Palla's Tech Trading Emporium
Item Type Rarity Price
Cargo Crank Hand-to-Hand Club Common 541.42 cr
Crate Hammer Hand-to-Hand Club Common 531.30 cr
Industrial Grade Soldering Iron Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 1801.36 cr
Killjoy Ranged Rifle Epic 710 Bonds
Spark Charge Ranged Shotgun Common 475.64 cr
Taungoo Vajra Hand-to-Hand Club Rare 1816.54 cr
Padded Thermoplastic Armor Impact Armor Epic 740 Bonds
Tattered LCVG-X7 Impact Armor Uncommon 956.34 cr
Standard Intelligence Stim, v1.2.016 Medical Rare 75.90 cr

Located on Nouveau Limoges

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