My Savior

A first-time visitor to Tianjin seeks a companion for the experience. Are you ready to sample this strange Carnival?

Level: 14
Start: Greeter Paul, Local Shuttles, Spirit of Tianjin


In the shuttle lobby, your eye is drawn to a man dressed in a pristine white suit. He has the air of an official and flits about the room, engaging others in short interactions. After finishing up with a pair of well-attired men, his eyes scan the arrivals foyer once more. Spotting you, he trots over, smiling politely and re-arranging his meticulously-styled hair.

He says: Welcome Ser. I'm Paul, the head greeter here. First-time visit, I take it? Don't worry, Tianjin's Carnival is a unique affair. It's normal to be a bit confused at first. But once you get used to the idea, things'll really start getting interesting… I'm here to help with that.

Paul winks, flashes a smirk at you, then cocks his head as if to invite a question.

You have accepted the "My Savior" mission.

  • Ask about Greeters.
  • Ask about the Carnival.


Me: You're a professional… Greeter?

Paul nods, gesturing at his surroundings as he speaks.

He says: The Carnival makes anything possible here. Take a moment to really think about that, Ser. The raw, limitless freedom of this place can be confusing for some… terrifying even. Greeters are here to help ease you in.

  • "So what can I actually do here?"
  • Ask about the Carnival.
  • "A terrifying carnival? That doesn't sound like fun."


Me: Terrifying? That doesn't sound like fun…

Paul sighs, as if you're slightly missing the point.

He says: Cirque Centauri offers fun, Ser. Like a restaurant with only one dish. Tianjin, on the other hand… Well, let's just say that here, you write your own menu…

There's an odd glint in Paul's eye as he speaks, as if alluding to some delicious secret.

  • "So what can I actually do here?"
  • Ask about the Carnival.


Me: You have a carnival here? Like a party?

You notice that Paul's eyes light up with every mention of the word.

Paul replies: It's why people come here… Even UV Ceti's flares don't stop them! All for the Carnival and its promise of pure… freedom. You see, Tianjin isn't some tired funfair. We offer the most intense experiences you'll ever know. Terror, joy, ecstasy… And in ways you could previously only dream of!

  • "So what can I actually do here?"

Me: This all sounds a bit vague. What can I actually do here?

Paul replies: Imagine you found yourself in a world, where you could be anyone or anything you wished, Ser… No rules or laws, apart from those you yourself create. It sounds like an interesting place, yes? Tianjin is that place, Ser. Welcome.

Paul pauses for effect, brushes some dust off his white suit, then elaborates further.

He says: Put simply, this is a place where other people are your playthings, Ser. And, thanks to clone back-ups, you can play whatever games you wish…

As you contemplate Paul's words, you notice something strange: many of those passing through the lobby are wearing electronic collars, emitting either a red or green glow. Is this station in the grip of some sort of odd jewelry trend? Paul is one of the few who isn't wearing one.

  • "No laws? Isn't that dangerous?"
  • Ask about the electronic collars.


Me: A place without laws? Isn't that… dangerous?

Paul smiles, nods once. Then shakes his head.

He says: All who participate in Carnival have chosen willingly to do so… Actors and Dummies are well paid here. And all have clone back-ups. Sometimes, our Patrons' desires necessitate this…

Again there's a knowing glint in Paul's eye as he says this, somehow both intriguing and alarming.

  • "Clones? So, people die here?"
  • Ask about Actors.
  • Ask about Dummies.
  • Ask about Patrons.
  • Ask about the electronic collars.


Me: Clones? So, people die here?

Paul seems dismayed that you're so concerned about the fate of Actors and Dummies, but does his best to explain anyway.

He replies: Patrons can do as they wish to our Actors and Dummies. Nothing is forbidden… This is what makes Tianjin so enticing. Clones provide the safety net. Without it, nobody would accept the job of being an Actor or a Dummy here.

Despite Paul's efforts to normalize the idea, you aren't quite sure how you feel about it.

