Moemedi More Problems

Level: 3
Start: Iwo, Port, København


Why is Moemedi Medical seemingly involved in corporate espionage? Why is the Peerage on København? One befuddled and clearly in over her head field medic may hold the answers!

As you walk by the Shipyard office, you hear a loud argument from within. Looking inside you spot two impeccably dressed gentleman talking to Iwo, the Shipyard Overseer. Iwo's beard is bristling with anger and his face has turned into a bright crimson of barely contained rage. Planting his very large palms on his desk, he stands up and leans forward menacingly. He speaks to the two men in a voice that quivers with the fury of something very large about to explode.


As Iwo continues to shout at the two suits, you can't help but notice an embarrassingly obvious listening device sitting on the window of the office. An equally conspicuous cable runs from the building, winding back through the makeshift alleyways between the various hollowed out ships and buildings of the port.

You have accepted the "Moemedi More Problems" mission.

  • Investigate the Cable
  • Walk away.

Investigate the Cable

A quick and subtle investigation of the cable confirms that it is some sort of crude espionage device. Some halfhearted attempt has been made to conceal it behind the regular detritus of the port, however you can see that it seems to be coming from the direction of the shipyards.

New goals: Follow the cable to the Shipyard.

Go to the Shipyard

  • Follow the cable to its source.

Follow the cable to its source

You follow the cable as it winds through the back-alleys of the shipyard. You come upon a young woman holding a device at the end of the cable. It looks to be a crude screen portraying the scene from Iwo's office. By the look of her uniform she is a field medic for the Moemedi Medical corporation. She seems quite intent on the two members of the Peerage as Iwo called them. While they have not yet spotted her, it's only a matter of time as she is quite clearly terrible at trying to seem inconspicuous. If anything, her demeanor is only drawing more attention to her as passersby start pointing at her or whispering as they walk past the street.

  • Look at Faye Mulwray

Look at Faye Mulwray

Next NPC: Faye Mulwray, Shipyard, København

  • Approach the Moemedi Medic.

Approach the Moemedi Medic

You walk towards the young woman and note the disheveled state of her uniform. She has her frizzy hair tied up in a topknot and is absently chewing on an immaculately manicured fingernail. At first, she does not seem to notice you, so intent is she on trying to eavesdrop on the conversation while crouched, quite conspicuously, inside the stocky bottom half of a derelict freighter. When she does finally look up in your direction, her large, Harsene eyes are ringed with dark circles and the faint patina of desperation washes her features.

Like some ancient animal, trapped in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle, her eyes dart left and right at your approach. In stark contrast to the blossoming panic on her face, she adopts an almost comical pose of casual indifference, one arm leaning awkwardly on the once mighty vessel's hull.

She says: Umm..hey. Can I you ser?

New goals: Talk to Faye Mulwray at the Shipyard

  • Question her.
  • Tell her she isn't great at hiding.

Question her

Me: What is it you're trying to do?

She blinks at you. Marshaling the very best of her apparent acting ability, she waves an arm in a offhand manner.

She says: Trying to do? Why should I be doing anything ser? I am merely trying to…erm…chill as they say.

An awkward moment passes as she awaits your response and fails to look like she is not also trying to hear what is happening behind the window.

  • Say nothing.
  • Inform her.
  • Threaten to expose the eavesdropper.

Inform her

You're clearly eavesdropping on the conversation inside.

Faye, as your CORETECHS identifies her, opens her eyes wide in feigned protest. She takes a deep breath as if outraged at you suggestion.

She says,: Why I've never been so…I mean.. honestly ser, nothing could be further from the truth! I am simply leaning upon this window. As it happens, this is where I like to, erm, hang out, as it were. It is my favorite thinking spot. Yes, the local ambiance and the particular way the light refracts from the, erm, the metallic junk here is just plain soothing is what it is

Her speech peters off in a slightly pathetic fashion, belying her lack of conviction.

  • Threaten to expose the eavesdropper.
  • Say nothing.

Say nothing

You say nothing, long moments pass as you stare at her. At first she tries to maintain the facade of feigned, casual disinterest. But, like a shaky house of cards, the longer you stare at her, the more she gets nervous and awkward until, finally, her shoulders crumple and she lets out a strangled sob.

She says: Please, please don't say anything ser, I'm just so terrible at this! But I'm not doing anything wrong, I'm not a bad person! I just.. I just need to hear what they are saying. That's all!

She puts her palms together in a sincere show of supplication.

She says: Please ser, all I ask is that you do not let them know I am here, I plan no mischief I swear it!

  • Offer her your expertise.
  • Leave.

Offer her your expertise

Me: Listen, if I leave you like this, you're going to get caught.

