Moemedi Medical
Item Type Rarity Price
Student's Scalpel Hand-to-Hand Knife Rare 3001.38 cr

Located on Spirit of Botswana


Moemedi Medical Supplies

When you don’t have time to bleed.

In a galaxy full of danger, Moemedi Medical Supplies (MMS) provides valuable life-saving products and services. This no-nonsense provider of medical solutions has been known as the best option for patching yourself up after a firefight for a number of cycles now. The company got its start as squads of battlefield medics who tended to the wounded and saved soldiers regardless of side or affiliation. While they didn’t require payment for their services, they did accept credits and other valuables when they were offered in way of thanks. Many combatants happily gave away their plundered loot in exchange for keeping a limb or organ intact, and Moemedi’s business began to expand.

Moemedi continues to prosper today, manufacturing and selling meds, stims, and 3D printed organs that provide their customers with a second (third, fourth, or even twelfth) chance at life. Thanks to government contracts, they operate many sick bays and cloning centers throughout the galaxy, and many medics start their careers with the company.

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