  • Ask about Dummies.
  • "But, don't people still suffer? Even if they have a clone back-up?"
  • Ask about Patrons.
  • Ask about Actors.


Me: But, don't people still suffer? Even if they have a clone back-up?

Paul replies: Actors and Dummies are well-paid professionals, Ser. Suffering is just one of the many things which they're paid to do in service of our Patrons…

  • Ask about Dummies.
  • Ask about Patrons.
  • Ask about Actors.


Me: And Patrons? They're the paying guests, right?

Paul smiles and cocks a finger at you playfully.

He says: Exactly. Gold bracelets don't come cheap, but they're worth it… Whatever laws and taboos forbid elsewhere, Patrons can explore here. And our Actors and Dummies offers all sorts of possibilities!

  • Ask about Actors.
  • Ask about Dummies.


You ask Paul about Actors, wondering what this odd profession entails.

He explains: Some Patrons come just to indulge physical impulses. They require flesh, and little more… Dummies provide this service.

Paul pauses, watching your facial response as he speaks. Is he evaluating whether this abhors or intrigues you?

He continues: But some Patrons want a more structured experience; activities with context and meaning. That's where Actors come in… They're like Dummies, but also offer short narrative experiences. A body, and a character, if you will…

  • Ask about Dummies.
  • Ask about participating in the Carnival.
  • "Who runs this place?"
  • "That's all the info I need. Thanks."


Me: So, what do Dummies do?

Paul says: Ah yes, red collars. You'll see plenty of them. Dummies do whatever our Patrons want… Many have unusual physical traits or abilities, with which they hope to make a name for themselves. Novelty can be very stimulating…

  • Ask about participating in the Carnival.
  • "Who runs this place?"

Who runs:

Paul places a finger on his lip in response to your question. He eventually replies, somewhat guardedly.

Paul says: We don't gossip on Tianjin, Ser. Our Patrons are powerful and wealthy figures. Alongside all else, we offer privacy here, for those that want it. The Carnival is the brainchild of Etheel Hayes, Tianjin's owner and governor. There's little more to say about it really… Excuse me, I have a large group of first-timers incoming…

With that Paul glides off as silently as he came. Somewhere over your shoulder, you hear him greet another set of Tianjin newcomers. Alone again, you glance around. To your left, a woman paces back and forth between a bench and the doors of the main station corridor. Each time she nears the door, she halts, turns, and then returns to the bench, chastising herself under her breath. Your eye is drawn to the metallic bracelet on her wrist, emitting a hue of golden light.

Speak to the troubled woman, Anika Sinclair, in Local Shuttles.

Next NPC: Anika Sinclair, Local Shuttles, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Approach Anika.

You approach the woman just as she returns to the bench, sits down and fixes her gaze on the main doors yet again.

Me: Having second thoughts?

She looks up as you address her, first glancing at your neck and then wrist, before responding.

She says: That obvious, huh? I just can't quite get used to the idea of this place.

  • Ask about her Patron bracelet.
  • Introduce yourself.


Me: I'm <name>. New to Tianjin actually… Still trying to work this place out.

The woman smiles. Your presence seems to be calming her nerves.

She says: I'm Anika. And I could say the same about myself. Join me.

Anika pats the empty space on the bench beside her. You join her on it.

  • Ask about her Patron bracelet.

Me: You're a Carnival Patron?

The woman looks down at the thick, metal bracelet around her wrist, emitting its eye-catching golden hue.

She replies: Sure am. First-time visit. Got here a few segments ago, picked up my bracelet and… well that's about all I had the courage for so far.

  • "Why be a Patron if you're uneasy about it all?"

Me: Why be a Patron if you're uneasy about it all?

Anika emits a laugh, shrugging in response to your question.

She says: Maybe the ads fooled me! They say this place can change you… I want that. A new me… It's strange to say but… I- I don't really like who I am. Y'know that feeling?

  • "Not really."
  • "I'm sure everyone feels like that every now and then."


