Medical seeks robust and hearty individuals for medical trials. Sign up now!

Start: Side Jobs, Barnard's Star Jump Gate


You have a job: Medical Test Subject, accepted at Barnard's Star Jump Gate in the Barnard's Star system.

Participate in 5 medical trials at the Sick Bay.

Next area: Sick Bay, Barnard's Star Jump Gate

  • Present yourself for the first medical trial.

(Strength check)

You're ushered into a room and given a small cup of fluid to drink before being tasked with lifting a series of objects.

Dr. Li seems pleased, tapping a few observations into his slate. You feel slightly queasy but it soon passes.

Complete 4 more medical trials in the Sick Bay.

  • Complete the next medical trial.

(Agility check)

Dr. Li gives you another dose and initiates a game of catch, observing your reflexes. A strange ringing develops in your ears, but he assures you it'll soon pass. Eventually, you complete the trial.

Complete 3 more medical trials in the Sick Bay.

  • Sign in for the next trial.

(Intelligence check)

For the next trial, you're taken to a darkened room and asked to wear a strange headset. Over the intercom, Dr. Li asks you a series of general knowledge questions. For a moment you struggle to remember the name of the Consortium Capital, but Dr. Li assures you that small memory "hiccups" are to be expected.

You're disorientated but glad to notch up another completed trial.

Complete 2 more medical trials in the Sick Bay.

  • Do the next trial.

(Stamina check)

Dr. Li hurriedly mumbles something before thrusting a needle into your forearm. You wince but, before you can protest, he repeats his action. After a quick scan of your pupils, a satisfied grin spreads across his face.

You get another completion stamp in your trial record. Only one more to go!

Complete 1 more medical trial in the Sick Bay.

  • Complete your final trial.

(Strength check)

Dr. Li seems excited about the final test. He inserts drip feed into your forearm, then watches as you execute a repertoire of simple combat moves.

You get weird spasms in your chest every few units until, eventually, the test is complete. You're given another cup of fluid to consume, before signing a liability waiver. A ward assistant sees to your payment.


You have completed the 'Medical Test Subject' job.

You have received 50.00 credits.

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