Faye pauses for a moment to consider your words. She nods at their truth but still seems unsure and nervous at the prospect of allowing you to help her. Her large, iris-less eyes, indicative of her Harsene genotype, stare at you for a long moment before she speaks.

She says,: Look, you're probably right. I am no good at this but I have no choice. I fear those two inside are working to undo something very important to me…to Moemedi I mean. I.I would gladly accept your help but…but I am not a charity. Listen, I will pay you for everything you can do for me. Moemedi provides me a stipend for necessary expenses and well, this is as necessary as they come!

She looks away for a moment and considers something, then nods to herself as if reaching a decision. She looks back at you, her chin raised, and offers you her hand.

Faye says,: So then this is a business arrangement, do we have a deal, ser?

  • Agree.


Me: OK, it's a deal.

Faye shakes your hand with a wary determination. She gives you a final long look, sizing you up before speaking.

Faye says: I hope I have made the right choice, I don't seem to have any recourse but to follow my gut. But my gut, I think, says I can trust you. So, what should we do?

She adopts a conspiratorial pose and look as she waits for your guidance.

New goals: Help Faye hide

  • Help her hide.

Help her hide

You pull Faye to the side and help her hide behind some debris behind the derelict freighter.

You and Faye take up positions on either side of her device. You're able to hear the voices from within but this time nobody can see what you're doing. One of the gentlemen from the Peerage is addressing Iwo.

He says: …is absolutely fine, Master Iwo. We accept your restrictions, we shall hire no wreck runners. We simply wish to add an addendum to your terms. We shall, of course, compensate you generously for accepting this tweak to our verbal contract.

You hear a momentary silence as Iwo's work ethics negotiate a truce with his greed before he tentatively replies.

He says: Hmmph.. what kind of tweak? and exactly how generous we talkin'? Not that I'd accept anyway!

You hear the sound of scribbling. Looking across the window you see Faye's brows furrow in concentration. After a moment, the gentleman from the Peerage speaks again.

He says: I have entered a figure on this tablet. This is our way of saying we understand you will not hire any wreck runners to us, and we would appreciate if you would hire none to anyone else for the next two days. We hope our sum will serve as compensation.

  • Go somewhere safe to talk with Faye.
  • Continue to listen.

Continue to listen

You look across the window at Faye and note the troubled look on her features. Her brow furrows and she chews on a delicately manicured finger nervously. Her eyes widen at the proposal the gentleman made. You put your finger to your lips and she nods in agreement, listening further.

There is a moments silence as Iwo reads the number presented to him. He lets out a low whistle of appreciation.

He says: So you're offerin' this sum in return for us to take a break? Why?

The gentleman from the Peerage takes a moment to frame his words. He smiles and replies.

He says: It is a donation Master Iwo, a charitable fund dedicated to the hard work that you and your wreck runners do towards the restoration of København. You need not tax your ethics one iota, you will hire nobody out to the likes of us. Simply take a break for two days and enjoy this generous gift!

Iwo thinks for a long moment, his response is slow and measured, almost torn.

He says: I love my lads. They could use a bonus. Sure as scrap don't know when else they might see one.

He sighs, coming to a decision.

Iwo says: Get out … you have your two days. Not an segment more. Just … get out.

To his credit, the fellow from the Peerage does not reply. Both men turn around and leave the shop. You look up at Faye and see an angry and defeated look on her face.

  • Go somewhere safe to talk with Faye.

Go somewhere safe to talk with Faye

You point further down the alley behind the buildings, indicating to Faye that you should move somewhere safer to talk. Still wearing a troubled expression, she nevertheless nods at you and quietly moves away from the window. The alleys behind the derelict ship that houses the Shipyard offices are a jumble of rusting ship parts and assorted metal junk. The atmosphere is permeated with tinny smells and stale air and you find yourselves a private corner between two alleys. A wing, presumably scavenged from an old space vessel, hides you in it's shadow.

Faye runs her hand through her wavy hair, a look of perplexed frustration on her face. After a moment's contemplation she begins to speak in a hushed voice.

She says: It seems almost impossible, but the Peerage seem to be taking measures to directly block my progress. Hiring a wreck runner was exactly my next move!

  • Ask about the Peerage.
  • Ask about Faye's situation.
  • Ask about 'wreck runner'.
  • Who are the Peerage?

Ask about the Peerage

Me: Why would the Peerage be interested in hindering you?

Faye squeezes her large eyes closed, pinching them with her fingers. She thinks for a moment before answering in a shaky voice.

She says: It's really a mystery to me. There is a chance that it's not connected to me or my project of course, but it seems highly unlikely. Either way, their mischief is directly affecting me now and I don't know what to do! I'm so close now, I can't let them stop me!

Faye's lower lip begins to tremble and she balls her hands into fists, fighting back tears of anger and frustration.

  • Ask about Faye's situation.
  • Who are the Peerage?
  • Ask about 'wreck runner'.
  • Agree to assist.