Me: I'm sure everyone feels like that every now and then.

Anika smiles and nods in appreciation.

She says: Thanks. That's nice of you to say. I guess, we all deal with it differently though… Me, I got the stupid idea that Tianjin can help. And I can afford it. According to their marketing surveys, they have a few 'scenarios' that can help me…

  • Subtly ask Anika if she's rich.
  • "What sort of person do you want to be?"

Subtly ask:

Me: Paul mentioned that Patron bracelets are quite expensive. Does that mean, er- …

You trail off before finishing your sentence, wondering if Anika will be offended by your nosiness.

She replies: Mean that I'm loaded?

She hesitates a little, glancing again at your face. Something about it seems to persuade her that you're trustworthy.

Anika continues: Surname's 'Sinclair', as in: 'Sinclair Biomeats'. Probably half the cultured meat you ever ate in your life had my name on it. But it's my great-uncle who runs it all. I never worked a day on it. Never worked a day at anything really… That's why I'm here I guess.

What sort:

What sort of person do you want to be?

Anika says: Ha! You're kinda direct, aintcha? I like that… I- I wanna be the kinda person who… does things, y'know? Had a lifetime of doing nothing so far and, well… it sucks.

Anika pauses for a unit, drumming her fingers on the bench as she thinks.

Anika continues: I think about the Catastrophe a lot. Maybe in the Before, everyone lived like me. Everything on a plate and done for us… But now? We need something different, don't you think? I— … I just wanna look in the mirror and like the person I see, that's all.

  • "How can a 'scenario' help?"

Me: How can a 'scenario' help you?

Anika says: It's not all mindless sex and violence here. There's "100% Immersive Roleplay" too, if you believe the ads… You can practice here. Try on a new you, without worrying about consequences.

Anika looks again at the door linking the shuttle lobby to the station's main corridor.

She says: I was feeling blue last tenspan and… ended up buying a Patron taster pack. It's called 'My Savior', good for feelings of low self-worth, powerlessness… Except I got a two-person pass cos doing it alone felt kinda… scary. And my friend hasn't shown up. Got cold feet.

  • Ask Anika more about the scenario she mentioned.

Me: The 'scenario', My Savior… What's it about?

She says: It's a short one. About saving someone from a gang. Empowering, apparently… I don't really know what to expect. But they reassured me it would be tailored for my abilities and stress thresholds…

Anika trails off, lost in thought, then suddenly sits up, giddy with some new idea. She stammers for a unit before finally spitting it out.

She asks nervously: You er- you could do it with me? Maybe you'll enjoy it? And I'll pay you… Say 500 credits? It- It'd mean a lot. P-please…

  • Accept Anika's offer.
  • Decline Anika's offer.
  • "I'm not sure. This place scares me."

If you previously asked about her wealth:

  • "500 Credits? You can afford more than that surely?"

Afford more:

Me: Sinclair Biomeats has credits to burn. Can't you afford more than 500?

Anika's face drops in dismay as you utter the words. She looks at you differently now.

She says:
Y'know what…Never mind. Offer retracted. I didn't come here to be taken advantage off yet again.

With that Anika stands, takes another look at the gold bracelet around her wrist, and strides off back towards the private shuttle docking bays. You're left alone again, watching as people arrive and depart on this rather strange station.

You have failed the "My Savior" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.

Not sure:

Me: I'm not sure. This place scares me a little.

Anika replies: I know, me too. But I gotta try. Please <name>. It's a simple scenario. We just gotta save some guy from a gang…

Anika is now practically pleading, hands clasped together, waiting with baited breath for your answer.

  • Accept Anika's offer.
  • Decline Anika's offer.


Me: I can't, sorry Anika. Good luck. I hope you find what you're looking for here.

Anika replies: I- Sure. Of course, I understand. Thanks for the talk…

With that Anika stands, bids you farewell and then walks off back towards the private shuttle docks, muttering to herself as she goes. You're left alone again, watching as people arrive and depart on this rather strange station.

