Missions explore aspects of the story behind Tau Station.

All known missions

Mission Level Station Area NPC Released P1 R2 S3 Sy4
CORETECHS Calibrations 1 Tau Station Port Fellie Norbush Closed α X 1 1
Secrets and Servos5 1 Tau Station Bar Eleni Llywelyn Closed α X 1 1
Ready Player Everyone 1 Tau Station Government Center Errik Mclure Closed α X 1 1
Prologue: Fighting off the Pod Fog6 (tutorial) 1 Tau Station Hotel Rooms Evangeline 2019-10-15 X X 1 1
Fly Hard: An Emberfest Tale 1 Tau Station Port Jelena Starkiss 2019-12-23 ? 1 1
The Bad Egg: A Reclamation Story 1 København Employment Vilhelm 2020-06-09 X 1 1
A Rude Awakening7 2 Tau Station Clones Tamhas 2018-01-31 X 2 1
X Marks Our Shot 2 København Inn Pompano 2018-02-07 1 1
Bond Villain 2 Tau Station Ruins Hennix 2020-05-01 X 1 1
Cloned but not Forgotten 3 København Port Iwo Closed α 1 1
Downed Quixote 3 København Market Corneel Closed α 1 1
Moemedi More Problems 3 København Port Iwo Closed α 1 1
Holy Work 4 Daedalus Bar Strabo Talos Closed α 1 1
The Lost Children 4 Daedalus Market Shadiya Reeve Closed α 1 1
Waste Not, Want Not 4 Daedalus Government Center Brother Alpheus Closed α 1 1
From the Ashes 4 Daedalus Residences Sister Fotini 2018-02-21 2 1
A System Shock 5 Taungoo Station Gym Yuzana Closed α 1 1
Freedom for the Press 5 Taungoo Station Inn Sho Sein Closed α 1 1
Symposium of Souls 5 Taungoo Station Security Sergeant Diao Bu Closed α 1 1
Smoke and Mirrors 5 Taungoo Station Market Saya Khun 2018-02-28
First do no Harm 5 Sol Jump Gate Security Mazhar 2018-09-05 X 1 1
Beam Me Up 6? Nouveau Limoges Closed α
In the Name of Honor 6? Nouveau Limoges Closed α
Possession 6? Nouveau Limoges Closed α
The Hollow Ship 6? Sol Jump Gate Closed α
Possessed 6 Nouveau Limoges 2018-02-21
One's Own Hands 6 Sol Jump Gate 2018-02-28
She Sells Spaceshells 6 Sol Jump Gate 2018-02-28
Hailing Red Jane 7? Alpha Centauri Jump Gate Closed α
The Sleepless Ship 7? Alpha Centauri Jump Gate Closed α
The Tinkerer & Mrs. Star 7? Alpha Centauri Jump Gate Closed α
Beyond the Seal 7 Alpha Centauri Jump Gate 2018-03-15
The Chemist 7 Moissan Station Bar Drab Tooth 2018-03-15
The Damsel in the Dark 7 Moissan Station 2018-04-25
Fun Gus Among Us 7 Moissan Station Market Fun Gus 2018-08-08 X 1 1
Absolute Power 8? Paris Spatiale Closed α
After the Harvest 8? The Ghost of Mali Closed α
All That Glitters 8? Paris Spatiale Closed α
Dark Star, Bright 8? The Ghost of Mali Closed α
Stealing from Ghosts 8? The Ghost of Mali Closed α
The Last Night in Paris 8 Paris Spatiale Closed α
Namesake 8 Ghost of Mali 2018-03-21
Shrine of Remains 8 Paris Spatiale 2018-04-04
Clean Slate 9 Cirque Centauri Closed α
Everybody Loves a Clown 9 Cirque Centauri Closed α
On Thin Ice 9? Spirit of Botswana Closed α
Poetic Justice 9 Cirque Centauri Closed α
To the Last Drop 9? Spirit of Botswana Closed α
Untamed Menagerie 9? Spirit of Botswana Closed α
Dear Heart 9 Cirque Centauri 2018-04-04
Dancers of the Night Water 9 Spirit of Botswana 2018-04-11
On the Outside 10 Yards of Gadani Closed α 4 2
