Ruins on Tau Station and Yards of Gadani


A silver haired man who moves with practised ease, Mikel has a barrel of a chest. and a strong, chiselled jaw, which is only partially obscured by the white stubble that covers his jawline. He looks out at the world with one wary eye, the other having been replaced with what appears to be some kind of tech.






Additional information from the storyline

Mentioned by Errik Mclure during a mysterious phone call about him being scrapped this time for sure. I've met him in the Ruins The Red Zones at Tau Station configuring the Omni Reality Engine and was on guard while I used it. He mentioned the time before The Catastrophe as Before. He's a hard looking man, dressed in dusty but durable looking leathers; fairly strong figure and wears what appears to be sturdy and well traveled clothing; gruff but measured voice; twinkle in his grey eye and flashes a warm and friendly smile; the apparatus over his left eye emitting soft whirring sounds; greying mane and bushy eyebrow; never saw him again as he had to distract the attackers; maybe I'll buy us a round when he catches up (Ready Player Everyone).

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