You have failed the "My Savior" mission. You can retake this mission and try again.


Me: Sure thing, let's do it.

The words are barely out of your mouth and Anika is already nodding enthusiastically.

She says: Thank you so much! You can use the second Patron pass I paid for. Let's go to the Government Center to pick it up.

Despite her gratitude, there's also apprehension in Anika's voice now. She tries to hide it, before standing and then beckoning you to follow her.

Go to the Government Center on Spirit of Tianjin to pick up your Patron bracelet.

Next area: Government Center, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Collect your Patron bracelet from the Government Center.

In the government center, Anika transfers her friend's Patron pass to you. With a thumbprint signature, it's done. A clerk attaches your bracelet.

The clerk explains: Here we go, Ser… This helps us monitor your pulse, blood pressure, and stress levels… So we can ensure the experience stays within the limits chosen by Patron Anika.

The bracelet clips around your wrist and activates with a bright golden hue. On a large wall display there's a map of the station, populated by various green, red, and gold icons. A new gold dot appears on it, labelled: <name>.

The clerk says: It also helps Actors and Dummies identify you. And ensures Security won't bother you, no matter what you get up to… hehehe… So, ready?

  • "Yes. Let's do it."
  • "Actually, no… I don't want to do this any more."


Me: Yes. Let's do it.

Anika seems relieved to hear you say that. The clerk issues final instructions and sends you on your way.

He says: Excellent. My Savior is a popular introductory scenario. A great choice for your Carnival debut. Patron Anika is taking the lead, with Patron <name> in support. The relevant Actors are all deployed… A man named Foxx is your origin point. He needs help. Last seen drowning his sorrows with Synthehol in the Bar… May the Carnival bring you whatever you most desire!

With that, he bids you farewell and returns to his reception counter. Anika seems suddenly nervous as you head out in search of your adventure.

A man named Foxx needs help. Explore the Spirit of Tianjin to find him. He was last seen drinking in the Bar.

Next area: Bar, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Ask around for a man named Foxx.

In the Tianjin Taproom, a bartender wearing a green collar polishes glasses and stares dead ahead. Anika mumbles a query as to Foxx's whereabouts.

The bartender replies: Foxx y'say? That poor sap doesn't need anyone else on his back. Man's got enough troubles… Find him yourself!

Anika says: Oh er— … Of course. Er- Sorry.

Anika seems somewhat taken aback by his rudeness. She looks over at you expectantly. You start to understand that the Actors are trained to provide you with the kind of tests you need. And Anika's not doing very well with her first one.

  • Intimidate the bartender yourself to get the info.
  • Encourage Anika to keep trying.

(Social check)

It's clear that Anika doesn't have lots of real life experience. You suspected as much from the way she opened up to you when you first met. Now, on her first challenge, she's paralyzed by indecision. You encourage her.

Me: Think about who you want to be, Anika. What would that person do? This is the place to try things out!

Anika nods, processing your words, before taking a deep breath and turning back to the bartender.

Anika says: Ser, we're here to help Foxx with his troubles, not give him more. Best way you can protect him is telling us where he is, understand?

Her voice is somewhat hesitant, but it does the job. The bartender changes his demeanor.

The bartender replies: I'm normally suspicious of do-gooders. But maybe I'll trust you… You'll find Foxx at the market, runs a stall tucked away in the back.

A smile spreads across Anika's face, delighted by the progress. She mouths a silent "thank you" at you and points confidently towards to the market.

Find Foxx at the Market on Spirit of Tianjin.

Next NPC: Foxx Warne, Market, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Approach Foxx

The rear of the market chamber is a small warren of cluttered workshops, specialized in the repair of various items. But one of the stands is a disordered mess, with items broken and strewn all over the floor. A sign, which reads "Foxx Repairs", lies broken on the ground nearby. A distraught elderly man sobs as he shuffles about, picking up various pieces. He wears a green collar.