Twisting Nether 10 Yards of Gadani Port Slyniti Closed α X 1 1
The Warning 10 Bordeaux Station 2018-03-28 2 1
Fair Game 10 Bordeaux Station 2018-04-25
Ships in the Night 10 Yards of Gadani Ship Breaking Mehreen Rana 2018-05-09 X 1 1
The Beast of Bordeaux 10 Bordeaux Station Port Aurelija 2018-05-09 X 1 1
By Any Means 10 Bordeaux Station Gym Augustine 2018-05-30 X 1 1
The Brinkmanship 10 Yards of Gadani Local Shuttles Baggage Attendant Troy 2018-07-11 1 1
Hello Stranger 10 Barnard’s Star Jump Gate Bar Yolanda Harris 2018-09-27 X 2 1
The Crossing 10 Barnard’s Star Jump Gate Hotel Rooms Egan 2018-09-27 X 1 1
Keeping the Peace 10 Barnard’s Star Jump Gate Government Center Orson Xian 2018-10-10 1 1
The Lion’s Den 11 Hopkins' Legacy Security Emmeline 2018-10-10 1 1
In the Crossfire 11 Hopkins' Legacy Market Oliver 2018-10-17 8 1 1
The White Lady 11 Hopkins' Legacy Bar Hugh 2018-10-24 9 1 1
Moments of Truth 11 Hopkins' Legacy Brig Martin Clarke 2020-07-17 X 2 1
Education 12 Estación de Amazon Market Oksana Yanick 2018-10-17 X 1 1
Enemy of the Gate 12 Barnard’s Star Jump Gate Port Dorian 2018-10-24 10 1 1
A Difficult Anniversary 12 The Maid of Orléans Government Center Ava Dusol 2018-10-2511 X 1 1
Hero’s Journey 12 Estación de Amazon Consortium Embassy Gerold Jana 2018-10-31 X 2 1
A Minor Offense 12 The Maid of Orléans Ruins Lieutenant Max Marchand 2018-11-07 X 1 1
Journey’s End 13 Estación de Amazon Consortium Embassy Gerold Jana 2018-11-0712 13 1 1
Send in the Clones 13 Caen Stronghold Market Cloister Vindaloo 2018-11-14 X 1 1
Stormbringer 13 Estación de Amazon Government Center Commander Luka 2018-11-14 14 1 1
Honor Among Thieves 13 The Maid of Orléans Docks Adda Core 2018-11-22 X 1 1
Ladybug and the Tramp 13 Caen Stronghold Lounge Paradox Virtue 2018-11-22 X 1 1
Family Matters 13 L 726-8 Jump Gate Interstellar Shuttles AGS Contractor 265 2019-04-18 X 1 1
The Curious Incident 13 Orwell Stronghold Market Nyx Bozic 2019-04-18 X 1 1
Riches to Rag-Tag 14 Caen Stronghold Hotel Rooms Henry Hephaestus 2018-11-30 X 1 1
Fanning the Flames 14 The Maid of Orléans Government Center Gaspard Kieren 2018-12-31 15 216 1
My Savior 14 Spirit of Tianjin Local Shuttles Greeter Paul 2019-02-05 X 1 1
Ghosts in the Machine 14 Caen Stronghold Bar Charly Anderson-Farrar 2019-02-28 17 1 1
Shadow in the Dark 14 Caen Stronghold Port Gherrek 2019-03-19 18 3 219
Solomon's Treasures 14 Orwell Stronghold Local Shuttles Criles Nane 2019-10-15 ?20 1 1
Dynamic Evaluation 14 Orwell Stronghold Side Jobs Eva Kypos 2020-06-09 21 1 1
Trade Secrets 15 Spirit of Tianjin Decommissioned Area Talisa Banks 2019-02-28 22 1 1
Clone of Contention 16 Spirit of Tianjin Gym Muscle Man 2019-03-19 23 1 1
Bloody Evaluation 16 Orwell Stronghold Vendors Stella Koukoubani 2020-07-17 24 2 1
Fool’s Gold 19 Cape Verde Stronghold Bar Jada Perez 2020-05-01 X 1 1
Down With the Sickness 19 Cape Verde Stronghold Decommissioned Area Shinji Kinsaka 2020-06-09 X 1 1
Unrequited 19 Asimov Freehold Employment Fareeha Adela 2020-06-09 X 1 1

Note: Sort order: level, release date, mission name.

