Blood tests are required to prevent diseases from penetrating the populations of the Iron Quad. Temporary nurses are required to perform the necessary amount of tests during influxes of people entering the other stations in the system.

Start: Side Jobs, YZ Ceti Jump Gate


Go speak with Jozefa in Sick Bay to get started.

New goals: "Speak with Jozefa in Sick Bay to begin your shift.".

You have accepted the "Nurse" job.

Next NPC: Jozefa Marianita, Sick Bay, YZ Ceti Jump Gate

  • Speak with Jozefa

You arrive in Sick Bay to find a handsome Patrician man administering blood tests to a long line up of patients. You get his attention and he motions to you that he'll just be a moment as he finishes up his blood-taking. Once it's done, he stands and shakes your hand.

He says, Hey there! Thanks for coming to help out. We're a little… over-booked haha. Let's get you set up and ready to roll!

New goals: Administer blood tests until the end of your shift.

  • Take a blood sample.

(Social check)

Your first patient is mercifully easy. Although you fumble at first to find the vein, they're patient with you and you're able to collect the sample without incident.

  • Take a blood sample.

(Social check)

Your next patient is more anxious about needles but you manage to distract them long enough to perform the test. You've done such a good job at distracting them that they're surprised when you tell them the test is already over.

Me: I'm getting pretty good at this…

You go through several patients without incident until you hit upon a man refusing to take the mandatory test to enter the Iron Quad. He's yelling about how all of this is a Consortium Government conspiracy to keep tabs on people.

  • Calm the man down.

(Social check)

You're able to calm the man down for long enough for Security to remove him. Even though he's been removed, many of the people in the line have been unsettled and are refusing to take the test as well.

  • Calm the crowd

(Social check)

You finally manage to get through to the crowd and dispel the anxiety rippling through them.

Me: Please, be calm! We're trying to help you!

Everyone settles down and agrees to the test once you explain again that it's only a safety precaution and their samples will be destroyed after they're given a clean bill of health. The rest of your shift goes by rather uneventfully. Some people are still disgruntled by the man's earlier episode, but they give you no trouble. You finish your shift and watch the last person in line leave. Jozefa approaches you.

  • Look at Jozefa

Jozefa gives you a friendly smile and a slap on the back.

He says, That was some damn fine work you did with that crowd. Well done, we need more people like you. The voice of reason. Please come back anytime.

He transfers you your credits.

You have received 80.00 credits.

You have completed the "Nurse" job.

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