Anika says: Ser- Excuse us… Are you in need of help?

The old man looks up at you both, but says nothing. From beneath the goggles on his face, a steady stream of tears is flowing. He stands over some sort of power unit, connecting a loose wire with one hand, while fiddling controls with the other. Finally he speaks.

He says: I- I— … I can't take it any more—

His voice is jittery and broken, trailing off. He pauses for a unit, then flicks a switch on the power terminal before grabbing the loose end of the wire. Suddenly, his body spasms in a grotesque seizure and there's a burning smell!

Anika shouts: Foxx!!! No!!!

She leaps at the older man, throwing her body at his and causing him to drop the wire!

  • Check on Foxx and Anika!
  • Grab the wire with your hands!
  • Shut the power off!


You try to get over to where Foxx and Anika are lying but it's too dangerous! The loose wire still dangles from the power unit, brushing the metal table leg as it swings and sending sparks flying in every direction. The narrow tunnel is momentarily illuminated in a blinding light!

  • Grab the wire with your hands!
  • Shut the power off!

(Intelligence check)

You manage to decipher the strange markings on the power unit and flick a large switch on the upper right of the console. The dangling wire finally stops sparking as it taps the metal table leg. Anika is slowly getting to her feet and checking on Foxx, who groans groggily.

Grab wire:
(Agility check)


You swipe at the loose wire with your bare hands, but it sparks violently as it brushes the table's metal leg, evading your grasp!


Somehow you manage to grab the wire without touching the exposed end! You place it off to the side, just as Anika is getting to her feet. She flicks a switch on the power unit, finally shutting it down. Foxx grunts, then sits up groggily.

Either choice continues:

Foxx moans: Wh— Why did you do that?! Working for th- … them, I bet? Keep me alive just so you can bleed me some more…

  • Ask Foxx what happened to his stall.
  • "This is getting intense, Anika. He nearly died, right here…"
  • Help Foxx to get up.


You help the frail man to his feet, as Anika checks his pulse.

Anika says: Heard you needed help, Foxx. Tell us how…

The old man stands now, staring at the debris of his workshop.

Foxx mumbles quietly: Only help I need is getting S-S- Slinger off my back… You wanna get killed helping a stranger? I doubt it…

Getting intense:

Me: This is getting intense, Anika. He nearly died, right here, in front of us…

Anika seems a little spooked too, as she helps Foxx to his feet.

Anika says: Yeah, I know… This place feels kinda extreme. But— we saved him…

The old man stands now, staring at the debris of his workshop.

Foxx mumbles quietly: Saved me for what? So Slinger's thugs can bleed me some more?!


Me: This stall has seen better days. What happened?

The old man is sitting upright now, staring at the debris of his workshop.

Foxx replies: S-S- Slinger's thugs trashed it… My quarters too…

Either choice continues:

  • "Why are these thugs bothering you?"
  • "Who's Slinger?"


Me: Who's Slinger?

Foxx looks at you. You notice tears running down his cheek from under his goggles.

He replies: He's dirt. A thug. Runs a racket on Tianjin. Used to make me fix up his stuff. Guns, armor… One day, I said no. Now Slinger's making an example outta me… Breaks a bone every now and then. Or he smashes something up… I- I shouldn't even be talking to you. Th- They'll punish me for it…


Me: Why are these thugs bothering you?

Foxx looks at you. You notice tears running down his cheek from under his goggles.

He says: That's what thugs do… And Slinger's the worst. He's dirt. Runs a racket on Tianjin. Used to make me fix up his stuff. Guns, armor… One day, I said no. Now Slinger's making an example outta me… Breaks a bone every now and then. Or he smashes something up… I- I shouldn't even be talking to you. Th- They'll punish me for it…

Either choice continues:

Anika says: And Security? They don't stop him?

Foxx shakes his head, laughing cynically.

He says: This ain't some Consortium-run courthouse. Security do what ya pay them for, and I got nothing to pay them with.