Who are the Peerage?

Me: You called them the Peerage?

Faye nods and taps her furrowed brow with a delicate finger. When she speaks it's almost as if she is reciting something automatically while another part of her mind is still pondering the situation.

She says: The Peerage are scientific community based out of Daedalus, they lean heavily towards a Eugenics type philosophy and are constantly striving to find ways on improving the human genome. The Peerage is also connected to the Prometheans, a secretive and sometimes violent organization with fervent, anti cloning beliefs, though some would liken THEM to zealots or activists.

Faye settles back into a thoughtful silence.

  • Agree to assist.

Agree to assist

Me: O’ll find what you need.

Faye angles her eyebrows in a look of surprise and appreciation. She clasps her hands in front of her mouth, lips pursed in sudden thought and the previous look of panicked desperation is replaced with sudden contemplation. The sounds of the alleyway are all you hear for a long moment, then Faye speaks slowly.

She says: This is highly more dangerous than just helping me hide, I will have to pay you a lot more. No, don't try to argue, I insist If you are to do this, risk your life for this, then you must be compensated accordingly.

Faye says: What you propose does have merit too. The peerage will believe that they can move with ease now, if indeed they meant to hinder me. Therefore we have a small window of opportunity here that can get us back in the game. You would have to head to the Wreckage immediately though, in order to take advantage of this moment and get well ahead of them.

  • Continue listening to Faye.

Continue listening to Faye

Faye's eyes take on a slightly reflective quality and she flicks her fingers as she manipulates her CORETECHS interface. As she furiously manipulates the digital systems that only she can see, she continues to speak.

”I am transferring all the information I have found on the research vessel you will be looking for. This is, I acknowledge, a leap of faith, but my gut says I can trust you. Using the information within these files, partial registration numbers, hull patterns and color details, docking details, what have you, I believe you should be able to locate the crashed vessel. We will stay in communication via CORETECHS. With a bit of luck, maybe we can find what we need quickly and before anybody is even aware!"

Your CORETECHS notifies you that Faye has sent you the files and she shakes your hand as the files begin to download.

She says: I will get out of sight for now, I'll try to keep an eye on the Peerage and warn you if they begin to make their move. Please be careful my friend, live so that I can pay you!

She smiles slightly as she turns and moves down the alley, disappearing into the shadows.

New goals: Go to The Wreckage.

Go to the Wreckage

  • Search for the derelict research vessel.

Search for the derelict research vessel

After lots of searching throughout the ruins of the area, you finally discover what looks like it must have been part of a nacelle that fits the description of the ship you seek!

It took a long time but you stand triumphantly on the giant nacelle that must surely have come from the vessel Faye described. It lies buried in the rubble of a half destroyed building that looks like it must have housed hundreds of living quarters at one time. The ship is not here but it is likely the nacelle itself was ripped off during impact. The ship must be close-by!

You stand amidst the detritus of what must have once been a residential area. Several different ships seem to have crashed into this quadrant and, judging by the blackened, melted buildings, one or two engine cores must surely have exploded at that time.

Throughout your trek through the Wreckage, you noted several gigantic vessels that lay twisted and broken but twinkled with interior lighting and fires. Shanty towns have been built right into the hulls of some of these once space-worthy behemoths, giving survivors a new place to salvage a home.

You send Faye a message, informing her of your initial success, before moving on.

  • Search for the derelict research vessel.

Search for the derelict research vessel

You locate what looks like a wing of the research vessel!

After an exhausting trek through a vast area that may have once been a commercial sector, you came across a half buried building with a wing jutting out at an angle. The wing fits the description of the ship you seek! You look down into the crater that the building is half submerged in and see that the vessel itself lies within, it's wing jutting out like the fin of some long dead monster.

The stale air hangs heavy around you, dust motes glitter in the ambient light as you stare down at the ruins of the building, enveloping the research vessel in a concrete embrace within the crater. The main building as well as the body of the ship lie hundreds of feet beneath you. As you contemplate a path down the wing, you are startled by the sudden notification of a message on your CORETECHS. Even more surprising is that the face of the sender matches one of the gentlemen of the Peerage!

The message begins to play and you hear the crisp, enunciated accent of the man that was speaking to Iwo back at the shipyards.

He says: Hello there! We have been watching your progress with much interest, you are a very skilled and resourceful fellow. How fortuitous for Miss Mulwray that she managed to secure your services in such short order! Very sneaky. We understand you are currently within her employ, but we wish to present a counteroffer. When you find what she seeks, give it to us and we shall pay you thrice what she has offered you. We assure you that our employers have more than enough resources that reneging on such an offer would not be worth our time. You do not even require to trust us, as paying you such an amount is negligible to us. That said, our employer would also have far more use for what you seek. We leave you with a parting thought, has Miss Mulwray even told you the truth about what she intends? Has she told you about a Mr Phineus Mulwray?