There is also the option to accept some Discreet Work or perform Side Jobs.


You’re exploring the shipyard of København Station when you bump into Kane, the distraught owner of Citizen Shipbuilders. He’s recently challenged his rival, Chamberlain, to a contest to prove who can build the fastest ship, but now the day of the race has come and he knows he’s going to lose. He doesn’t really care how you do it, but he needs you to get the race called off and will pay you a reward to make it happen.

As you navigate Tau Station, your character will be offered missions. There’s nothing really unusual there; missions are pretty common in MMOs. A non-player character (NPC) has a problem and hires you to solve it. You do the work, get your pay and experience points, and move on. But we see every mission, even the short ones, as a chance for the player to interact with the game world and make meaningful choices through their character.

A mission is a story, and Tau Station is a game built around stories.

Some are fairly short and straightforward like the one described above, “Competitive Edge.” It’s just a side mission, a brief interaction with an NPC that gives you a little insight into their life and the background of the space station you’re on. Other story plots are longer and more involved, spreading out over several missions and stations. They may give you clues about what caused the Catastrophe, or delve into the differences between the game’s Consortium and Gaule governments. The missions in the game will take many forms, and with a setting as rich as Tau Station’s there’s no shortage of story ideas and themes to explore. What they all have in common, even the side missions, is that they involve player choice.

We think that stories in games are the most fun when you have agency as a player and can affect the course of the action. We also think those kinds of stories are the most fun to write, so it works out well for everyone. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the occasional “fetch” mission, such as when an NPC hires you to go to the next station over, pick up an item, and bring it back for them. Tau Station will offer some missions along those lines. But in most of the missions we write we’re striving to give you a more interesting, interactive, experience than that.

In some missions your goal is clear: the NPC needs you to do something fairly specific. But how you accomplish your task will be up to you, based on how you want to play your character. “Competitive Edge” asks you to decide how to go about getting the race canceled. If you like to be reasonable or have a high Social stat, you might appeal to Chamberlain’s better nature by reminding her of all the people who will lose their jobs if Kane’s shipyard goes under. Or maybe you’re feeling a bit more forceful and will use your Strength to convince her to call off the race through intimidation or combat. To keep things interesting, sometimes we throw in hidden options for your character that you’ll only find if you go looking. After all, Chamberlain can’t win the race if she doesn’t have a working ship …

At other times your choice will be less about how to do something and more about what you should do. You’ll be asked to make tough decisions, and the path that you take may lead to very different outcomes for you and the NPCs involved. Perhaps the NPC that you thought was the victim turns out to be the aggressor and you must decide whether or not to keep helping them, even at the expense of others. Or you could be hired for what looks like a totally legitimate job and discover that you’ve gotten mixed up in some criminal activity. Should you take the risk and finish the job? Turn the criminals over to station security? It will be your call. But be prepared to deal with the results – your actions in the missions can affect how much you get paid, your reputation with political factions, what information you learn, even who around you lives and dies.

And sometimes, as in life, you’re going to be presented with multiple options but with no clearly comfortable way forward or happy ending in sight. In a post-Catastrophe galaxy where most people are just trying to survive, it isn’t always possible to be the good guy and there may be no moral choice you can make. At these moments it really comes down to how you perceive your character and the game world around you. Your character will come to life through the choices and decisions you make.

What all this means for the game is that no two players are going to have the same exact experience. The actions you take and the choices you make in the missions can lead to very different outcomes, and those outcomes can affect your character elsewhere in the game and in other missions that you take in the future. You might find yourself in the game’s chat room discussing a mission with a friend and discover that you each got a different piece of information or reward out of it. Their ending to “Competitive Edge” might have been completely different than yours, and that’s part of what makes Tau Station so much fun.

Tau Station Notebook

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