Anika seems strangely calm as she listens to Foxx's answer. She glances over at you briefly, before putting a consoling arm around Foxx's shoulder.

Anika replies: Then I guess we'll have to help instead. Any ideas <name>?

  • Suggest threatening Slinger somehow.
  • Suggest to Anika that she pay for Security to help.


Me: If it's a question of cash, Anika… You have plenty, no? Shouldn't be too hard to get Security on Foxx's side…

Foxx is now listening with interest for Anika's response. She thinks briefly, but then shakes her head.

Anika says: No. There has to be another way. Solving problems with money is how my whole family live their life… But not me. Not any more.

  • Suggest threatening Slinger somehow.

Me: We could always… y'know. Threaten him?

Foxx interrupts: Slinger's one tough dreck… But I'd love to see him get a taste of his own medicine…

Anika says nothing, thinking it through. She seems to be considering it.

She says: What do you suggest?

  • "We could destroy something of his? Like he did to Foxx?"
  • "We could… break a bone or two? Enough to scare him off?"

Destroy something:

Me: We could destroy something of his?

Foxx says: Th- that could work. Dish out some consequences… might make Slinger think twice next time?

Anika says nothing as she mulls it. Finally she speaks.

Break a bone:

Me: It's Tianjin. No holds barred here. I guess we could… break a bone or two— Enough to scare him off?

Anika says nothing, neither rejecting nor approving the idea for a few units. Finally she speaks.

Either choice continues:

She says: Suppose we wanted to pay Slinger a visit, where could we find him?

Foxx shrugs and mumbles something about a den somewhere in the Ruins, but he doesn't seem too sure.

Anika says: OK. Don't worry, Foxx. We'll find a way…

Find Slinger and warn him off hurting Foxx. He has a den somewhere in the Ruins.

Next area: Ruins, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Search for Slinger's den.

You roam the Ruins with Anika, looking for clues as to Slinger's hideout. But all you find is the occasional scavenger, furtively digging in the dark for a piece of scrap or a still-usable ration pack. Anika seems annoyed.

She says: We're wasting time. Let's head deeper into the Ruins.

Explore the Ruins sub-areas to find Slinger.

Next area: The Wrecks, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Search the Wrecks for signs of Slinger and his gang.


Next area: The Wilds, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Search the Wilds for signs of Slinger and his gang.


In the Wrecks you come across a slightly twitchy scavenger who shudders at the mention of Slinger's name, his hand instinctively moving to a blade-scar on the side of his face. But he says little, clearly fearful of something.

The scavenger says: I c- can't help ya…

  • Ask about his scar.
  • Offer him 50 Credits for information about Slinger.
  • Convince him you'll stop Slinger, once you find him.


Me: Did Slinger do that to you? Let me guess, you said 'no' to him?

Clearly malnourished, the man is a sorry sight, shaking slightly as you address him. Your words are making him nervous. Suddenly he picks up his large satchel of scrap, throws it over his shoulder, and scurries off leaving you and Anika alone again.

Search the other Ruins sub-areas for Slinger's den


You proceed carefully, wary of what's around every corner. Anika seems nervous again.

  • Ask Anika if she's scared.
  • Suggest that Anika arms herself.


Me: You look nervous. Everything OK?

Anika replies: It's just… My family didn't want me to do this. Scared I'd ruin the business somehow. They think this place only exists to harvest rich people's secrets…

She pauses for a moment, wiping her eye with her sleeve before composing herself.

Anika continues: But I'm glad I came. This feels good… Even if it is only make-believe…

  • Continue the search for Slinger's den.
  • Ask more about Anika's family.
  • Suggest that Anika arms herself.

Ask more:

Me: Your family tried to stop you coming?

Anika shrugs: Think about it, <name>. The Carnival is a magnet for rich people who wanna be someone they usually can't be… Imagine all the secrets this place knows! And that knowledge is… power. Maybe they don't use it… but they could, one day.

