Sometimes you will be asked to do things you do not want to do. If you are caught, you are on your own.


Primary: agility
Secondary: intelligence


Rank Title Credits Bonds Prerequisites Perks
1 Informer 12.5 0
2 Recruit 46.00 0
3 Surveillance Camera Operator 100.50 10
4 Apprentice Agent 174.00 10
5 Security Agent 267.50 20
6 Field Agent 379.50 20
7 Station Mole 511.00 30
8 Special Agent 658.00 30


Go to the different areas of the station to complete your career tasks. In time, your great work performance will be rewarded with a promotion and a better salary. But be careful! Failing your tasks too often can keep that promotion out of reach, and if the task is illegal or dangerous, you might find yourself in trouble if you fail.

The lower the pay of the task, the easier it probably is to do.

Name Rank Bonus Primary Stat Area Success Failure Risks
Listen for leads 1 9.00 agility Anywhere You position yourself into the perfect place to eavesdrop on conversations. You pick up some details that will be interesting to station security. You can't get close enough to anyone to overhear their conversations.
Make an intel report 1 9.00 intelligence Security Security was pleased with your detailed report of observations from around the station.
Make false reports 1 9.00 intelligence Security Security was happy with the information you passed onto them, though none of it was, in fact, fact. Brig
Monitor an SEC terminal 1 24.00 intelligence Security You see suspicious activity on the SEC monitors and report it to the guards. Pouring over the footage proved too tedious and you nodded off, failing to alert the guards to any suspicious activity.
Analyze camera footage 1 24.00 intelligence Security You looked over saved footage and found evidence to add to a case file. You failed to find anything interesting in the saved footage.
Alter camera footage 1 27.00 agility Security Eyes darting about to see if you're watched, you quickly erase a section of footage that incriminates a local criminal. Brig: "So preoccupied were you in your task that you failed to notice the two guards saunter over and watch your activity over your shoulder. By the time you were done, you had earned a one way ticket to the brig."
Go on patrol 2 39.00 agility Anywhere You moved rapidly through the station, your highly alert presence keeping illicit activity to a minimum. You fell asleep on your rounds and another guard had to wake you up.
Guard the brig 2 39.00 strength Brig Your presence intimidated the prisoners and so nobody caused any trouble. You tried to look tough but failed miserably. The prisoners point and laugh at you.
Apprehend a suspect 2 54.00 agility Anywhere You managed to trip a fleeing suspect and restrain them until the guards took them away. You tried to catch the suspect but they were too agile and broke free from your grip!
Plant listening bugs 2 54.00 agility Anywhere You discreetly planted surveillance bugs throughout the area without anyone noticing. You tripped and spilled your bag of surveillance bugs all over the ground, calling attention to yourself and putting the whole operation at risk.
Follow suspects 2 60.00 agility Market You kept a suspect in your sight as you moved like an eel through the crowds, undetected. You weren't sneaky enough. The suspect caught on and suddenly darted into an alleyway, disappearing from sight. Sick Bay
Solicit a bribe from suspects 2 63.00 social Anywhere A suspect payed you off to avoid being reported. Your hints that bribes are an option failed to get across to the suspect. Brig
Raid a residence 2-3 94.00 strength Residences You burst through the doors of the residence and subdued the suspects before they could get away. You kicked down the wrong door. The suspect heard the ruckus and escaped. Sick Bay: "You kicked down the wrong door. The occupant was neither pleased nor calm and you woke in Sick Bay wondering how it all went so badly."
Raid an illegal water harvesting operation 2-3 94.00 agility Ruins Your team of agents rounded up the criminals and destroyed their illegal harvesting equipment. The criminals caught wind of the raid in advance and had prepared a strong resistance. Your team was forced to retreat. Sick Bay: "The criminals caught wind of the raid in advance and had prepared a devastating ambush. Your team suffered many casualties and you yourself were badly injured."
Investigate a suspect 2-3 69.00 agility Anywhere You tailed a suspect and caught them in a crime. You lost the suspect in a crowd and ended up looking back and forth in confusion.
Infiltrate the embassy 3-4 117.00 agility Gaule Embassy Nobody suspects that you're actually an agent on a mission. Your cover is blown and nobody believes your story. Brig: "Your cover was blown and embassy security escorted you to the brig."
Conduct an internal affairs investigation 3-4 114.00 intelligence Security Your investigation uncovered corruption in the ranks and you were rewarded for your diligent efforts. While you had suspicions about some of your colleagues, you were unable to gather the evidence required to report them.
Create a security plan 3-4 114.00 intelligence Security Your plan improved security and safety throughout the station. You couldn't quite figure out a way to improve the current security protocols.
Blackmail a high ranking administrator 3-4 135.00 intelligence Government Center You assemble a dossier detailing the misdeeds of a local government official. Faced with exposure, they offer to pay you off. Your notes have several glaring contradictions. The administrator spots them and laughs in your face. Brig: "Blackmail is illegal, especially when the official happens to be the security chiefs second cousin by marriage. You were granted time to reflect on this in the brig."
Work undercover 3-4 99.00 social Bank Your target believed your disguise completely. You were painfully obvious and the target didn't let you get close. It may have been the fake glasses and moustache.
Eliminate a target 3-4 135.00 agility Anywhere You approached the target stealthily and quietly eliminated them. You were gone before anyone noticed. The target noticed your approach reflected in a window and disappeared before you could strike. Brig: "A pair of security guards noticed you creeping up on the target and pounced on you before you could finish the job. Your target disappeared into the shadows while you languish in a cell."
Leak security plans 111 intelligence Anywhere Your research turns up information about a protective detail for something expensive. The local criminals are happy to pay for the classified information. Your information is out of date and the criminals refuse to pay for it. Brig
