Mobius Rex's shop
Item Type Rarity Price
Crude Charge Maul Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 2329.32 cr
DiplomatC28 Ranged Shotgun Common 592.20 cr
Docking Anchor Hand-to-Hand Club Common 4888.94 cr
Officer's Spark Nightstick Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 2303.00 cr
Traveler's Maul Hand-to-Hand Club Common 5356.12 cr
Banded Leather Trench Impact Armor Common 5546.94 cr
Light Spidersilk Flak Jacket Piercing Armor Common 4803.40 cr
Red Valboa Trench Impact Armor Common 5546.94 cr
Minor Agility Stim, v2.1.002 Medical Common 203.98 cr

Located on The Ghost of Mali

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