Omni Reality Engine

Additional information from the storyline

I had my first contact with this strange old tech with archaic power conduits in the Ruins The Red Zones at Tau Station, as Mikel was examining a truly bizarre looking piece of tech with potencial information from Before The Catastrophe (Ready Player Everyone).

Omni Reality (formerly known as The Experience Machine) is the latest in human experiential entertainment. Users can log into a fully haptic virtual environment and, given sufficient funds, build any experience they desire. This reality can be either virtual or simulated, depending on each users' particular requirements (Ready Player Everyone).

The apparatus looks like some sort of stylized helmet sitting on an electronic pedestal. Various wires seem to run out and into outlets on the wall behind it and a small antenna array suggests the ability to connect or communicate to a network; one needs to strap the helmet looking thing onto the head, and simply look into the helmets "eyes" and your CORETECHS should do the rest. It looks both sleek and stylized, angular chrome plates fitted over assorted electronics. As you turn its 'eyes' to yours, you notice various scans and readouts begin to work in the corner of your vision as the CORETECHS begins to analyze an unfamiliar system, and then colours around you begin to fade (Ready Player Everyone).

While I've used it, Nozick and Robbie were mentioned (Ready Player Everyone).

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