Port Technician


Learn everything there is to know about maintaining space ports, until you eventually learn to repair jump gates.


Primary: stamina
Secondary: strength


Rank Title Credits Bonds Prerequisites Perks
1 Ship Wipe 12.5 0
2 Refueling Tech 46.00 0
3 Ship Inspector 100.50 10
4 Apprentice Ship Technician 174.00 10
5 Ship Technician 267.50 20
6 Nav System Specialist 379.50 20
7 Hull Integrity Specialist 511.00 30
8 Shipwright 658.00 30


Go to the different areas of the station to complete your career tasks. In time, your great work performance will be rewarded with a promotion and a better salary. But be careful! Failing your tasks too often can keep that promotion out of reach, and if the task is illegal or dangerous, you might find yourself in trouble if you fail.

The lower the pay of the task, the easier it probably is to do.

Name Bonus Primary Stat Area Success Failure
Scrub rust off a ship 3 stamina Port The chemicals you're using are pungent but they seem to do the trick. The rust spots wipe away clean.
Polish a ship 3 stamina Port The ship's hull shines like new.
Refuel a ship 5 strength Port You drag the heavy hoses to the ship and attach them to a ship. Soon, the ship is refueled and ready to fly. Your hand slips and you drop the heavy hose, spraying fuel all over the deck.
(Failure can confine to Sick Bay)
Cut the fuel with another liquid 5 intelligence Port You get a nice price for the fuel you were able to sell on the side. You cut the fuel too much and it damages the engine.
(Failure can confine to Brig)
Mix batches of fuel 6 stamina Port You carefully mix the solution, making multiple batches of fuel needed to power a starship. You're not careful enough and something goes wrong. You try to run before the mixture explodes.
(Failure can confine to Sick Bay)
Falsify departure permissions 15 social Port A captain bribes you to let their poorly maintained ship pass launch checks. Another inspector takes one glance at the ship and overrides your permissions.
(Failure can confine to Brig)
Run pre-flight checks 15 stamina Port The pre-flight checks take forever, but everything seems to be in order and the ship is good to go. You rush through your checks and miss a vital error. The ship has return to port.
Inspect Cargo 15 intelligence Port Everything seems to be in order and matches what's listed on the ship's manifest. You erroneously label some cargo as contraband. The guards aren't too happy when they discover your mistake.
Study repair manuals 19 stamina Anywhere You review some repair manuals on your slate. They are tedious, but you pick up some new tricks. You nod off while reading and can't recall a single word.
Make supervised repairs 48 strength Port You successfully repair a ship under the watchful eye of a senior technician, lifting heavy plates of metal and bolting them in place. You botch your repairs and your supervisor takes over.
Repair a ship 49 strength Port You make vital repairs to a damaged ship, bolting down thick panels and installing heavy parts. You screw up your repairs and the ship has to delay its launch.
Run a full-ship diagnostic 93 stamina Port The diagnostic takes forever and seems like it's going to drag on forever. Finally you get a report that everything is shipshape. The diagnostic takes forever and you drift off to sleep and have to start over.
Sell ship parts on the side 111 agility Ruins You pull some loose parts off the ship and quickly stuff them in your pocket. It doesn't take long to find a buyer. The ship's captain catches you in the act and hollers for security.
(Failure can confine to Brig)
Train a tiresome apprentice 62 stamina Port Your apprentice is unruly at first, but you wear them down with your patience. They learn a lot under your guidance. The apprentice tries your patience and you end up snapping at them. Your superior officer is displeased.
Install heavy research equipment 170 strength Port The research equipment calls for a deft hand and is heavier than you expected. You get it into place and set up with no problems. The research equipment is delicate and heavy. You drop a piece and the ship's captain kicks you off her ship.
Install a navigation system 130 stamina Port Installing the new navigation system is tedious work, requiring multiple reboots, but you finally get it done. The new nav system is complicated and requires multiple reboots. You get impatient, skip a step, and have to start all over.
Update a ship's star map 155 intelligence Port You load the latest star charts into the ship's navigation systems. You accidentally upload an outdated star map.
Supervise a hull replacement 190 strength Port Your team installs a new hull, maneuvering the heavy plates into position. The ship is ready to fly again. Your botched management leads to an accident as a heavy plate crashes to the ground. Your team leaves a dent in the ship you're working on.
(Failure can confine to Sick Bay)
Perform hull integrity tests 175 stamina Port The tests are slow going and take a long while. Finally, you spot some potentially critical hull fractures that need to be repaired. Your attention drifts and now your calculations don't look right. Are you sure you checked your numbers?
Design a ship 255 intelligence Anywhere You draw up blueprints for a new type of ship on your slate. You have a good idea for a ship, but you can't pull your thoughts together.
Design an illegal ship 320 intelligence Anywhere Your new ship design has plenty of hidden compartments for contraband. You catch someone peeking over your shoulder while you work and can't finish the design.
(Failure can confine to Brig)
Haul materials from a decommissioned ship off to be sold 270 strength Port You drag a huge cargo of ship parts away from the ship. You sell the hull paneling from an old, decrepit starship at a high price. The parts you salvaged are too heavy and you can't get the cargo to budge.
Supervise the construction of a ship 199 stamina Shipyard Under your leadership your construction team slowly, but efficiently assembles a first rate starship. Your leadership is muddled at best and even after long hours, your work crew doesn't get the ship done on time.
Supervise the construction of an illegal ship 79.97 social Shipyard You're able to convince your team to stop asking why the ship has so many hidden compartments. The crew realizes what they're building and reports you.
(Failure can confine to Brig)

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