Passenger Surveillance Assistant


Visitors to the 'Iron Quad' system are closely monitored. Are you diligent enough for this task?

Start: Side Jobs, YZ Ceti Jump Gate


You sign up for the job. Antonina messages you further details.

New goals: "Visit Antonina Samiya in Interstellar Shuttles for passenger surveillance work".

You have accepted the "Passenger Surveillance Assistant" job.

Next NPC: Antonina Samiya, Interstellar Shuttles, YZ Ceti Jump Gate

  • Talk to Antonina.

Antonina greets you with a polite smile. She explains that passenger records are closely monitored here.

Antonina says: Let's get started, <name>. As you know, YZ Ceti is an important system for the Consortium. Asimov and Cape Verde are home to some high-level R&D work… Classified, military stuff. So, we like to know exactly who is coming and going, y'see? All interstellar arrivals get background checked. Suspicious names may require further monitoring…

Antonina trails off after checking the time on her pocket slate.

She says: That's where you come in. You'll staff an arrivals counter and check IDs. Anything looks a bit off, you just tap the button under the desk. We'll take it from there. Ya follow?

You nod and Antonina then escorts you to the interstellar arrivals lobby, where a recently-arrived shuttle is currently unloading its passengers. They form an orderly queue, preparing their various travel documents. The first passenger steps forward.

New goals: Process 4 recently arrived interstellar passengers.

  • Process your first passenger.

(Intelligence check)

The first passenger claims to be a Consortium citizen visiting the system for a business meeting on Asimov. Something about a deal to supply nano-wiring to the research labs there. You collect fingerprint and retinal ID data, before waving him through.

New goals: Process 3 more recently-arrived passengers.

  • Process your second passenger.

(Intelligence check)

The next passenger is a Gaule diplomat, on her way to discuss possible curbs on bioweapons research with Consortium counterparts on Cape Verde. Her visa appears valid and, after a few cursory questions, you allow her to pass.

New goals: Process 2 more recently-arrived passengers.

  • Process your third passenger.

(Intelligence check)

The young man before you looks somewhat shifty, desperately trying to act calm but failing miserably. His voice comes out skittish and he's clearly nervous. He claims to be a Consortium citizen and flare star enthusiast, here for a tourist trip to savor YZ Ceti up close.

He says: Oh yeah… Really excited for the trip. You bet. What a treat…

You decide to test his cover with a few questions about the star, which he fails to answer correctly. Your finger moves to the button on the underside of the counter. Shortly after, a guard arrives and beckons the young man off for further questioning. You hope you've done the right thing.

New goals: Process 1 more recently-arrived passenger.

  • Process your final passenger.

(Intelligence check)

The final passenger is a young woman who comes seeking work. She alludes to a traumatic stint working on Tianjin's Carnival in L 726-8 and explains that she's hoping to live a more normal life now.

She says: I just… It was hard, y'know? They pay ya, but n- not enough for what it does to your mind. I finally quit. Just wanna normal life now. Cleaning dorms, serving drinks, whatever I can get…

You ask her a few more questions, probing the veracity of her accounts. But all her answers and data match up and she genuinely just seems like someone who has had a tough time and wants a fresh start. You approve her and complete your shift.

  • Collect payment from Antonina.

Antonina is deep in conversation with a security guard when you show up for your pay.

She says: <name>, good work. That young man you flagged… We think he may be a commercial spy, perhaps hoping to scoop data from the labs on Asimov and sell it on some Freebooter exchange to the highest bidder… We'll be holding him til we know for sure. Anyway, thanks for your efforts. Your pay has been authorized. Come back anytime.

You have received 70.00 credits.

You have completed the "Passenger Surveillance Assistant" job.

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