Nyx Knacks
Item Type Rarity Tier
Ice Breaker’s Club Hand-to-Hand Club Common 3
Killing Moon Ranged Shotgun Common 3
Little Timmy Ranged Shotgun Common 3
Pip Hand-to-Hand Blade Epic (1790 Bonds) 3
Sharp Something Ranged Short Barrel Rifle Common 3
StealthSMGC1 Ranged Short Barrel Rifle Common 3
Sword of Many Truths Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 3
Unusual Stone Dagger Hand-to-Hand Blade Common 3
X25 Burst Rifle: Mark II Ranged Short Barrel Rifle Common 5
X25 Burst Rifle: Mark II.V Ranged Short Barrel Rifle Common 5
X25 Deadeye Ranged Sniper Rifle Common 5
Absorber Series Flak Jacket Energy Armor Common 5
Anti-Energy Scale Mail Energy Armor Rare 3
Anubis Armor Energy Armor Rare 3
Arc Dancer's Jump Suit Energy Armor Common 3
Arc Dancer's Suit Energy Armor Common 3
Arc Defier Trenchcoat Energy Armor Common 3
Deathwalker Armor Impact Armor Common 3
Impactfull Jumpsuit Impact Armor Common 5
Pembroke Holi-Tunic Energy Armor Epic (1785 Bonds) 3
Spidersilk Flak Jacket Impact Armor Uncommon 3
Stealth-Step of Shadow Energy Armor Epic 3
Thorax Bodyarmor: Barb Buster Series Piercing Armor Common 4
Civ T03-V007-6.11x3-0.1 Medical Rare 3
Civ T03-V012-9.82x2-0.075 Medical Rare 3
Civ T03-V018-9.82x2-0.075 Medical Rare 3
Civ T03-V020-10.50x2-0.05 Medical Common 3
Mil T03-V015-4.92x4-0.03 Medical Common (14 Bonds) 3
"Deep Thinker" Cordial, tier 3 Food Common 3
"Deep Thinker" Cordial, tier 4 Food Common 4
"Nimble Mover" Candy, tier 3 Food Rare 3
"Nimble Mover" Candy, tier 4 Food Rare 4

Located on Orwell Stronghold

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