Sometimes you will be asked to do things you do not want to do. If you are caught, you are on your own.


Primary: agility
Secondary: intelligence


Rank Title Credits Bonds Prerequisites Perks
1 Informer 12.5 0
2 Recruit 46.00 0
3 Surveillance Camera Operator 100.50 10
4 Apprentice Agent 174.00 10
5 Security Agent 267.50 20
6 Field Agent 379.50 20
7 Station Mole 511.00 30
8 Special Agent 658.00 30


Go to the different areas of the station to complete your career tasks. In time, your great work performance will be rewarded with a promotion and a better salary. But be careful! Failing your tasks too often can keep that promotion out of reach, and if the task is illegal or dangerous, you might find yourself in trouble if you fail.

The lower the pay of the task, the easier it probably is to do.

Name Bonus Primary Stat Area Success Failure
Listen for leads 3 agility Anywhere You position yourself into the perfect place to eavesdrop on conversations. You pick up some details that will be interesting to station security. You can't get close enough to anyone to overhear their conversations.
Make an intel report 3 intelligence Security Security is pleased with your detailed report about things you've seen around the station.
Make false reports 5 intelligence Security Security is happy with the information you pass to them, even though it's not true.
Analyze camera footage 5 intelligence Security You look over saved footage and find evidence to add to a case file.
Alter camera footage 15 agility Security Eyes darting about to see if you're watched, you quickly erase a section of footage that incriminates a local criminal.
Monitor an SEC terminal 6 intelligence Security You see suspicious activity on the SEC monitors and report it to the guards.
Guard the brig 15 strength Brig Your presence intimidates the prisoners and nobody causes any trouble. You try to look tough but fail miserably. The prisoners laugh at you.
Go on patrol 15 agility Anywhere You move rapidly through the station, your presence keeping illicit activity to a minimum. You fall asleep on your rounds and another guard has to wake you up.
Plant listening bugs 19 agility Anywhere You discreetly plant surveillance bugs throughout the area without anyone noticing. You trip and spill your bag of surveillance bugs all over the ground, calling attention to yourself.
Solicit a bribe from suspects 48 social Anywhere A suspect pays you off to avoid being reported.
(Failure can confine to Brig)
Apprehend a suspect 49 agility Anywhere You trip a fleeing suspect, and restrain them until the guards take them away. You try to catch the suspect away but they are too fast and they break free from your grip!
Follow suspects 62 agility Anywhere You keep a suspect in your sight as you glide through the crowds undetected. You're not sneaky enough. The suspect catches on, and make their displeasure at being followed known.
(Failure can confine to Sick Bay)
Leak security plans 111 intelligence Anywhere Your research turns up information about a protective detail for something expensive. The local criminals are happy to pay for the classified information. Your information is out of date and the criminals refuse to pay for it.
(Failure can confine to Brig)
Investigate a suspect 93 agility Anywhere You tail a suspect and catch them in a crime. Your investigation unearths key evidence. You lose the suspect in a crowd and end up looking back and forth confusedly.
Raid a residence 155 strength Residences You burst through the doors of the residence and subdue the suspects before they can get away. You kick down the wrong door. The suspect hears the ruckus and escapes.
(Failure can confine to Sick Bay)
Raid an illegal water harvesting operation 130 agility Ruins Your team of agents rounds up the criminals and destroys their illegal harvesting equipment. The criminals caught wind of the raid in advance and have prepared a strong resistance.
(Failure can confine to Sick Bay)
Infiltrate the embassy 175 agility Gaule Embassy Nobody suspects that you're actually an agent on a mission. Your cover is blown and nobody believes your story.
(Failure can confine to Brig)
Work undercover 170 social Anywhere Your target believes your disguise completely. You're too obvious and the target doesn't let you get close.
Blackmail a high ranking administrator 255 intelligence Government Center You assemble a dossier detailing the misdeeds of a local government official. Faced with exposure, they offer to pay you off. Your notes have several glaring contradictions. The administrator spots them and laughs in your face.
(Failure can confine to Brig)
Eliminate a target 270 agility Anywhere You sneak up to the marked target and take them out. You're gone before anyone notices. The target hears you coming and gets away before you can finish them.
(Failure can confine to Brig)
Conduct an internal affairs investigation 199 intelligence Security Your investigation uncovers corruption in the ranks and you're rewarded for your efforts. You have suspicions about some of your colleagues but can't gather the evidence you need to report them.
Create a security plan 190 intelligence Security Your plan improves security and safety throughout the station. You can't figure out a way to improve the current security protocols.

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