Anika gestures at the exposed rock of the corridor walls, as if inviting you to gaze upon the very secrets of which she speaks.

She continues: You can let your guard down here… My family don't like that. Scared I'll spill some priceless business secrets to a stranger. I wouldn't be surprised if they paid my friend to stay away. But it didn't stop me. And now I have you.

Anika smiles again and you get the sense that this trip means a lot to her. Perhaps you're starting to understand some of Tianjin's appeal now.

  • Suggest that Anika arms herself.
  • Continue the search for Slinger's den.


Me: Should you be armed for this, Anika? Y'know, just in case… Things got a little crazy with Foxx. Could be even worse to come?

Anika says nothing, but nods her agreement. You glance around the debris wondering if there's something useful in it.

  • Search the rubble for a weapon.
  • Continue the search for Slinger's den.

(Stamina check)

After digging in the junk for a while you chance upon a discarded stun rod, of the kind used to pacify clones that get 'wake-rage' on being activated. A quick clean and fresh power pack has it working again. It won't kill, but maybe that's perfect for Anika. You hand it over.

Anika says: Thanks. Better than nothing I guess… As a last resort.

  • Continue the search for Slinger's den.

Continuing deeper into The Wilds, you hear distant howls of pain, echoing faintly down the station's eerie tunnels.

Anika says: Someone's having a bad time down there… What're chances Slinger's involved? Come on, hurry!

Anika beckons you forward and you try to locate the source of the intermittent shouts and screams.

  • Follow the screams to Slinger's den.

(Intelligence check)

The Wilds are a horrible warren of dark corners, winding tunnels, and ambush alleys. But somehow you manage to navigate the maze, following the sporadic screams until only a bulkhead separates you from them. You crouch and listen.

A voice begs: P- P— Pleaase Ser Slinger… I'll have it all in a tenspan. I— No, n- ARGGHH!

There's another howl of pain, which then gives way to whimpering. You peek around the corner to see a disused storage chamber, serving a different purpose now. To the side are a few tattered mattresses and what looks like a mini-shuttle toilet unit. Two men are visible; a bulky Mall stands over a smaller man who has been tied to a chair, and is having one hand pushed into some sort of agonizing liquid by the other man. Both wear green collars.

Next NPC: Slinger Bull, The Wilds, Spirit of Tianjin

  • Get a closer look at what's happening.

Alongside Anika, you edge quietly round the corner and move through the cavernous and dimly-lit chamber, careful to use the various shelves, crates and rubble for cover. Suddenly, Anika freezes, spotting something in the distance. It looks like Foxx! He looks bloodied and semi-conscious, and is being dragged in by a second Mall, who dumps him at Slinger's feet!

Slinger says: Caught a naughty Foxx, ain't we? What did we tell you 'bout blabbin, eh?

Slinger places a boot over Foxx's hand as he talks, gradually shifting his weight onto it and prompting a hellish cry from the dazed old man. Anika watches in horror.

She whispers to you: This is horrible. I know they can't kill Patrons but still… it's hard watching Foxx suffer. I- I don't know if I can do this…

  • Persuade Anika to continue.
  • Offer to take the lead yourself.

(Social check)

You manage to find the right words to boost Anika's confidence.

Me: Isn't this why you came? To be pushed to your limits… And anyway, if it's too much, just tell yourself it's all make-believe. 100% Immersive Roleplay…

Anika says: Yeah. I see now. It's why they picked this scenario for me… There isn't always an easy way to make things better… Right. Let's get to work. Slinger trashed Foxx's quarters, so I'll do the same to him! You free the prisoners, I don't want them getting burned alive here.

Me: Wha- Burned alive?

But Anika doesn't answer. To your surprise, she leaves your cover and runs for a nearby fire safety panel, hacks the lid off, then fiddles with the controls inside. Slinger is still distracted by Foxx, but the other Mall looks up startled!

  • Try to free Foxx.