With that final confusing tidbit, the message ends.

  • Ask Faye about Phineus Mulwray

Ask Faye about Phineus Mulwray

You call Faye via your CORETECHS. Her voice comes in clearly but she speaks in hushed tones, as if she is hiding somewhere. She begins to ask you questions about your progress excitedly, but when you ask her about Phineus, she falls silent. Long moments pass until she finally responds.

She says: How did … where did you … the Peerage. They must have told you that name. They really are here because of me. But how could they know? To know about this level of detail, to have tracked me so successfully, the implications are staggering. The resources they must have at their disposal …

There is a moment of silence while she ponders this until she remembers that she hasn't answered your question.

She says: I know why they told you about Phineus, I realize they seek to break the trust between us. That suggests they have also made you an offer. Please understand that whatever they want, it cannot be good. As for us, I have not lied to you, I promise. What I do is for Moemedi, I do work for them. I just have my own needs. All I did was omit this detail, but you see, it was highly personal. I am seeking a group of men and women, they are a legend really. People hardly even know about them. They are known as the Mephistophelites. A small and secret group of people who are rumored to have been alive since well before the Catastrophe. They've used cloning to stay alive for hundreds and hundreds of cycles.

  • Continue listening to Faye,

Continue listening to Faye

Faye pauses and takes a deep breath before continuing.

She says: Phineus Mulwray is my ancestor… I mean, he is my father….

She sighs.

She says: He is both.

Faye pauses again, whether to allow you to digest this information or because acknowledging it was difficult for her is unsure. Either way, a long moment passes before she speaks again.

She says: I … I know this must sound bizarre to you. It sounds unbelievable to me too. But if what I have discovered is correct, Phineus was alive hundreds of cycles ago and I am his descendant. Phineus is also still alive and I am his daughter as well! It all sounds like some sort of genetic soap operatic dream… this is the reason, at least part of the reason, I am seeking what is rumored to have been on the research vessel. It could help me find Phineus!

  • Make your way down the wing into the ship.

Make your way down the wing into the ship

Slipping and sliding, you manage to slide down the gargantuan wing until you reach the hull of the science vessel. Parts of it are buried under the rubble of the building it long ago crashed into but you manage to locate an entry-port. As luck would have it, the hatchway is partly torn away and you're able to jam yourself inside.

The air within the vessel has a strangely fresh and metallic quality to it, suggesting some sort of life support systems may even still be online. Carefully, you proceed deeper into the interior.

The corridors, or what is left of them, appear to be a strange, mint green color. Some light filters in from outside but certain sections are intermittently lit by flickering internal lighting. It seems amazing, but there is definitely still some power in the vessel.

This is confirmed when you arrive at an internal hatchway, it is locked off by the ships still functioning security systems.

  • Find another route.
  • Hack your way through the security systems.

Find another route

You find a route through the vents.

You break into a vent on the side of the corridor. After a long and circuitous route, squeezing through some pretty tight spaces, you finally drop into the area on the other side of the locked bulkhead. Flickering lighting weakly illuminates the science station and gives it a fey, unearthly atmosphere. Dust motes catch the light and flicker like ethereal fireflies. You approach a terminal that is labeled Genome Correlation Systems.

  • Call Faye on your CORETECHS.

Call Faye on your CORETECHS

You call Faye and send her images of what you have found via the CORETECHS. She eagerly uploads everything and erupts in a frenzy of excited technobabble. In a reverently hushed voice she seems to describe everything she sees in the image, excitedly theorizing as to the purpose of one button or the use of another. Then, suddenly, her voice slows down.

She says: But this…this system is far more advanced than anything I conceived. This system could, in theory, analyze, track, and identify individual genetic makeup across any number of systems. I…I could easily locate Phineus, furthermore, the implications for Moemedi would be staggering. Think of the good that could be done! But that is why the Peerage must want it too…or no, not the Peerage. You said they were working for someone. The only ones who could possibly be interested in this are Prometheus! They could track and identify clones across the whole galaxy! It's true then, the Peerage must be working with Prometheus, it only makes sense.

Faye stops talking, you can hear the sounds of quiet sobbing begin to come through from her side. Eventually, she speaks again, her voice shaking with frustration and determination.

She says: I can't believe this.. I am so close. But, but the potential evil is so great. I must ask you…I must beg you to destroy everything you see in front of you. Please! It cannot fall into the hands of the Prometheans. The evil they could wreak…it is not worth it…and not worth my own selfish quest. Please…destroy it.

Faye cuts the line.

You find a credit chip on the ground, next to your foot.

You have received 15.00 credits.

You have completed the "Moemedi More Problems" mission.

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