Work your way up to the top of the criminal racket with petty personal crime before moving on to major property crimes.


Primary: agility
Secondary: social


Rank Title Credits Bonds Prerequisites Perks
1 Pickpocket 12.5 0
2 Cutpurse 46.00 0
3 Hooligan 100.50 10
4 Apprentice Burglar 174.00 10
5 Burglar 267.50 20
6 Swindler 379.50 20
7 Bandit 511.00 30
8 Master Thief 658.00 30


Go to the different areas of the station to complete your career tasks. In time, your great work performance will be rewarded with a promotion and a better salary. But be careful! Failing your tasks too often can keep that promotion out of reach, and if the task is illegal or dangerous, you might find yourself in trouble if you fail.

The lower the pay of the task, the easier it probably is to do.

Name Bonus Primary Stat Area Success Failure
Plan escape routes 24.00 intelligence Anywhere You studied station blueprints for segments, making a note of the best escape routes. No doubt it'll come in handy one day.
Pick some pockets on the station boulevard 9.00 agility Anywhere You snatch some credits out of a mark's pocket without being noticed.
Make underworld contacts 9.00 stamina Ruins Your inquiries met tight lips at first, but eventually you discovered someone who deals in stolen goods. It'll come in handy for the future.
Listen for information about easy marks 3? social Anywhere You hear someone talking about going off-station and break into their place while they're gone.
Rob a wealthy mark 5? agility Anywhere You snatch the mark's credits pouch and disappear back into the crowd. They're none the wiser. They feel your hand wrap around their credits pouch and push you away.
(Failure can confine to Sick Bay)
Ask the local merchants who their best customers are 5? social Market After enough charming, a merchant tells you about an older woman who stops by often. She makes an easy mark when you steal her purse.
Distract the guards 6? social Market The guards ignore your attempts to engage them.
Participate in a con job 45.00 social Anywhere Your part of the con went without a hitch. The mark believed every word you said. Afterwards, you split the proceeds with your accomplices.
(Failure can confine to Brig: "You botched your part of the job, dumbly engaging the mark while guards were passing.")
Practice hacking locks 54.00 agility Anywhere You couldn't get it open. Maybe you're not cut out for this?
Mug a local 49.00 agility Anywhere You thought you picked an easy target but they fight back with surprising fury.
(Failure can confine to Sick Bay)
Sneak into a kiosk 15 agility Market
Lead a crew of thieves 49 social Market
Rob a residence 48 agility Residences
Sell fake shuttle tickets 111 social Port
Organize a counterfeit credchips ring 155 social Anywhere
Produce counterfeit rations vouchers 93 intelligence Government Center
Pull a con job 62 social Anywhere
Help hijack a cargo shipment 170 agility Port
Sell contraband 130 social Market
Break into a high security area 255 agility Market
Hack into a bank terminal 199 intelligence Bank
Hijack a starship 175 agility Port You can't seem to sneak onto any of the heavily guarded ships.
Organize a heist 190 social Anywhere You can't get all the pieces to come together and the heist plan falls apart.
(Failure can confine to Brig)


  • Major revamp on 2019-Jun-15, which changed payment and added many new tasks

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