(Agility check)

Everything happens in slow motion. It might be the Carnival, but the adrenaline in your blood feels real. Having set fire to some of the debris in the corner, Anika is charging from one control panel to another, ripping out the fire control systems! Slinger's now spotted her and charges at her, closely followed by the second Mall, while you shuffle covertly over to the battered prisoners.

Me: Foxx! Foxx, can you hear me?!!

The old man stirs as you cut the restrainers from his wrists, groaning painfully. You turn your attentions to the other man, just as the second thug strides over to you!

  • Attack the second Mall.

(Strength check)

In the debris to your right is a steel bar. You grab it and swing, with all your strength, in the direction of the oncoming enemy!

He cries: HUMPHHH!!!

The blow lands hard across his hip, knocking him off balance. He teeters for a moment, then falls to the ground. You hear a cry from over your shoulder, where a few piles of debris are now completely ablaze. In the middle of them, Slinger grapples with Anika!

Anika shouts: Let me go you— you- bully!

In the corridor fire control sprinklers activate, spraying out thick foam but those in this room remain inactive. It's getting hot in here!

  • Check on Anika!

You turn just as Slinger throws Anika to the ground! But, as he steps towards her again, she kicks the tub of corrosive liquid at him, drawing agonizing screams from the huge man!

Slinger screams: AAAAARGH!!! MY EYES!!!

He slumps to his knees, clutching at his face with his huge hands. Anika approaches him.

She says: Not as much fun being on the receiving end, huh? And it'll be double next time, ya hear?

Slinger is now whimpering and groaning on the ground. Anika gives him a jolt with her stun rod for good measure.

Slinger cries: OK, OK! I get it!

  • "Let's get out of here!"
  • Check on Foxx.


Foxx has now risen to his feet, and shuffles over to Anika.

Foxx says: You're… My Savior! For cycles I've lived in fear of these monsters… Unable to fight back… But you helped me! HA! Maybe now they'll be scared of ME!

He regards his injured tormentors with a certain degree of satisfaction, then grabs a piece of discarded metal from the debris nearby and starts hitting Slinger's prone body!

  • Stop him!
  • Let Foxx have his revenge.


Foxx spits: Bloody Basta—

Foxx raises his weapon above his head just as you step across and take it from his hands.

Me: It's enough, Foxx.

Anika seems grateful for your intervention.

  • "Let's get out of here!"

Slinger's former den is fast becoming a furnace. Anika helps as you drag the two semi-conscious Malls from the room and into the safety of the adjacent corridor, which are covered in a thick white fire control foam. Anika surveys the mess.

Me: Did you… er- enjoy that?

Anika seems lost in thought. You hope that this experience has given her what she wanted. A new message scrolls across your Patron bracelet: "MY SAVIOR: SUCCESS".

Anika says: Yeah… It felt good to take charge. Do something… But this place is weird. I— know the Actors are trained for this… And the medics'll patch them up in no time… But still. Maybe only psychos can really relax here…

  • Ask Anika if she wants to do another scenario.
  • Ask Anika for payment.


Me: Another scenario, Anika?

Anika replies: Hmm. People who spend a while here must get pretty messed up… I wanna change, but not in that way. I think I got what I needed already. Thanks for the company <name>.

Anika's eyes glaze over as she switches her attention briefly to her CORETECHS. Shortly after, the gold light on your bracelet switches off and the clasp opens automatically. Anika takes it from you.

Anika says: Enough festivities for today. I'll take these back. Kinda looking forward to taking the new me out for a spin on Taungoo now…

With that she turns, steps over the unconscious bodies of Slinger and his buddy, before heading off in the direction of the Government Center. Your CORETECHS informs you that she's sent you a payment.

You have received 500.00 credits.

You're left to contemplate an unexpected taste of Tianjin's Carnival and the strange sort of 'play' that happens here. It's not hard to imagine other Patrons putting this place to much darker uses than Anika's rather gentle confidence-boosting roleplay.

You have completed the "My Savior" mission.

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