Protect a high profile guest 4-5 129.00 agility Docks You stood watchful guard over the high profile guest from the shadows and, when danger presented itself in the form of a group of thugs, kept them out of harm's way. You lost track of your high profile guest and they were attacked by a violent group and sent to Sick Bay.
Foil an assassination attempt 4-5 145.00 agility Ruins You managed to foil an assassination attempt just in time! You apprehended a decoy assassin whilst a second one carried out the deed. Sick Bay: "You heroically leapt in front of the target to protect them. Unfortunately the assassin's projectile passed through you both."
Tail a high ranking official 4-5 144.00 agility Anywhere You were able to keep to the shadows and go undetected as you watched and listened. You were made and needed to abandon your target.
Bug an official's office 4-5 171.00 intelligence Anywhere You were able to use the few spare moments you found a high ranking official's office empty in order to bug it. You tried to bug the office but approaching footsteps forced you to abandon the endeavour half-way through. Brig: “So focused were you on your task that you failed to notice the official had returned. Or that they subsequently summoned security.”
Decrypt stolen intel 5-6 159.00 intelligence Anywhere You were able to decrypt the intel you stole and reported your findings to the client. You were unable to crack the security protocols.
Take a new agent on their first mission 5-6 174.00 agility Ruins You took the green agent on their first mission and guided them to total success. You let the young agent out of your sight and they bungled the mission for both of you.
Mentor a new agent 5-6 174.00 social Security You mentored a promising new agent into excellence. Your social skills were lacking and the awkward young agent gained very little from you.
Steal top secret Gaule intel 5-6 189.00 agility Anywhere You slipped into a Gaule official's quarters and silently downloaded top-secret intel onto your CORETECHS. You were surprised by the official's aid and were forced to leap out of a window. Brig: "The data you tried to pilfer was digital bait! Security apprehended you forthwith."
Uncover a space-shell ring 6 189.00 intelligence Docks You uncovered and exposed an illegal ring of space-shell smugglers. The space-shell ring went back into hiding too fast for you to expose them.
Keep the space-shells for yourself 6 225.00 agility Docks You were able to keep a good deal of the space-shells for personal use without detection. You were caught trying to keep space-shells and had to dump all the contraband. Brig: "You were caught and escorted to the brig for tampering with evidence."
Impress a group of Freebooters 6 204.00 strength Local Shuttles You started a bar brawl and won the favor of a group of Freebooters with your prowess. They will prove a valuable source of information. You started a bar brawl but almost immediately got thrown out. The Freebooter's laughter followed you down the street as you limped away.
Pose as a Freebooter pirate for a stint 6-7 230.00 strength Anywhere You posed as a Freebooter pirate for a while to learn their ways. The Freebooters discovered your true identity almost immediately and booted you off the ship. Sick Bay: "The Freebooters discovered your true identity almost immediately and booted you off the ship with a complimentary, albeit severe, beating."
Keep the things you steal as a Freebooter 6-7 243.00 intelligence Anywhere You kept the credits you stole while posing as a Freebooter for yourself instead of handing them over to your government. No one needs to know… You're caught trying to keep stolen credits and dishonored. Brig: "Your theft results in disciplinary action and some brig time. Maybe you can spend the stolen credits on some decoration for your cell!"
Discover the double agent in your ranks 7-8 219 intelligence Ruins You were able to uncover the identity of a double agent in your ranks!
Kill the double agent in your ranks 7-8 289 agility Anywhere You assassinated the double agent in secret and nobody was the wiser. The double agent caught sight of you in a reflection as you stalked them. You were forced to retreat. Sick Bay: Your target became aware of you and led you into an ambush. You were injured and barely escaped with your life. Brig: You left behind a vital clue at the scene of the crime and security caught up with you. They took you to the brig for questioning.
Use your friendships with the enemy to gather intel 7-8 279 intelligence Anywhere You gathered interesting and important intel from your new "friend". Brig: "Your cover was blown and security apprehended you. The brig is a good place to practice the art of deception."
Befriend a target under a false identity 7-8 234 social Bar You posed as a simple tailor and and convinced the target they could trust you. You didn't play your part well enough and your identity was discovered. Your cover blown, you were forced to abort the missions.
Locate enemy operatives 8 249 intelligence Anywhere You were able to locate enemy operatives in your area.
Escape the eyes of enemy operatives 8 281 agility Anywhere You were able to evade detection from enemy operatives. You were unable to avoid detection by enemy operatives and were forced to retreat.
Save a fellow squad member during battle 8 264 agility Ruins You were able to save a fellow squad member in a firefight. You were not fast enough to save your squad member and they were killed in a conflict.
Win the leadership of your squad 8 264 social Anywhere You won the praise and admiration of your squad as well as a promotion to lead it. You did not qualify for a leadership position just yet.
Unearth a plot to murder the leader of your station 8 279 intelligence Anywhere You were able to unearth a plot to murder the leader of your station and concocted a plan to foil it.
Protect the leader of your station 8 315 agility Anywhere You successfully foiled an assassination attempt on the leader of your station and apprehended the parties involved. You were unable to dig up any concrete information about a potential assassination attempt on your station's leader. Sick Bay: You were injured trying to protect your leader. There was a second shooter.


  • Major revamp on 2019-Jun-15, which changed payment and added many new tasks
  • The success message referencing posing as a simple tailor is a likely homage to Elim Garak from the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, a self-proclaimed "simple tailor" who turns out to be a former Cardassian intelligence agent.

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