Nayna's Shop
Item Type Rarity Price
3D Printer Brush Attachment Hand-to-Hand Club Common 5182.56 cr
Basic Tactical Blade Hand-to-Hand Knife Uncommon 1398.12 cr
Miner's Mace Hand-to-Hand Club Uncommon 9259.80 cr
Titanium Maul Hand-to-Hand Club Uncommon 9237.84 cr
Light Plate Armor Piercing Armor Uncommon 1412.76 cr
Padded Combat Suit Impact Armor Common 622.20 cr
Reinforced Hitatare Impact Armor Common 5065.44 cr
Spidersilk Robes Impact Armor Common 5658.36 cr
Minor Intelligence Stim, v1.1.016 Medical Rare 102.48 cr

Located on Spirit of Botswana

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